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This is a list of List of characters in the Killzone franchise.

Main charactersEdit

Tomas "Sev" Sevchenko Edit

File:Killzone 2 Main Characters.png

SFC. Tomas Sevchenko is the main protagonist in Killzone 2 and Killzone 3 and voiced by Demetri Goritsas in Killzone 2. [1] Sev strongly believes it is his patriotic duty to defend his Vektan homeland from Helghast aggression. He is a natural born leader and displays a responsible, by-the-book approach to his duties. Sev was drafted into Alpha Squad when his service record attracted the attention of Commander Templar, who saw something of himself in the promising young soldier. In Killzone 3, he and the rest of the surviving ISA Troops are trying to escape from the planet Helghan, but the Helghast make this task seemingly impossible for them.

His character is based on Jake Gyllenhaal, whom he resembles, with a faux hawk. His name is also a reference to a character in Tears of the Sun, Kelly Lake (Johnny Messner), who screams "SEVCHENKO" every time on screen.

Jan Templar Edit

File:Templar from Killzone.jpg

Captain Jan Templer is the main protagonist of Killzone and Killzone: Liberation. He is a Special Forces Captain, and a born leader. He is called into the fight by General Vaughton. He and Luger used to be in an intimate relationship, but after seeing how much Luger had changed, she now is a colder, more calculated person. ("Trained to think, not feel. Act, instead of reflect," as Hakha puts it.) Just before the events of Killzone, it is revealed that an attempt was made on his life in the manual, although it does not specify why or by whom. According to the manual, the assassination attempt was made with an ISA sniper rifle "stolen recently from an SD Platform reserve munitions store". This has led some players to believe that General Adams (or someone under his command) was the culprit. He can handle almost all situations, and can handle all forms of ISA weaponry well. He can use Helghast weaponry fairly well too, these attributes makes him a versatile soldier capable of adapting to different situations.

He highlights his vital importance to holding a besieged Vekta's defences with an epic display during the invasion of his homdland, perhaps most stirringly when tensions between in his new unit escalate after a brutal battle at the docks between Hakha and Rico where Templar furiously yells that for them to survive the slim odds, they need to work as a team, and is constantly keeping the unit bonded together.

He has a habit of quoting movies and TV shows during battle (i.e. "You feel lucky?" "I love it when a plan comes together!" from the Dirty Harry movies and the A-team, respectively).

He returns (non-playable) as a Colonel in Killzone 2 and the commander of the ISA Cruiser New Sun from which the ISA will commence the Operation Archangel, which is seizing control of Helgan and arresting Scolar Visari.

Templar has been ordered to coordinate the ISA assault on Helghan and to capture Visari alive. Privately, after all he has been through, he has doubts about how prepared the ISA is for a prolonged offensive, but Templar has become the poster boy for the war and must toe the political line. He would rather be fighting with his men on the front line.

Templar is killed by Colonel Radec on the bridge of the New Sun, but before he dies he successfully crashes the New Sun into Tharsis Refinery, cutting off power in Pyrrhus and the arc tower there.

Templar has had a militaristic lineage; his father was an ISA soldier (K.I.A) while his godfather was General Vaughan (K.I.A) who recruited him early and Templar exceeded his blistering potential as an extremely sophisticated soldier.

Dante Garza Edit

Cpl. Dante Garza is a loyal, optimistic and likable character- an effective team player. A close companion of Sev, the pair have served together in several campaigns before being assigned to Alpha. Dante Garza is a complex soldier, full of contradictions and complications. Initially born into wealth and privilege, he rejected his upbringing and refused to comply with the demands that his elite status placed upon him. After being sent in desperation to a military academy, he found the thing his life had been missing in the company of his fellow cadets. During the events of Killzone 2, Garza was mortally wounded and K.I.A.

Rico Velasquez Edit

SSG/MSG. Rico Velasquez, born in the slums of Vekta city, is the toughest, slowest, and biggest Helghast-hating character in the original Killzone, swearing almost constantly. He apparently went crazy and sought revenge after the Helghast wiped out his entire platoon, leaving him the lone survivor. He has tried to get Hakha killed or restrained from the moment they met, and the two often make jokes at one another (with Hakha usually getting the last laugh, because Rico doesn't understand what he's saying). By the end of the game, Rico and Hakha seem to respect each other. Rico's unique skills: since he's not very mobile, he cannot build or climb like the others. However, he has the most constitution out of all the characters, capable of taking surprising amounts of damage. He is also the most proficient with heavy weaponry, and can carry more ammo for such weapons. Plus, he carries the most destructive of all weapons in the game, a Chaingun/Rocket launcher that can shred infantry and tank alike. He is depicted as the stereotypical hoodlum, and frequently uses street slang.

