Network-Only IdentificationsEdit

  • 1980-81: "Still The One" (borrowed from ABC's 1979-80 Slogan)
  • 1981-82: "You and Me and Channel Nine" (borrowed from ABC's 1980-81 Slogan)
  • 1982-83: "Now is The Time, Channel Nine is The Place" (borrowed from ABC's 1981-82 Slogan)
  • 1985-86: "We're With you on Channel Nine" (Borrowed from ABC's 1984-85 slogan)
  • 1988-89: "Something's Happening on Channel Nine!" (Borrowed from ABC's 1988-89 slogan)
  • 1990-92: "Austraila's Watching Channel Nine" (Melbourne/Sydney/Brisbane/Perth only) (Borrowed from ABC's 1990 slogan)
  • 1993-2010: "It must be Channel Nine" (used on and off in this period)
  • 2010: "Start Here" (Borrowed from ABC's 2007 slogan) (still used)


PBS7 (1969-)

PBS9 1984 Ident

PBS9 ident showing the slogan "Be There" (1984-Fall 1985)

  • 1969-72: "Living Color" (based on the NBC slogan)
  • 1972-85: "The Public Broadcasting Service on Nine" (borrowed from PBS's '71 ident)
  • 1983-84: "Watch us Now" (borrowed from NBC's '82 slogan)
  • 1984-Fall 1985: "Be There" (borrowed from NBC's '83 slogan) (uses PBS's '71 logo)
  • Fall 1985: "Let's All Be There" (borrowed from NBC's '84 slogan) (first slogan with the PBS split)
  • 1985-90: "And on, and on, and on..." (borrwed from PBS's '84 ident)
  • 1987-90: "Come Home to PBS" (borrowed from NBC's '86 slogan)
  • 1990-2003: "This is PBS9." (borrowed from PBS's '89 ident) (first slogan with the NBC chimes)
  • 1991-2003: "The Place to Be" (borrwed from NBC's '90 slogan)
  • 2003-present: "Be More" (based on the PBS ident)

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