This is a list of characters from the Gex game series.

Main Characters Edit

Gex Edit

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Gex, as he appears in Enter the Gecko.

Gex is a smart-aleck, wise-cracking gecko and the star and main protagonist of the series. Gex lived with his family (his mother and three younger siblings) in Maui, Hawaii. He spends his days with his friends, surfing, playing the ukulele and throwing poi parties down on the beach with the local lady lizards. Their lives were going great, until the day his family received the tragic news that Gex’s father had died. Gex began watching mass amounts of TV, to get over the tragedy.[1]

Several months later, he inherited over twenty-billion dollars from his late Uncle Charlie, with which he moved back to Maui and bought a large mansion and the largest TV in the world. Unbeknownst to Gex, he was being watched by a cybernetic being known as Rez. Rez kidnapped him and brought him into the Media Dimension to be a useful tool in his plan for world domination—which is immortalizing Gex into a bronzed network mascot to replace the peacock.[1]

Gex managed to defeat Rez and escape the Media Dimension. Over the years Gex would return to the Media Dimension and defeat Rez two more times.

His catchphrase is “It’s tail time!” He has his own island hideaway called the GEXCave located in the South Pacific.[2]

Gex is voiced by comedian Dana Gould throughout the entire trilogy in the North American versions. The European version features three actors as his voice: Dana Gould in the original game, Leslie Phillips in first sequel, and Danny John-Jules in the final game.

Gex served as a mascot for Crystal Dynamics for quite some time. It is unknown about his future at this point.

Rez Edit

Rez in Gex 2

Rez, as he appears in Enter the Gecko.

Rez is a megalomaniacal cybernetic entity and the main antagonist of the series; he is also the arch-nemesis of Gex. His one true ambition is to control the entire Media Dimension under his own rule and ensure the longevity of bad TV shows and Z-grade movies. He has a collection of Star Trek bloopers.

Not much is known about the origins of Rez, only that he thrives and lives within the Media Dimension and that he is incredibly versatile at constantly popping up every few years after Gex has rid him from the Media Dimension.

In Gex: Enter the Gecko Rez’s fight takes place in none other than Rezopolis. In Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko, Rez employs several weapons against Gex which include homing missiles and eye lasers. Rez also reveals to Gex that he is his father. This is debatable, as it could just be a reference to Star Wars, and Gex even makes a snide comeback to this. He also has a target on his chest when it is revealed, which is his weak spot. After he is defeated, he disappears and Gex rescues his partner, Agent Xtra. It is possible that Rez may still be alive, but he has not been seen since then.

Appearance Edit

Rez’s form in Gex is much thinner and sleeker than his later designs; Rez is purple in this design. Rez does not have any legs, and he travels by hovering. The back of his head is full of liquid noise; there is a large, sharp blade at the back of his head; Rez has several large, sharp teeth; his right eye is a test pattern, while his left eye is the number three or two. This design is the only one where Rez wears a cloak; there is a circle on Rez’s abdomen. His arms have several spikes all along them, and his hands look skeletal. When Gex defeated Rez in this form, Rez transformed into a sphere of energy and escaped.

In Enter the Gecko, Rez went under a massive redesign. This new design is much larger, and a more dangerous appearance; he is also mostly dark gray, with spots of green. Rez now has sharp blades, on top of his shoulders, which seem to have hart monitors on them. His arms no longer have the spikes along them; his fingers now appear to be made of fire. His head is mostly unchanged from his original form; he now has slits for pupils; the liquid noise on the back of his head is now a pulsing, blue sphere. Wires can be seen all around his head and waist. Rez still has no legs, though instead of just hovering, there is a large flame burning. What appears to be lizard skin can be seen on certain parts of his body, this is most noticeable around his chest and arms. When Gex defeated Rez in this form, Rez once again transformed into a sphere and energy, although this time Gex trapped him in a TV.

Rez’s form in Deep Cover Gecko is somewhat of a mixture of his two previous forms. Rez still has the larger form from Enter the Gecko, though several aspects of his Gex form can be seen, such as; Rez’s right eye is an exclamation mark, while his left is a question mark. Rez still has the sharp blades on his shoulders, and it is revealed that they are the missile launchers which he first used in Enter the Gecko. The circle on his abdomen returns, though it now has armor, as it is Rez’s one weak spot. While Rez had one flame that kept him hovering, he now has four smaller thrusters to do this job. Unlike the previous two times Gex defeated Rez, this time Rez exploded into several pieces, passing out of view while doing so, possibly meaning that he is truly dead.

Abilities Edit

This is a list of all of Rez’s powers and weapons seen in throughout the series.

  • Boomerang — Rez used a boomerang against Gex in Gex.
  • Cyclone — Rez has is able to spin at incredibly fast speeds, creating a “cyclone” effect. Seen in Gex and Deep Cover Gecko.
  • Diminishment/Growth — Rez is seen being able to increase or decrease his size instantaneously. He is only seen actively doing this in Enter the Gecko, though it was hinted he could in Gex; when Rez reached through Gex's TV to bring him to the Media Dimension, his arm was larger than Gex himself, though when Gex actually meets Rez they are roughly the same size.
  • Exploding TVs — Rez summoned several exploding TVs in Gex.
  • Laser Vision — Rez is able to shoot powerful laser beams from his eyes. Seen in Gex and Enter the Gecko
  • Liquid Rez — Rez is able to shoot bolts of Liquid Rez from his abdomen, and also summoned several globs of liquid Rez to target Gex. Seen in Gex.
  • Missile Launcher — Rez has two missile launchers mounted on his shoulders. Seen in Enter the Gecko and Deep Cover Gecko.
  • Transformation — In Gex and Enter the Gecko, Rez is seen transforming into a sphere of energy, to retreat. In the Deep Cover Gecko novelization, Rez is seen transforming to liquid noise, when he is hit with slime from the slime flies, and transforming back.