He returns in Killzone 2. A battle-hardened veteran of the war on Vekta and a superbly effective soldier, although dangerously overly emotional, Rico now heads up Alpha Squad. Harbouring deep resentment towards Helghast for the massacre of his original unit, he is often involved in the ISA's more 'rough and tumble' assignments. He is responsible for the death of Visari. Despite his intense hatred of the Helghast, he appeared to spare the life of a Helghan engineer during the events of Tharsis Refinery.

He also appears in Killzone 3 in which he and the rest of the ISA soldiers try to escape the Helghan Planet. It is quite noticeable that Rico swears a lot less this time around, though he still does it from time to time. He is only playable in the single player campaign of the original Killzone, and playable in Killzone: Liberation's multiplayer mode. Killzone 3 was his last appearance and he is not referenced in any games after it.

Gregor Hakha Edit

A half-human, half Helghast who works for the Colonial Intelligence Service in the ISA as a secret agent. He was General Lente's former chief of staff; who is responsible for the invasion plans on Vekta. Holding the rank of Colonel, Hakha was rescued from Helghast besieging his position by Captain Templar, Sergeant Rico and Shadow Marshal Luger and worked with them in defeating General Lente. It is later revealed Lente killed his brother on Helghan for his opposition to Scolar Visari. He is the expert in Helghast weaponry and technology and also possesses a knife. Since he is half Helghast, Hakha is able to bypass sensors and traps that would normally be activated if one were not Helghast (i.e. laser tripwires). He also regenerates faster than an ordinary human. He seems to be quite intelligent, judging by his vocabulary, and sometimes quotes philosophers and writers, such as Shakespeare. He often clashes with Rico because of his Helghan heritage. Hakha usually manages to have the last word, often due to Rico's inability to understand his replies.

It is implied by Lente that Hakha's Helgan ancestry is maternal but this is never confirmed or explicitly stated. Lente comments on Hakha's mother believes him to be dead, thereby implying that she resides on Helghan and is most likely a Helghast.

Hakha only appears in Killzone and Killzone: Liberation. He speaks no lines in Liberation, but speaks quite a lot in Killzone. He is not referenced in any games after Liberation.

He was voiced by British actor Sean Pertwee, who also voiced Radec in Killzone 2.

Shawn Natko Edit

Cpl. Shawn Natko is an experienced soldier of the same generation as Rico, Natko made a steady rise through ISA ranks before joining Alpha Squad. On occasion he can be somewhat cynical and pessimistic. He has no great ideological drive to fight; he's not motivated by love of Vekta, love of the Army or a love of freedom. Despite his lack of higher ideals, and despite the constant griping and cynicism for which he is famous, he possesses a seemingly indestructible spirit. After the death of Dante Garza, he feels mad now that his teammates treat him as if he was Garza (telling him to hack a door etc.). Natko is last seen entering Visari's throne room alongside Narville at the end of Killzone 2.

Though he does not have a role in Killzone 3, if playing the co-op campaign, Natko is used as the second player's character.

Shadow Marshal Luger Edit

A Shadow Marshal within the ISA, Luger is an assassin who excels in stealth based operations. She is skilled in the use of hand-to-hand combat as well as infiltration missions. Possessing a ruthless personality that shows no mercy in combat, Luger has an "ice queen" disposition. In battle, she prefers to get close to her opponents in order to make the killing blow. Attractive but unapproachable, she is a cold and calculating person who puts the mission ahead of anything else. She noted that she graduated from the academy six weeks early and it appears that her and Jan were lovers at one point.

Her last appearance was in Killzone: Liberation as Templar's information and intelligence officer. She is not referenced in any games after Liberation.

Evelyn Batton Edit

A scientist and part of the crew General Stratson assigned to develop the nuclear weapons to bomb Vekta to rid Vekta of the Helghast menace. In Killzone: Liberation she was a VIP that Templar needed to save in Rayhoven and later on in a Helghast base where she was tortured for the ID codes needed to activate the nuclear weapons the Helghast stole. Despite being part of the crew creating the weapons, she was completely against Stratson's plan of bombing Vekta. In Killzone 2, she accompanies Templar on the New Sun as mission support, but is killed by Radec when he assaults the ship.

Formerly the ISA's lead weapons researcher, Batton was responsible for developing the nuclear weapons which have now fallen into Helghast hands. Rescued from captivity by Templar during the Helghast invasion of Vekta, she was tasked with locating and neutralizing the stolen nuclear weapons. She was killed in Killzone 2 when Radec shoots her after seeing her attempting to delete the launch codes from the New Sun's database.

