Lazy Ramadi is a spoof of the Saturday Night Live Lazy Sunday video, inspired by 'Lazy Muncie' and produced and played by SSG Josh Dobbs and SSG Matt Wright. Also appearing is SPC Adam Foster (aka "punching bag") with music and sound by SPC Andre Franklin. It is based in Ramadi, Iraq and touches on some issues faced by soldiers in Ramadi.


It has received media coverage, including The Discovery Channel, MTV, ABC, NBC and The Indy Channel

The vast majority of news agencies have responded neutrally or positively to the video.


SSG Dobbs and SSG Wright are from Muncie, Indiana, which is referenced somewhat in their video. They have also been vocal in their like for their local Pizza King and for the Military Channel of the Discovery Channel Family which they described as being "My favorite new channel".

Wright is also seen on the LazyRamadi website in the Colts colors and along with the message "Go Colts!, No I really mean it if you choke again I'm going to be pissed". More spoofs such as Ramadi PI after Magnum P.I. can be found on their website, as well as a humorous video teaching fellow soldier SPC Downey how to dance in "Laffy Taffy Dance Party". A few more videos can be found also.


The creators of Lazy Ramadi have utilized the fame of their video to bring attention to certain, mostly military and veteran related charities including Disabled American Veterans,U.S Wounded Soldiers and after their CNN interview,Home for our troops and Coalition to Support American Heroes

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