Gex’s Father Edit

Gex’s father is mentioned in the Gex instruction manual as “Dad.” He works for NASA and is always doing research. He and ten other volunteers were chosen to see if they would eat tapioca pudding in zero gravity. However, their rocket exploded due to a Band-Aid floating in one of the fuel tanks, killing them. His death results in Gex’s love for television after he spends most of his days in front of the screen to deal with his father’s death.[1]

In Enter the Gecko, after Gex defeats Rez, Rez says that he is Gex’s father. Gex asks how that is possible, and Rez explains his appearance is due him falling in a scrap heap while trying to steal cable. To this day it is still not known whether Rez truly is Gex’s father. The Deep Cover Gecko novelization reworks the whole concept, so it is possible.

Liquid Rez Edit

Throughout the series, liquid noise is seen all around Rezopolis. The game manuals and the Deep Cover Gecko novelization describe it is as the very essence of Rez.

In Gex and Enter the Gecko, Rez transforms into liquid Rez to retreat, and in Enter the Gecko and Deep Cover Gecko, Rez is seen sitting in a giant vat of liquid Rez.

Agent Xtra Edit

Agent Xtra is Gex’s crime-fighting partner in Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko who loves TV as well. She was briefly seen in Gex: Enter the Gecko as a member of a secret government agency that recruited Gex,[3] and she had brown hair. In Gex 3, she was kidnapped by Rez. She talks to Gex through video signals in mission control. Gex is clearly in love with her. After Gex defeated Rez, it is suggested they got married, as a magazine cover shows Xtra in a wedding dress and Gex in a Tuxedo. She is played by Baywatch’s Marliece Andrada. Strangely enough, a newspaper Alfred reads at the end hints that Agent Xtra’s real name may be Marliece Andrada, as well.

Alfred Edit

Alfred the Tortoise


Alfred is Gex’s butler in Gex 3. He is a turtle who wears a bow tie and glasses. He is based on Batman’s butler, Alfred Pennyworth. Alfred serves as the tutorial character, appearing in every level, giving Gex hints and tips. He also teaches Gex moves in the Gexcave’s training area, the Wreck Room. He always refers to Gex as “sir” in person and “Mr. Gex” when talking to the player. After Gex defeated Rez, Alfred gave Gex and Agent Xtra tickets to a cruise. Gex offered him the use of his desert island. He believes that Gex would never have defeated Rez without his help. He is voiced by Mark Silk in both the American and British versions.

Minor Characters Edit

Gex’s Mother Edit

Gex’s mother is described in the Gex instruction manual and referred to as “Mom.” She and her family moved from Maui, Hawaii, to a ranch-style home in Encino, California, after the death of her husband. She had sold their television to some gypsies since Gex had been spending too much time watching TV. She realized she made a mistake, as Gex ran away from the TV-less house. A few months later, she found Gex in the streets and told him the family had become rich. She purchased fifty-one-percent ownership of NASA and fired everyone, sold the rockets to some third-world countries, and converted Mission Control into “Space Monkeys,” a theme restaurant featuring robotic dancing chimps wearing spacesuits.[1] She and Gex’s younger siblings are never mentioned again in the sequel games.

Harv Edit

Described in the Gex instruction manual, Harv is a burly old lizard who lived next door to Gecko family in Encino, California. He helps Gex’s mother try to get Gex off the TV by getting him interested in filling one spot left on his Saturday All-Pro Girl Watching Team, but without success.[1]

“The Mayor” Edit

“The Mayor” is Gex’s imaginary friend, mentioned in the Gex instruction manual, which manifested some time after Gex ran away from home. After being told by his Mom that they are rich, Gex tells the Mayor he had just been impeached.[1]

Charlie Edit

Mentioned in the Gex instruction manual, Charlie is Gex’s great-uncle. He was the original model for the Izod shirt logo. He had invested his meager modeling salary back into company stock. He died three days after Gex ran away from home and left his entire estate to the Gecko family, of which the estimated worth was over twenty billion dollars.[1]

Rex Edit

Gex 3 Rex


Rex is a small, red Tyrannosaurus rex and Gex’s prehistoric ancestor.[4] He can be played in the secret levels after he is unlocked. Rex can be unlocked directly in the first level, “Holiday Broadcasting.” He is frozen in a block of ice, which will melt if Gex pushes it near a fire. His moves are not different from Gex’s in any way.

Cuz Edit



Cuz is Gex’s overweight cousin.[4] He, like Rex, is an unlockable character for the secret levels. Unlike Rex, he is unlocked near the end of the game, in Gangster TV. He was locked in a cage by the Gangsters. To save him, Gex must spit fire on the lock to let him out. Saving Cuz is one of the three main objectives of the level. His moves are not different from Gex’s in any way.

Riding animals Edit

  • Humps: A camel that can be ridden across the sinking sand in the “Tut TV” level.
  • Al Nino: A donkey that can be ridden in the “Western Station” level. His only abilities are jumping and head butting. Al Nino is also in the bonus level “True Grits.” In it, Gex uses him to destroy chicken crates.
  • Paunch: A kangaroo and a playable animal in the bonus level “Marsupial Madness.” It rings bells by kicking them. Gex rides in its pouch.
  • Scales: A crocodile and a playable animal in the bonus level “What a Crock!”


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