Jason Narville Edit

Captain Jason Narville is a career soldier and amongst the best leaders in the ISA Marines who first appeared in Killzone 2. Captain Jason Narville was actually secondment to the UCA on Earth when the Helghast invasion struck. Incensed by the attack on his home-world, Narville made it back barely in time for the mopping up of the remaining Helghast invaders on the southern continent. Feeling ashamed at having not been there when his world needed him, Narville is determined to show the worth of his training during the invasion of Helghast itself. During the invasion, he was the commander of convoy Avenger. With determination, good planning, and the help of his men, he successfully led the assault to gain control of Visari Square. His orders in Killzone 3 results in the almost total destruction of the remaining ISA forces on Helghan.[2] His last appearance was in Killzone 3, and he is not referenced in any games after it.

Arran Danner Edit

Arran Danner is a mercenary, who worked with the Phantom Talon Corp from 2352 to 2359. He is the main protagonist of "Killzone: Mercenary".

Lucas Kellan Edit

Shadow Marshal Lucas Kellan is the main protagonist of Killzone Shadow Fall. Lucas is an orphan whose dad was killed by a Helghast in the beginning of the game (with a young Kellan watching). Lucas was taken in by Shadow Marshal Thomas Sinclair (who eventually became the director of the Vektan Security Agency). Lucas and his father met Sinclair on their attempted escape. Years later, Lucas has become a fully and highly decorated officer of the Shadow Marshal clan and is working under Sinclair as Sinclair's most trusted agent. As the game progresses, Kellan sees the hardship the Helghast people endure on New Helghan and begins questioning if what he is doing is right with the help of Echo (a half-Helghast, half-Vektan female soldier). Kellan sides with Echo to try and prevent another war, which Sinclair does not agree with. At the game's climax, Kellan finally reaches Stahl on Helghan. Stahl congratulates Kellan on reaching him before being killed by Sinclair. Expressing his disappointment in Kellan as he was his most trusted agent, Sinclair also kills Kellan.

Minor charactersEdit

Original trilogy / Liberation Edit

Bradley Vaughton Edit

General Bradley Vaughton was a General in the ISA Army on Vekta and father figure to Cpt. Templer. When the Helghast invaded, he ordered Templer to meet up with agent Luger in a rescue mission. He willingly went to the SD Platform shortly afterwards to hand control of the Platform to General Adams. Shortly afterwards, he discovered that the SD Platform was under the control of the Helghast. Soon after the revelation, he was killed by a Helghan trooper on the orders of General Adams.

Billinghurst Edit

Pvt/Cpl. Billinghurst first appears in the original Killzone to help guide Cpt. Templar through a burning section of a bombed out ISA HQ. In Killzone 2, he appears on the ISA Cruiser New Sun while it is being attacked by Helghast Leech Pods. Sgt. Tomas "Sev" Sevchenko becomes trapped with Pvt/Cpl. Billinghurst in a security airlock, which leads to the cruiser's AA-guns. Because the security camera system on the New Sun is down, the frightened crew refuses to let anyone pass through the airlock without matching their identity against the Cruiser's personnel database. After Corporal Billinghurst provides his name, rank and serial number, the crew promptly opens the doors so that Sev can proceed to the AA-guns.[3][1]

Heff Milcher Edit

Heff Milcher was the Minister for War for the ISA Government on Vekta. He planned to support General Stratson's plan to use nuclear weapons at a secret meeting at the Rayhoven Base. When the Helghast during the attack on Rayhoven Island, he escaped on board with other high-ranking officials on an attack helicopter which shortly afterwards was shot down. Captured by the Helghast, he was killed by Colonel Cobar (and \ or Dwight Stratson) shortly afterwards. His death was witnessed by Captain Templar.

Jammer Edit

A female ISA soldier introduced in Killzone 3. She is one of the survivors of the Vektan invasion fleet marooned on Helghan following the death of the Helghast Autarch Scolar Visari and the annihilation of the ISA armada sent to pacify the planet.

A young woman with a Hispanic appearance, Jammer serves alongside Rico and his Raider unit as they seek a way off the planet. She appears to possess some technical skill, including knowledge of Helghast mechanical and computer systems. She is voiced by La'Myia Good. Killzone 3 is her only appearance and she is not referenced in any games following it.

