"Leeroy" is the first recorded song by Moon Man's cousin Leeroy. Leeroy plays a stereotypical nigger in the song. In live shows, he performs the song wearing blackface. Moon Man helped to jumpstart Leeroy's career by inviting him to record the song for his King Nigger Killer EP.

Moon Man ends the song with a single line.

Lyrics Edit

Oh, it's about time I smoked some crack Hit motherfucking puppies with a baseball bat Walk around, eat your fees, beg for your money Pretend I gots bad knees

You see I've been robbing liquor stores since I was three Bitch, I'm Leeroy the neeg My dick only gets bigger And the only job I've had is being a gravedigger in the hood

Crack open a forty, get chased by the popo, shout "no lordy" Doing drive-bys for fun Now I've got six warrants And I'm on the run

I'm Leeroy the neeg, and go figure I commit rape and murder for shits and giggles While I play with my nipples 'Cause I'm nothing but a black neeg from Africa

Neeger babies, drive by in my Mercedes See the Triple K up on my block I drive to drive away But my dome got hit by a rock

Now, I'm swinging like I'm free And so it seems, I'm hanging in my family tree I'm Leeroy the neeg, and I'm dead, that's no lie And I'm dead, and I'm dead

But I'm the one laughing And I bet you're gonna ask why You see, we nigras breed like jackrabbits And it's a bad habit But now neeger I need to run

[Moonman] You nigras better get skipping