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The following is a list of fictional characters that appeared in televised spin-offs of the BBC soap opera EastEnders.

Civvy StreetEdit

Albert BealeEdit

List of EastEnders spin-off characters
Albert beale
EastEnders character
Book appearances Home Fires Burning,
Swings and Roundabouts
Spin-off appearances Civvy Street
Occupation Market stallholder (fruit and veg)

Albert William Beale appeared in the 1988 EastEnders spin-off Civvy Street, played by Gary Olsen. He also appeared in the EastEnders novels by Hugh Miller.

Albert and his wife Lou moved into 45 Albert Square shortly after their wedding. They had seven children. Their first child, Maggie, was conceived out of wedlock and adopted out to an Irish family shortly after she was born. Albert and Lou then had four sons (Kenny, Harry, Ronnie and Pete) and two daughters (Dora and Pauline). Dora, Ronnie and Harry never appeared in the TV series.

When Albert died in 1970, Ronnie inherited the stall, but had since discovered he had a fatal heart defect so he passed the stall onto Pete.

Two years before Albert's death, his grandson Mark Fowler was born, and bore Albert as his middle name. Ian Beale was born a year later, also having Albert as his middle name. 15 years after Albert's death, a third grandson with the middle name Albert was born, this time Martin Fowler.


Harry BealeEdit

List of EastEnders spin-off characters
EastEnders character
Book appearances Home Fires Burning,
Swings and Roundabouts
Occupation Hotelier

Harry Beale appeared in the 1988 EastEnders spin-off Civvy Street, played by Aaron Mason. He also appeared in the EastEnders novels by Hugh Miller.

was born to Albert and Louise Beale in 1936, their first legitimate child. He lived with his mother until his twenties, when he moved to York in Yorkshire, and took a job in a hotel. He was quickly promoted to hotel manager, but struggled to find a girlfriend. He eventually became an alcoholic, and would turn up to his mother's house in Albert Square, Walford drunk and unruly. He eventually lost contact with Lou, after his drunken visits got worse. He was not heard from in Walford again.


Ronnie BealeEdit

List of EastEnders spin-off characters
Ronnie beale
EastEnders character
Book appearances Home Fires Burning,
Swings and Roundabouts
Occupation Market trader

Ronnie Beale appeared in the 1988 EastEnders spin-off Civvy Street, played by Chase Marks. He also appeared in the EastEnders novels by Hugh Miller.

Ronnie was born to Albert and Louise Beale, their third child, and second son. He lived with his mother until he married a woman named Gail, then he moved into his own flat in Walford. The Beale family business, a fruit and vegetable stall in Bridge Street, was passed on to Ronnie upon the death of his father.

In 1964, Ronnie discovered he had a heart condition that would eventually be fatal. He decided to move away from London so his family would not have to watch him die. He passed the stall on to his brother Pete, who he had taken in after he had been homeless, after leaving his wife Pat. He and Gail moved away, and it has been confirmed by the official EastEnders website that he has since died.[1]


Pat and Mo: Ashes to AshesEdit

Stan PorterEdit

List of EastEnders spin-off characters
Stan porter
EastEnders character
Duration 2004
Stan porter 1960s

Stan as he appeared in EastEnders:Pat and Mo, played by Callum Dixon.

Stanley "Stan" Porter was a fictional character in a special episode of the popular BBC soap opera EastEnders. He was played by Sam Kelly in the episode, EastEnders: Pat and Mo, but played by Callum Dixon in flashbacks within the episode.

Stan lived in the East End of London near Walford in the 1960s. He lived near his sister Mo, her husband Jimmy, and Jimmy's sister Pat. He was known as a dodgy salesman, once robbing an undertaker's shop for silk used to line coffins, and selling it as fabric to make dresses.

He attended the planting of a tree in memory of Jimmy Harris, his brother-in-law, after getting out of prison in 2004. He told a bus driver that he had "done life for murder", but it is unclear whether this was the truth.


Jimmy HarrisEdit

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James "Jimmy" Harris was a fictional character in a special episode of the popular BBC soap opera EastEnders. He was played by Alex King in flashbacks in the episode, EastEnders: Pat and Mo.

Jimmy left school at the age of 15 and the following year went into the army. He was always close with his younger sister Pat and was strongly against her teenage affair with Frank Butcher back in the 1950s.

It was during one of his visits home during his break from the army in 1958 that he met and fell in love with Mo Porter, Pat's best friend and single mother to Viv as a result of a one-night stand with a man named Stuart Mullins. Although Pat was jealous of sharing her beloved brother with Mo, she eventually gave in and accepted their relationship and after a whirlwind romance, Jimmy proposed to Mo during a walk in the woods and told her that he loved her so much that he'd consider leaving the army for her. Which is exactly what he did.

The couple married in 1959 with his sister Pat and his new stepdaughter Viv as bridesmaids and his brother Geoff serving as best man. The couple were devoted to each other and as time went on they had two children of their own, Billy and Jean.