Mercenary Edit

Damian Ivanov Edit

Damian Ivanov is a former soldier in the UCN Army and a native of Vekta. After leaving the UCN, he became a mercenary with Anders Benoit's Phantom Talon Corps along with Arran Danner, also a former UCN soldier. The two of them work together on several missions for the ISA during the Helghast invasion of Vekta in the Second Extrasolar War, including rescuing ISA Admiral Alex Grey from Helghast Colonel Vyktor Kratek. During one assignment, in which he and Danner are tasked to scuttle a downed Helghast cruiser, Ivanoff finds himself trapped by the ship's security systems and perishes in the blast after urging Danner to flee. In contrast to the other mercenaries, Ivanoff is ideologically committed to defeating the Helghast following their invasion of his homeworld. He thus serves as a stark foil to Benoit, who is chiefly concerned with profiting from the war.

Anders Benoit Edit

Anders Benoit was a well-informed, well-connected and totally money-oriented mercenary. He was also the commander and co-founder of the Phantom Talon Corp private military company.

Sepp Harkin Edit

Sepp Harkin is the Vektan ambassador on Helgan. His moral philosophy is "A man shows his best when things are worst". In the beginning of Killzone: Mercenary, he leaks intel about Admiral Grey still being alive, as she is good friends with him. Later on in the game, the Vektan Embassy on Helgan is attacked by Kratek, as he's been declared an enemy of the state. He's killed in the subsequent crossfire next to his wife.

Justus Harkin Edit

Justus Harkin is the son of the Vektan ambassador Sepp Harkin, and a Helghast woman, Valeria Harkin. He is therefore half human and half Helghast.

Alex Grey Edit

Admiral Alex Gray commands naval forces in Killzone: Mercenary for the ISA. In the beginning of the game, she's captured by Kratek and interrogated. She is wounded during interrogation but survives. She is a strict, no-nonsense commander. After being wounded however, she becomes more determined to exact her revenge, bordering on insanity. She is killed by Arran Danner.

Blackjack Edit

Blackjack is a mysterious arms dealer with a Russian accent. He describes himself as "like shadow, you can see but cannot touch". He supplies Arran Danner with all the weapons he needs, and assists him if profit comes from his survival. When Danner gets involved in a bioweapon crisis, Blackjack convinces him to destroy it in order to prolong the war, and thus make him more money.

Shadow Fall Edit

Thomas Sinclair Edit

Once a Shadow Marshal, Thomas Sinclair quickly rose through the ranks and became the director of the Vektan Security Agency (VSA).

Michael Kellan Edit

Michael is the father of Lucas Kellan, the main protagonist of Killzone Shadow Fall. He was only seen in the beginning of the game where he was murdered by a patrol Helghast who he accidentally alarmed.

Helghast Empire Edit

Imperial Family Edit

Scolar Visari Edit

File:Scolar Visari.jpg

Autarch Scolar Visari is one of the main antagonists in the Killzone series and was voiced by Brian Cox.[4] He was the ruler of the Helghast Empire and was responsible for the re-militarization of the Helghan troops after their defeat following the First Helghan War. He succeeded in launching an invasion of one of ISA's colonial planets, Vekta, to avenge what he saw as the abandonment and abuse of the Helghast.

Scolar Visari did not interact with any character within the first game outside of the introductory cinematic, but he was commonly referred to by various individuals other than the Helghast soldiers. He also can be heard at the end of Killzone: Liberation stating that the Helghast now have nuclear weapons and will be expecting the ISA assault on Helghan.

Born to a wealthy family of Helghan nationalists, Visari forged the militaristic Helghast state and made himself its absolute ruler. A visionary leader, gifted orator, and master tactician, his audacious attacks on Vekta led the Helghast to the brink of victory, in his eyes, avenging centuries of perceived wrongs. He was descended from one of the original families that colonized Helghan and is the heir to the Visari Corporation, one of the largest corporations on the planet and Helghans second largest weapons maker after Stahl Arms.

During the events of Killzone 2, the ISA's main objective was the capture and arrest of Visari for his crimes. When Sev and Rico finally reached Visari to capture him, Visari warned them that he was the only thing that keeps the Helghans under control, and his capture or death would cause the entire Helghan nation to fall into chaos, causing untold numbers of casualties for both sides. Rico, unable to keep his emotions in check, killed Visari. It is then after Visari is lying in his throne room that he muttered his last words, "The madness begins".

Within the game, he is described as being 51 years old. In the introductory cutscene of Killzone 3 (depicting a flashback of Visari's last address to his people, seconds before he launches the nuclear devastation of his own capitol, Phyrrus) it is shown that he has a never-before mentioned daughter (wearing a royal, princess-like dress) who greets him with respect. On New Helghan (the portion of Vekta that Helghast now live on), there is statue memorializing Visari. This is seen in Killzone Shadow Fall.

