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Five of the members of the Faculty were once on the super team the Union of Justice, Herschel Clay, Cristina Kyle, Vashti Impiria, Doctor Positron and Maximilian Krutz.[1] The sixth member of the team was Herschel's wife. The team's old satellite headquarters was integrated into the PS238 compound when it was built.

Faculty and Staff at PS238 Edit

  • Principle Alfred Cranston – First Appearance Issue #0 – Cranston was originally introduced as a former politician, who for reasons unknown decided to resign and use his administrative experience at PS238. He dresses in a simple shirt and tie and has a headband that was supposedly for a medical condition. In issue #27 it is finally revealed that Cranston had actually been president of the United States before being forced to leave office because of his powers. The headband was put on his head as an inhibitor because of his abuse of power. Cranston is a powerful telekinetic and telepath, though the headband stops his power to the point where he can barely lift a pen with his mind.[2]In issue #27 his headband is damaged because of a building collapse and is removed by Dr. Newby so that he can hold up the room long enough so they can be saved.
  • Herschel Clay a.k.a. Mantium – First Appearance Issue #0 – Herschel Clay is the director of maintenance and infrastructure of PS238. In his crime-fighting days Herschel built a supersuit similar to Iron Man. He was one of the members of the Union of Justice. Hershel’s superpower is incredible intelligence, which he now uses to maintain and expand PS238. He doesn’t sleep much because of his constant desire to tinker with things[3], and he drives a dirty old pickup. Herschel has a beard and wears a baseball cap, jumpsuit, tool built, and work gloves most of the time. Herschel's wife was Aurora, another member of the Union of Justice. It has not been explaned what happened to her except that she is trapped in the old Union of Justice satellite which is part of the school's secured area[4]. She appears to be a ghost, but according to Zodon's chair she is actually made of nanites.[5]
  • Cristina Kyle a.k.a. Micro-Might – First Appearance Issue #0 – Ms. Kyle is the only one on the superpowered faculty that has teaching experience[6]. She was in the Union of Justice and her alter ego was a grade-school teacher. Her superpower is the ability to decrease her size, which increases her durability and strength. She can shrink to about half her normal size. Miss Kyle is a character inspired by Aaron Williams’ wife and her powers may be inspired by The Atom. After the events of Issue #27 she has expressed that she wishes to leave PS238 for good.
  • Vashti Impiria a.k.a. Spell Syrin – First Appearance Issue #0 – Vashti was also one of the members of the Union of Justice when she was a superhero. She has vast magical knowledge and ability similar to the Scarlet Witch and other magic based superheroes such as Doctor Strange and Doctor Fate. She uses this knowledge to teach those at PS238 who derive their abilities from some type of magical force. She still wears her Spell Syrin costume to school, but uses simple glamour to appear in normal clothes to the children.
  • Doctor Positron – First Appearance Issue #0 – While in the Union of Justice he was simply known as Positron. Though he appears to be male, Doctor Positron is actually a robot similar to Machine Man. He was originally designed as a prototype for an evil robotic army, but broke free of that control and went on to fight crime. Currently there are at least three Positrons walking around, though no one knows how many there really are. He started making duplicates of himself while at PS238 attempting to give each one their own appearance and seemingly personality. In actuality all the positrons are in constant wireless communication with each other and have conversations with each other solely for the benefit of those around them and attempts at humor. Two positrons work at PS238 mainly to access the abilities of the students and study them. One has brown hair, glasses and a mustache, the other has red hair and wears goggles on his forehead. The third positron we have seen is female and works at the K Square down the street from the school.
  • Ms. Oberon – First Appearance Issue #0 – Ms. Oberon may be the only teacher at PS238 without powers. She runs the Rainmaker Meta Program, which focuses on children who have powers that are not suited for crime-fighting.[7] It was confirmed in issue #14 that she does not have any super powers, no reason has been given to why she is a teacher at PS238.
  • Dr. Isadore Newby – First Appearance Issue #0 – Dr. Newby is the school physician. She has metahuman healing abilities and was the healer of a major super-team. The team she worked on before coming to PS238 is not clear, though she is not in the picture Tyler found of the Union of Justice. In the collapse of the school in Issue #27 she is trapped with principle Cranston and has to remove his inhibitor headband so he can prevent them from being crushed to death.
  • Maximilian Krutz a.k.a. Rockslide – First Appearance Issue #2 – Coach Rockslide is the gym teacher for PS238 teaching both physical training and combat tactics.[8] While on the Union of Justice his biggest hindrance was his lack of mobility, which led to him becoming a master of strategic plans which the team came to rely on. Rockslide is large and made of gray rock, he is similar to The Thing from the fantastic four.
  • Wayne Miller a.k.a. The Human Alloy – First Appearance Issue #3 – Mr. Alloy was on the Power Partners until his recent retirement from crime-fighting[9]. He has a similar appearance to Colossus though he does not have the ability to change back to normal skin. He has a mild alchemical ability similar to Firestorm but only with metal. He is a science teacher at PS238.
  • Harold Nelson a.k.a. The Rainmaker – First Appearance Issue #8 – Harold Nelson was the original rainmaker. He was the only person in the first Rainmaker Program that was started in 1960. The first rainmaker program was designed to study meta-humans by studying one that did not have the power to get away or fight back. As a child Harold was put through test after test by the government to try and find out the cause of his power to make it rain as well as if other powers could be given to normal people. After six years and barely any results the scientist working in the program took drastic measures and recruited Doctor Irons, a convicted bank robber who put his brain into a robot body, to help do tests on Harold. Doctor Irons built a machine to test Harold’s brain functioning and had the side effect of giving Harold the ability to cancel out super powers similar to Leech and also the ability to enhance powers. After the events of Issues #14-16 he is hired as PS238’s janitor, and to help control Lyle’s ability. He was also given a new identity by the Revenant.

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