For the mythologcical creature, see: Leucrotta

Dungeons & Dragons creature
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Type Magical beast
Source books 3.5E City of Splendors, Monsters of Faerûn, Monstrous Compendium Volume 2, 1E Monster Manual 1, Monstrous Manual
First appearance
Mythological origins Leucrotta
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In the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game, the leucrotta (also sometimes spelled "luecrotta") is a magical beast.


The leucrotta is hated by all, so it dwells far from civilization. Needing to favor both its hunger and appetite for causing pain and suffering, it goes to great lengths to kill whatever prey it can get in the ruined castles, craggy valleys and dreary caves in which it lives. The leucrotta hunts with its ability to imitate a variety of noises, the most common ones being a woman, child, or domestic animal in distress. Prey, presumably foolhardy heroes that hear the sounds, come to investigate, and then the leucrotta knocks out and devours them. Injured leucrottas attack with a kick and flee. They are very sly. Though leucrottas prefer live meat, they are not above eating carrion, and this enhances their already bad reputation.

Sometimes leucrottas are enslaved by chaotic evil mages to act as guardians, but the creatures rebel at the first opportunity. Some druids believe them to be merely a mutated and hapless aberration, and try to protect them, but these are rare and generally thought mad. Leucrottas are valued by leatherworkers to make boots that enhance running. Their saliva is also said to be useful in love potions.

Leucrottas speak their own language and Common.


Leucrotta dwell in old ruins and wastelands.

Typical physical characteristicsEdit

The leucrotta is an ugly mix of a stag, lion and badger, having the lion's body, badger's head and stag's legs. It is about seven feet tall and nine feet long, with cloven hooves, a leonine tail, and bony ridges for teeth. Most of the body is a pale beige, but its color darkens from grey to black towards the head. It has an overpowering stench. Its temperament is as ugly as its appearance.


Leucrotta are chaotic evil.


Leucrottas sometimes organize in packs, pairs, or family groups, but are not very social creatures, preferring gloomy solitude and sometimes extending their aggressive nature even to friends and family.

Creative originsEdit

The leucrotta is based upon the leucrotta, or morely, the crocotta, of Ethiopian mythology.


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