Hera Visari Edit

The daughter of Scolari Visari, she is the Chancellor of New Helghan in Killzone Shadow Fall.

"Echo" Edit

Echo is said to be a half-breed hooded assassin. Echo may or may not be a love interest for Lucas Kellan in Killzone Shadow Fall. Her real name is Maya Visari and she is the daughter of Hera Visari.

Military commanders Edit

Joseph Lente Edit

General Joseph Lente is the Commander-in-Chief of the Helghan Third Army, directly under the command of Scolar Visari in Killzone. Lente led the Helghan First Assault Division onto Planet Vekta, establishing several beachheads from which to conduct further operations. Lente is extremely devoted to leading the Helghan Army in the right direction, and despises humanity. When he is finally defeated by the ISA squad led by Templar, he tells Hakha of how he had personally killed his brother for his pro-human beliefs. Upon hearing this, Hakha kills him. He is voiced by Steven Berkoff.

Armin Metrac Edit

Armin Metrac has his only appearance in Killzone: Liberation where he is the main antagonist. Visari personally ordered Metrac to conquer Vekta. He is a sadist who will stop at nothing to achieve his goal. Metrac is different from other Helghast males; he has hair and an athletic build. He is also charismatic and is known by his cruel interrogation techniques and committing massacres against human soldiers and civilians. He was killed while engaging Captain Jan Templar in combat at his secret mountaintop fortress. It had been debated that he is not technically Helghast, and that he's really a human that has gained favor from Scolar Visari. It was recently revealed on the unlockable content (accessible only on the game contents) that he is a Helghast of Polish descent who has evolved to the point that he can breathe in both Helghan and Earth-like atmospheres.

Admiral Orlock Edit

Admiral Orlock is the secondary antagonist of Killzone 3. He is the Commander in Chief of the Helghan military and, following Visari's death, takes complete command of Helghan Nation along with the High Council. Jorhan Stahl persistently challenged his leadership, trying to take over command of Helghan. When Stahl attempted to sway the Senate by broadcasting the assassination of ISA Captain Narville to the entire planet and was humiliated at the hands of Sev and Rico, who rescued Narville, the Senators made Orlock the heir to Visari's throne and their new Autarch. In a final confrontation with Stahl, however, Orlock is killed with one of Stahl Arms' manufactured weapons, the Arc Cannon. He is voiced by Ray Winstone.

Military personnel Edit

Tendon Cobar Edit

Colonel Tendon Cobar is Metrac's loyal friend and a sociopathic officer in the Helghan military in Killzone: Liberation. Known as "White death" due to the number of people he has killed, he is feared even by his own troops. Metrac himself had personally recruited him in the final months of the Vektan invasion due to his loyalty and high kill count. He killed Heff Milcher on the orders of his superiors. Shortly afterwards, he engaged Templar at the Helghast Firebird Base in his personal tank. Despite overwhelming odds, Templar manages to disable his tank and question him regarding the whereabouts of Evelyn Batton and General Stratson. Cobar instead rebuffs the questions claiming that the Vektan Government had another traitor. When he suddenly draws his pistol, and prepares to kill Templar, he is shot and killed by the recently escaped Stratson.

Mael Radec Edit

Colonel Mael Radec, known as the "Hound of Visari," is the commander of Visari’s personal guard and the main antagonist of Killzone 2. Formerly an Academy Commandant, he is highly evolved for his function. Radec is utterly focused on his duties and maintaining order and discipline - in Killzone 2 he had two Helghast grunts executed for "uniform violations." While a gifted tactician, he is merely a competent strategist. His genius lies not in the planning, but in the fighting of battles. Radec is noted for leading from the front in battle. He combines situational awareness with a near-perfect assessment of the capabilities of both his own men and the opposing force. In personal combat he is ruthless, vicious and overwhelming. During the battle for Helghan, Radec manages to board the ISA cruiser New Sun and kills both Templar and Evelyn in an attempt to steal the ISA's nuclear launch codes. He is later defeated by Sev and Rico during their assault on Visari's palace. Rather than be captured, Radec commits suicide. He is voiced by British actor Sean Pertwee, who had voiced Hakha in Killzone. He is seen during the flashblack in Killzone 3. Radec is a playable character in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.

