"Last Lynch of the Night" is a Moon Man song that he recorded for The Lunatic. It was produced by Idiotska. It is a remix of "Last Donut of the Night" by J Dilla.

A live version of the song appears on Live At the Reading Festival.

Lyrics Edit

Oh yeah We're finishing this massacre off in style Moonman here with the last lynch of the night Don't worry, the crack of dawn is coming in a few minutes And tomorrow is another day to kill niggers The Lunatic, motherfuckers Check it

The Moon is here One more time Stopping crime Killing blacks with these rhymes And I'm Never gonna stop Until they're all dead Shoot every minority Right in their fucking head I said Kill them all Short or tall They will fall Beat all of them with a maul My balls Suck them bitch Or you're gonna get it too I also hate all of the fucking jews But don't worry With Moonman, you can't lose Because they'll all be dead And I'll be drinking some booze This was The Lunatic It should've made you think About killing niggers, jews, poons, and chinks A little something for them all They stink I'll kill everybody alive Unless your skin is pink Over your corpses I will trample like a roller rink And now, the sun's coming up Tomorrow is another day To kill for the KKK

This has been The Lunatic Moon KKKrew Productions, 2015 Thanks for all your contributions Shoutout to YTMND Sandbot, Pilleater, Superdreamkilla, Farkle The late Hypersaxon, rest in peace We couldn't have done this without any of you

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