Lena Hyena was a one-off character featured in the 1988 film, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, shown as an unsightly man-chaser. Lena's voice was provided by veteran voice actress June Foray.


Lena appeared in only one scene with Eddie Valiant (played by Bob Hoskins), which appeared heavily reminiscent of Red Hot Riding Hood by Tex Avery. Eddie observes Lena's shadow on the top floor of a large building, and travels up to her room, mistaking her for Jessica Rabbit.

No sooner has Lena caught sight of Eddie, she enters a lustful spasm and chases after Valiant, who hides in an out-of-order toilet. Lena is then absent for a short period as Eddie falls to the ground, passing Tweety, Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny along the way.

Lena catches Eddie as he reaches the ground, and kisses him, sending Eddie flying along the road. Lena charges towards him, screaming "Come to Lena!" as her running is accompanied by the sound of a charging Steam locomotive, but Eddie tears up the white line in the road like tape and turns it to a wall. Lena, following the line, smacks into the wall and remains unseen for the rest of the film.


The name "Lena Hyena" was originally used in a drawing by Basil Wolverton, although the two Lenas do not bear a close resemblance to each other. As discussed in The World's Greatest Comics Quiz, by Jerry Robinson, Wolverton created her as an entry in an art contest, held by Al Capp, to depict "the world's ugliest woman"; Wolverton's sketch of Lena won first prize.

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