Vyktor Kratek Edit

Colonel Vyktor Kratek appears as an antagonist in Killzone: Mercenary. The player character, mercenary Arran Danner, first encounters him after his forces have captured the ISA research facility at Diortem and its commander, Admiral Alex Grey. He returns to Helghan after the ISA manages to thwart the invasion of Vekta, upon which he resumes research into a bioweapon developed by Dr. Mandor Savic based on an ISA viral agent. Savic foils Kratek's plans to unleash the weapon on Vekta by injecting the virus's trigger into Justus Harkin, the son of the Vektan ambassador on Helghan. Danner manages to secure both the boy and Dr. Savic, turning them over to Admiral Grey.

Following a mission to destroy one of the petrusite refineries under Kratek's control, Danner is betrayed by his employer, Anders Benoit, and left to die as the refinery explodes. Sensing an opportunity, Kratek sends a dropship to rescue Danner and forces him to cooperate in re-capturing Savic from Admiral Grey.

Kratek informs Danner that Grey intends to develop the bioweapon further and use it to exterminate the Helghast, and enlists his aid in freeing Savic and killing Grey. While promising Danner a reward, Kratek secretly intends to kill him once he recovers the virus. Danner succeeds in rescuing Savic, and the doctor provides him with information on Grey and the virus's location. However, on Savic's warning, Danner turns off his communicator, thus keeping this information secret from Kratek and prolonging his usefulness to the Helghast.

Danner then joins a contingent of Kratek's troops in assaulting a mobile research facility to recover the virus. Danner manages to recover a sample and kill Grey, at which point Kratek's forces turn on him. Danner succeeds in fighting his way to the upper decks where Kratek is waiting for him. Before he can kill Danner, however, Kratek himself is killed after Benoit shoots him.

C. Borischek Edit

C. Borischek, often just called "Boris," is a Helghast heavy trooper and bodyguard protecting the family of Ambassador Sepp Harkin, the Vektan envoy to Helghan during the Second Extrasolar War. He has grown attached to the family over the years, in particular Harkin's son, Justus, though he still seems to regard Vektans in general with some disdain. When Kratek's troops assault the embassy, Boris seeks to protect them. Despite his efforts, the Ambassador and his wife are killed. Boris is angered by the killing of civilians, condemning the Helghast soldiers who would resort to such tactics. In fulfilling the Ambassador's last request, Boris assists Danner in rescuing Justus. He stays behind in the embassy to hold off Kratek's men, sacrificing himself in the process.

During the game, Boris can be killed prior to the player's escape from the embassy, leaving the player to fend for him or herself for the remainder of the level. There is also an unresolved discrepancy regarding his service to the Harkins. It is indicated that Boris has served as the Harkins' bodyguard for five years, but Boris himself later states that he did "a tour on Vekta," suggesting that he participated in the invasion of Vekta two years prior. It is unclear whether he was temporarily relieved from his bodyguard duties for a time or if this was an oversight by the game developers.

Jorhan Brimve Stahl Edit

Jorhan Brimve Stahl is the main antagonist of Killzone 3. He appears to be in his 50s or 60s with white hair. His father was the founder of the Stahl Arms Corporation and he is the current Chairman of the company. Stahl Arms is the largest arms manufacturer on Helghan in intense competition with Visari Corporation. He also is never seen with a re-breather like all other Helghast (with the exception of Visari, Orlock, Lente, Metrac, Hakha, and the Helghan counsel). For a civilian he holds extraordinary sway over Helghan politics and the military industrial complex. He competes with Admiral Orlock to become the heir to Visari's throne. Due to circumstance based on a decision by the Helghan High Counsel, Orlock is made the heir and replaces Visari as Autarch. In a final confrontation with Orlock, Stahl uses his manufactured Arc Cannon and kills Orlock. His plans were to completely destroy all of Earth's inhabitants, but his plan is thwarted by Sev, Rico, and Jammer when they stop his ship and nuke it, which subsequently nukes the planet of Helghan. His fate was previously unknown; in a mid-credit scene, two HAZMAT Troopers scanning the irradiated surface approach a landed vessel, which subsequently opens. The occupant inside is not revealed, but the troops bow and one of them says "Welcome home, sir." While unclear at the time, most speculation posited that this survivor was Stahl.

