Template:Digimon Infobox Leomon is a fictional character from the Digimon franchise. Courageous and noble and a firm believer that every living being has their own destiny to live out, Leomon is a master of the secret styles of martial arts. From his fist, he can summon a powerful flaming projectile known as the Fist of the Beast King.

Leomon's name comes from the word "Leo", which is the Latin for "lion". Unlike most Digimon, Leomon has a strong sense of honor and courage.


Leomon is an anthropomorphic lion. His weapon is called the Lion King Sword ("Shishiouken").

Leomon appears in season 3 of Digimon: ("Jeri's Quest")


Before Bio-Emerging to the Real World, Leomon only knew of endless conflict. His reason for entering the real world was originally to hunt down the Deva Kumbiramon, which attacked Jeri Katou. and Calumon. At first, he was a bit frightened by Jeri's affection and insistence that he's her partner. During the main battle with the Deva, she used Takato's digivice in several attempts to strengthen Leomon with a modify card, but all to no avail. Sad and disappointed, she slumped to her knees, and seeing her depression, Leomon fought on the battle for her, and with Gargomon's help, destroyed the Deva. He left and wandered the city for a time afterwards, still concerned for Jeri. He eventually grew to care for her, becoming her partner for real after his near-death experience with Zhuqiaomon and Jeri's yellow digivice emerged, allowing her to cure him of poison needles.

Despite Jeri's doubts of being worthy enough to be his Tamer, Leomon had much confidence in her to commenting she had a lion's heart. He also talked to Jeri's father to allow her to go with him to the digital world, where most of their time together was spent during their search for Calumon. The two of them became very close and he would often carry her in his arms during their long treks or to get her out of harm's way with his lightning-fast agility. His powerful Fist of the Beast King also helped a lot when defending the group from threats faced in the digital world, which would bring a powerful champion like Meramon to his knees in a smoking crator. Despite his power, he is really quite pacifistic, and seems to prefer not to absorb his destroyed enemies data. Because the group was separated from Calumon during his time as Jeri's partner, he never got a chance to digivolve to his ultimate or mega level before he met Beelzemon.

Despite a good start, things went downhill during the fierce battle with Beelzemon, as Leomon seized his arm to stop him from killing Kyubimon. Leomon informed the ranting Beelzemon that to simply have power did not make him strong – but Beelzemon retaliated by impaling Leomon through the chest with his claws. Leomon died and Beelzemon absorbed his data, with the aftermath being Jeri's depression that made her an ideal subject for the D-Reaper's research. His final words to Jeri were "a part of me will always be with you, remember you have a lion's heart." But Jeri eventually overcame her sadness and remembering Leomon's words gave her the confidence to stand up to the D-Reaper. His spirit did seem to return to help at times: Beelzemon Blast Mode attempted to free Jeri from the Kernel Sphere and he finally broke in because suddenly he was able to call upon Leomon's Fist of the Beast King attack to break the Sphere. Leomon later appeared on her D-Ark when Jeri started to regain her confidence.

  • Fist of the Beast King (獣王拳 Juuōken?, "Beast King Fist"): He shoots fire from his fist that is shaped like a lion's head.

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