However his devotion and loyalty to Pat threatened to put a spanner in the works. She felt pushed out by the couple and with the break-up of her affair with Frank as he and his wife June moved away with their daughter Clare for a new life in Manchester, she resorted to drinking. Jimmy often tried to help his sister and always bailed her out, and inevitably the cracks in Mo and Pat's friendship began to show.

After Pat was disowned by their mother Lydia when she resorted to prostitution in order to fund her drinking habits, Jimmy tried to help her out and left Mo all by herself, even though she tried to point out that Pat would always let him down. Bored with her life, Mo began an affair with club owner Tony Cattani, who was also Pat's pimp. Their secret tryst was discovered by Pat, who promptly told her devastated brother everything. Mo denied everything and as a result Jimmy disowned Pat and left her to fend for herself. Shortly afterwards Pat found herself pregnant and married Pete Beale.

In the 1970s, Jimmy developed cancer. Determined to bury the hatchet with his sister, Jimmy wrote her a letter saying that he wanted her to be a part of what little time he had left. He instructed Mo to post it to Pat, but she never did. As a result, Jimmy died in 1979 without ever reconciling with Pat, and Mo also didn't inform her of his death and didn't invite her to the funeral.

In 2004, Mo, Pat and Stan Porter, Jimmy's brother-in-law attended the planting of a tree in his memory to commemorate the 25th anniversary of his death.


Viv SlaterEdit

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Vivian "Viv" Slater (née Porter, previously Harris) was a fictional character in a special episode of the popular BBC soap opera EastEnders. She was played by child actress Natasya Rush in the episode, EastEnders: Pat and Mo, during flashbacks within the episode. Prior to this, An older Viv was played by April Martin in her daughter Kat's flashbacks during a near-death sequence in a 2001 episode of EastEnders.

Viv was the product of a one-night stand between Mo Harris and Stuart Mullins. Stuart left Mo to raise Viv alone. Viv later gained a father figure when Mo married Jimmy Harris in 1959, being a bridesmaid alongside her step-aunt Pat at their wedding, and years later her half-siblings Billy and Jean were born.

After leaving school at the age of 15, Viv met Charlie Slater at a dance. They began dating and after getting engaged, the couple decided to have sexual intercourse together just before the wedding. Viv lost her virginity to Charlie, who was against the idea of sex before marriage and had only given in because of Viv's persistence, and as a result Viv fell pregnant by him in November 1967 at the age of 16.

Not wanting her daughter to go through the same fate as her and convinced that Charlie would leave her once he heard the news, Mo tried to persuade Viv to have an abortion. However Viv insisted her relationship with Charlie was stronger than that and after telling him of her pregnancy, they decided to postpone the wedding and instead began living together.

After the birth of their daughter Lynne on 17 August 1968 at the age of 17 with her mum Mo helping her deliver the baby, Charlie and Viv eloped and had a quiet register office wedding in December 1968 with only Jimmy and Mo present along with their children Billy and Jean and the newest addition of their family.

Charlie and Viv were happy together and in addition to Lynne, Viv went on to give birth to Kathleen (Kat) on 14 January 1970, Belinda on 11 November 1975 and Maureen (Little Mo), named after her own mother, on 12 December 1977. When she was not having children and bringing them up, Viv worked as a nurse.

As the girls were growing up, Viv became a hard, bitter, cold woman. With the death of her stepfather Jimmy in 1979, she had no fatherly guidance and resented the fact that she had no sons. She favoured her oldest daughter Lynne over everyone else as Lynne always stuck by her and never left her side, whilst Kat, Belinda and Little Mo all vied for Charlie's attentions, which made Viv feel second-best to her daughters.

After catching her 13-year-old daughter Kat trying to run away in 1983, it emerged that Kat was pregnant having been raped by her uncle Harry Slater. She kept this a secret from Charlie and, having run Harry out of town and away to Spain, she sent her youngest daughters Belinda and Little Mo away to live with her mum Mo so that they would not know of Kat's pregnancy.

After Kat gave birth to her daughter Zoe on 1 February 1984 at the age of 14, Viv took it upon herself to raise Zoe as her own daughter and told everyone that she, at the age of 33, and Charlie, at the age of 43, were Zoe's parents.

She continued to treat all her daughters with contempt, although they all loyally stuck by her and wouldn't say a bad word against her. However Kat always felt resentment towards her mother for the way she was treated and hated the fact that Viv always held over that she 'owed her mum one' for taking Zoe off her hands. Despite her attitudes to her daughters, she always doted on Zoe.

In 1999, Viv had a stroke and was nursed mostly by her husband Charlie and daughter Little Mo. She tried her hardest to make amends with them all, and when she died in late 1999 at the age of 48, she had her mother, daughters, granddaughter and husband all around her in perfect peace.

A year or so after her death her family decided to move to Walford for a fresh start.



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