With the release of Killzone Shadow Fall (set 30 years after Killzone 3), it was revealed that Stahl had indeed survived and has been working behind the scenes with Vladko Tyran's Black Hand organization. Shadow Marshal Lucas Kellan uncovers Stahl's plans to use a bioweapon created by ISA defector Dr. Hillary Massar to wipe out the Vektans and half-breeds (half-human, half-Helghast), thus paving the way for the Helghast to reclaim Vekta. After traveling to Helghan and later joining forces with the Helghast agent Echo in an effort to prevent a new war, Kellan discovers a massive armada within the ruins of the planet, revealing that Stahl has been working to rebuild the Helghan Empire in the years since the Terracide (when Helghan was nuked with petrusite at the end of Killzone 3). Stahl unleashes his forces on the Vektan fleet, including Massar's weapon, as it assaults Stahl's fortress. Kellan manages to fight his way through Stahl's troops and finds the once would-be Autarch on life-support in a chamber at the apex of the base. Stahl congratulates Kellan on reaching him and tells him that the Vektans are weak because, unlike the Helghast, they lack a unifying belief. He also argues that the Terracide was necessary to destroy the weak and that Vekta must undergo the same process, presumably by means of Massar's bioweapon. At that moment, however, Thomas Sinclair, Director of the Vektan Security Agency and Kellan's commanding officer who had been leading the attack, appears and kills Stahl and then Kellan, who Sinclair says he can no longer trust.

He is voiced by Malcolm McDowell in Killzone 3 and by Gideon Emery in Killzone Shadow Fall. He is seen smoking a cigarette twice throughout Killzone 3. He claims Orlock predictable because Orlock follows in Visari's footsteps after his death in Killzone 2, and also believes that the Terracide was a good thing from an evolutionary standpoint.

High Council Edit

Gunsteling Edit

Senator Gunsteling is a member of the Helghast Senate, also known as the High Council. He is described as being the oldest and most decrepit Senator who was strongly disliked by Jorhan Stahl, a feeling which appeared to be mutual. Gunsteling is notable for having the most speaking roles of all the Senators, appearing to be a rather influential member who directs the Senate's meetings and sat with Orlock and Stahl at Visari's memorial service. He was a strong supporter of Admiral Orlock to succeed Visari as Autarch, only furthering his negative relationship with Stahl. By the end of Killzone 3 his fate is unknown, leaving it to question whether or not he survived the irradiation of Helghan that appeared to kill off most of the population. He is easily recognizable due to his use of a nasal cannula placed into his nostrils, in addition to a small white mustache partially concealed by the hose of the cannula. Although the use of a nasal cannula is usually to provide oxygen to its user, the tube does not appear to be attached to anything that resembles an oxygen tank. He is never referred to by name in Killzone 3, instead being one of the only two named Senator's in the Killzone 3 Collector's Guide.

Kuisma Edit

Senator Kuisma is a member of the Helghast Senate, also known as the High Council. An old and seemingly benign white haired man, Senator Kuisma had a rather obsessive infatuation with young boys. Due to his recklessness in pursuing this desire, his secret was discovered by Jorhan Stahl who promptly black mailed him by threatening to reveal his secret to the entire Helghast Empire unless he used his membership in the Senate to convince the other members to give Stahl complete control over the military over Orlock. Kuisma feared potential publicity and humiliation, and so complied with Stahl's wishes. In the end, his motion to hand Stahl complete military control was denied with no other Senators casting support to the idea. Kuisma appeared to have no reservations about electing Orlock as Autarch over Stahl, seen to sit idly by as Orlock and Gunsteling demanded Stahl surrender his assets to them. His fate after the events of Killzone 3 are unknown, the possibility remaining that he was killed when Helghan's atmosphere became irradiated. Like Gunsteling, he is never directly named in Killzone 3, but is one of the only two Senators named in the Killzone 3 Collector's Guide.

Allies Edit

Stuart Adams Edit

General Stuart Adams was the Supreme Commander of the Vekta SD Platform. In the first Killzone, he is the main antagonist and is voiced by Ronny Cox.

Adams first appeared in the title's introduction when the Helghast fleet begins its invasion of Vekta. He orders the Space Defense Platforms to fire in defense, but a weapons malfunction is detected and the fleet passes by unhindered (presumably, Adams disarmed them himself). In the middle of the fifth level of the game, the player discovers that Adams is a traitor who is cooperating with General Lente, the commander of the 3rd Helghan Army, and is planning to use the SD Platform to destroy the soon-to-arrive Earth Fleet which has been sent to assist Vekta.

It is unclear why Adams had betrayed the ISA, although he obviously wants to be looked upon favorably by Scolar Visari, the leader of the Helghast. Near the end of the game he speaks of "the visions Visari has shown him". He kills General Vaughton, one of the commanders of the ISA army defending Vekta, after retrieving his key which is necessary to gain control of the SD Platform weapons. After the player's team, an elite ISA squad led by Cpt. Jan Templar, discovers Adams' betrayal, getting aboard the SD platform in order to stop him becomes their main objective.

