There are 51 units in Civilization II. Most of these units existed in the original Civilization, but there are a few new ones (like Paratroopers and Marines), and a few have been renamed. (For example, Militia are now called Warriors and Cavalry are now called Horsemen.) In addition, a few of the 'old' units have had their properties changed.

Most units (except warriors and settlers) have a certain technological prerequisite. That is, in order to be able to construct that unit, your civilization must have the appropriate civilization advance. Most of these prerequisites are technologies that allow for some critical component of the unit to be constructed: for example, The Wheel is a prerequisite for Chariot, while Fighters require Flight. However, some technologies represent the approximate level of technological advancement required to build a unit: building a Battleship requires knowledge of the Automobile technology, since constructing very large warships and constructing large amounts of mechanically-complex vehicles require similar skills.

All units have a shield (resource) cost. This cost is always in increments of 10. Rushing production on a military unit costs 2.5 gold per remaining shield, rounded up if necessary.

Civ II units have 5 primary stats: Attack, Defense, Movement (speed), Firepower and Hitpoints. The first three are collectively referred to as ADM. All units are listed below by type, with their tech prerequisite, ADM stats and 'shield' cost. (An asterisk means that the unit has a special ability.)


Attack and defense factors can be modified by several factors.

First off, Veteran units have their attack and defense increased by 50%. (This figure is rounded down.) Land units are Veterans if they were built in a city with a Barracks. Port Facility does the same thing for naval units, and Airport does the same thing for air units. In addition, if a nonveteran unit survives combat, there is a chance that it will gain veteran status.

Certain types of terrain give a bonus to the defending unit. With Hills and Forests, that bonus is 50%. With Swamps and Jungles, it's 100%, and Mountains have the biggest defense bonus, at 200%.

If a unit is inside a city that has built the City Walls improvement, its defense is doubled. (Note: The Howitzer and all naval and air units ignore this bonus)

Fortifying a unit (with the F command) will give it a 50% defense bonus.

Fortresses: If a Settler or Engineer built a fortress in a certain square, all units in that square get a substantial defense bonus, and they can only be destroyed one at a time. (Note: Your units can use fortresses built by another civilization, and vice versa)

Land units


  • Warriors - (none), 1/1/1, 10 shields
  • Phalanx - Bronze Working, 1/2/1, 20 shields
  • Pikemen - Feudalism, 1/2/1, 20 shields (defense doubled against mounted units)
  • Archers - Warrior Code, 3/1/1, 30 shields
  • Legion - Iron Working, 4/2/1, 40 shields
  • Musketeers - Gunpowder, 3/3/1, 30 shields
  • Partisans - Guerilla Warfare, 4/4/1, 50 shields (1/3 movement - treats all squares as roads; ignores ZOC)
  • Fanatics - Fundamentalism, 4/4/1, 20 shields (free support in Fundamentalism)
  • Riflemen - Conscription, 5/4/1, 40 shields
  • Alpine Troops - Tactics, 5/5/1, 50 shields (1/3 movement - treats all squares as roads)


  • Horsemen - Horseback Riding, 2/1/2, 20 shields
  • Chariot - The Wheel, 3/1/2, 30 shields
  • Elephant - Polytheism, 4/1/2, 40 shields
  • Knights - Chivalry, 4/2/2, 40 shields
  • Crusaders - Monotheism, 5/1/2, 40 shields
  • Dragoons - Leadership, 5/2/2, 50 shields
  • Cavalry - Tactics, 8/2/2, 60 shields

Artillery and Tanks

Advanced & Specialized

  • Marines - Amphibious Warfare, 8/5/1, 60 shields (can attack from transport ships)
  • Paratrooper - Combined Arms, 6/4/1, 60 shields (can make Paradrop once per turn - moves to any land square within 10 squares of the starting location, except for those containing enemy units).

Non-Combat units

  • Settler - (none), 0/1/1, 40 shields (improves roads, irrigation, mining and builds new cities)
  • Engineer - Explosives, 0/2/2, 40 shields (improves roads, irrigation, mining and builds new cities plus it can upgrade terrain)
  • Diplomat - Writing, 0/0/2, 30 shields (can undertake covert operations on enemy cities/units)
  • Spy - Espionage, 0/0/3, 30 shields (can undertake covert operations on enemy cities/units)
  • Caravan - Trade, 0/1/1, 50 shields (carries goods to other cities for monetary payment based on supply/demand)
  • Freight - Corporation, 0/1/2, 50 shields (carries goods to other cities for monetary payment based on supply/demand)
  • Explorer - Seafaring, 0/1/1/, 30 shields (1/3 movement - treats all squares as roads)

Sea Units

Naval (transport) units

  • Trireme - Mapmaking, 1/1/3 (carry 2), 40 shields (may be lost if they don't end the turn near land)
  • Caravel - Navigation, 2/1/3 (carry 3), 40 shields
  • Galleon - Magnetism, 0/2/4 (carry 4), 40 shields
  • Frigate - Magnetism, 4/2/4 (carry 2), 50 shields
  • Transport - Industrialization, 0/3/5, (carry 8), 50 shields
  • Carrier - Advanced Flight, 1/9/5, (carry is unlimited), 160 shields

Naval (non-transport) units

  • Ironclad - Steam Engine, 4/4/4, 60 shields
  • Destroyer - Electricity, 4/4/6, 60 shields
  • Cruiser - Steel, 6/6/5, 80 shields
  • AEGIS Cruiser - Rocketry, 8/8/5, 100 shields (defense doubled versus air units)
  • Battleship - Automobile, 12/12/4, 160 shields
  • Submarine - Combustion, 10/2/3, 60 shields (invisible to most ships and land units; can carry cruise missiles)

Air units

Fighters and Bombers

  • Fighter - Flight, 4/3/10, 60 shields (must end turn in city/base every turn, can attack multiple times per turn)
  • Bomber - Advanced Flight, 12/1/8, 120 shields (must end turn in city/base on 2nd turn, can attack once per turn)
  • Stealth fighter - Stealth, 8/4/14, 80 shields (must end turn in city/base every turn, can attack multiple times per turn)
  • Stealth bomber - Stealth, 14/5/12, 160 shields (must end turn in city/base on 2nd turn, can attack once per turn)
  • Helicopter - Combined Arms, 10/3/6, 80 shields


  • Cruise missile - Rocketry, 18/0/12, 80 shields (attacks once then unit is destroyed)
  • Nuclear missile - Rocketry, 99/0/16, 160 shields (total destruction of target, attacks once then unit is destroyed)

Impact of Wonders of the World on certain units

  • Lighthouse - allows Triremes to travel safely across ocean; increases movement of other ships by 1
  • Magellan's Expedition - increases movement of all ships by 2

New units

Each of these units is new to Civilization II:

  • Land units: Archers, Marines, Paratroopers, Pikemen, Partisans, Crusaders, Alpine Troops, Cavalry, Spy, Engineer, Artillery
  • Naval units: Galleon
  • Air units: Stealth fighter, stealth bomber, helicopter, cruise missile

Old units that were renamed

  • Militia now called Warriors
  • Sail now called Caravel
  • Artillery now called Howitzer
  • Cavalry now called Horsemen