This is a list of Codename: Kids Next Door foreign operatives.

Japanese OperativesEdit

Only appearance: Op T.R.I.P.

The Japanese Operatives were featured in Op. T.R.I.P., in which Father had commissioned the Interesting Twins from Beneath the Mountain to find them and destroy them. After the Twins fell out of Numbuh 3's "grandma's" house, the Japanese KND revealed they had been protecting Numbuh Three the whole time and then beat up the Interesting twins . The numbuhs of five operatives are unknown.

Canadian SectorEdit

Only appearance: Op I.T.

Appeared in Op I.T. Was one of the locations where operatives were tagging one another. None of the members' codenames were revealed.

Indian SectorEdit

Only appearance: Op I.T.

A sector in India appeared in Op I.T. Was one of the locations of the KND tagging others. One of the Indian operatives is voiced by Scott Menville.

In Op W.H.I.T.E.-H.O.U.S.E., when Numbuh 5 quizzes Nigel to prove his identity, Nigel states that Sector I is located in India.

Russian SectorEdit

Only appearance: Op I.T.

A sector in Russia appeared in Op I.T. Was one of the locations of the KND tagging others.


  • Numbuh 301 - Leader
  • Numbuh 302 - Sector R Tracker
  • Numbuh 303 - Former Member / 2x4 Technology Officer
  • Numbuh 304 - Key Guy
  • Numbuh 305 - Soda, Snacks & Treats Officer

Egyptian OperativesEdit

Only appearance: Op C.H.A.D.

  • Numbuh 17 - (possibly the leader, as the symbol he wears dictates leadership)
  • Numbuh 18 - (voiced by James Arnold Taylor)
  • Numbuh 19 - Operative
  • Numbuh 20 - Operative

French OperativesEdit

First appearance: Op C.H.A.D. They also briefly appear in Op Z.E.R.O. at Moonbase.

  • Numbuh 66
  • Numbuh 67
  • Numbuh 68
  • Numbuh 69
  • Numbuh 70
  • Numbuh 71

German OperativesEdit

Located in Germany. Mentioned in Op CHAD.


  • Numbuh 417 - Leader
  • Numbuh 419 - Operative
  • Numbuh 420 - Klutz
  • Numbuh 422 - Fashion Specialist
  • Numbuh 424 - Hand-To-Hand-Combat Specialist
  • Numbuh 425 - Mechanicer & Pilot

Brazilian OperativesEdit

Mentioned in Op CHAD. When Numbuh 274 listed operatives by country, he listed this sector and Sector G.


  • Numbuh 4-6 - Operative
  • Numbuh 1-2 - 2x4 Technology Officer
  • Numbuh 6-10 - Leader

British SectorEdit

Seen in Op ENGLAND.


  • Numbuh 122 - (A British Form of Numbuh 1) Leader
  • Numbuh 4 - (Big Boy) Operative
  • Numbuh 5 - (Scarfgirl) Operativ

Norwegian SectorEdit

Never seen, never mentioned, never planned.


  • Numbuh 52 - Leader & Ice Fisher
  • Numbuh 53 - Formerly Member, Started at the KND Arctic Base
  • Numbuh 54 - Pilot & Mechanicer
  • Numbuh 56 - Formerly Member, Lost under the ice

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