Adams' continuing failure to kill Templar's squad forces General Lente to take over the assignment although he is no more successful. At the end of the game, when Templar manages to breach and destroy the SD Platform, Adams tells him in defeat that his death will not solve anything and that the Helghast will never surrender. He is then crushed by falling debris from the crumbling platform while Templar and his crew manage to escape.

Dwight Stratson Edit

General Dwight Stratson was a General in the ISA army appearing in Killzone: Liberation. He betrayed the ISA and was key to the Helghast invasion of Vekta. He is first seen during a rescue mission into Rayhoven Base. After rescuing the General, Heff Milcher and Evelyn Batton have their aircraft shot down over enemy territory in the swamps. After a second rescue mission resulted in Heff Milcher's death by Colonel Cobar and the subsequent assassination of the Helghan Colonel by the now rescued General, Stratson immediately places himself in command of the war effort. Upon discovery of Metrac's hidden fortress, he orders it to be destroyed through an air strike. In Chapter 5, it is revealed that Stratson has since secretly taken control of the Helghast invasion force following Metrac's death. Framing Rico for treason and secretly handing the majority of the "Rayhoven Nukes" to the Helghan Emperor, he then proceeds to capture Sedah City with his Elite Guard and the remaining Helghan ground troops by giving them uniforms and codes to access the city via the sewers. During the Battle of Sedah City, it is also revealed that he was behind a number of high-profile assassinations involving key generals and politicians that were running the war. After the initial invasion force is repelled, he is forced to retreat into the Royal Palace with his Elite Guard and all remaining Helghan troops. Templar fights his way to him and confronts Stratson who admits to betraying the ISA. After a fight with his troops, he openly engages Templar wearing an advanced Mecha suit. Upon his defeat, he is arrested by security troops on charges of treason.

Dr. Hillary Massar Edit

Hillary Massar is a scientist with the ISA who later defects to New Helghan. Her research focuses on the biological distinction between human and Helghast. With this expertise, she is able to develop bioweapons that target one race or the other. When she joins the Helghast, she begins working on a version that will destroy the human population of Vekta, thus allowing the Helghast to reclaim the planet. Shadow Marshal Kellan and ISA forces manage to recapture her from a Helghast facility. However, the Helghast agent Echo appears and convinces Kellan to join her in preventing renewed war. Kellan thus stands down, allowing Echo to kill Massar. However, her weapon is completed, and Jorhan Stahl uses it against the ISA fleet gathering near Helghan, devastating the attack force.

Dr. Massar regards the Helghast as the next stage of human evolution and believes that Vektan humans as well as half-breeds must die out to allow them to flourish. When first encountered, she has been conducting experiments on Helghast civilians. Echo hates her for this and seeks to kill her to prevent the spread of her research. The object of her research, i.e. creating a biological agent that will kill only one race, is identical to that of Dr. Savic from Killzone: Mercenary. There is no direct indication of the relation between Savic's research, which was completely destroyed at the end of Mercenary, and Massar's.

Others Edit

Dr. Mador Savic Edit

Mador Savic is a Helghast scientist under the command of Colonel Vyktor Kratek during the Second Extrasolar War. Using Savic's family as leverage, Kratek forces Savic to develop a bioweapon based on a viral agent stolen from the ISA. Savic agrees, believing that Kratek means to use the weapon as a deterrent. However, once it becomes clear that Kratek means to use the weapon to eliminate the human population of Vekta, Savic approaches Vektan ambassador Sepp Harkin in order to defect to the ISA. During this time, he develops a trigger for the weapon and injects it into the ambassador's son, Justus. He hopes that, by giving control of the trigger to the ISA, he can force a stalemate between Kratek and ISA Admiral Grey by preventing either side from having the ability to deploy the weapon. Mercenary Arran Danner, under orders from Grey, manages to rescue both Justus and Savic from the Helghast. However, Grey plans to use Savic's research to develop a similar weapon that will exterminate the Helghast. Danner once again rescues Savic, who provides him with information regarding Grey's plan.

His fate after this point is unknown. As the Helghast manage to re-take the embassy shortly after Danner saves him for the second time, it seems likely that he remained on Helghan. If so, he was possibly executed as a traitor or perished during the Terracide.

Anton Saric Edit

Anton Saric is the head of security in New Helghan, the half of the world, Vekta, that was given to Helghast refugees and survivors of the Terricide, which destroyed their home world, Helghan with petrusite missiles. He has a profound distrust, fear, and hatred for Vektans. He appears in Killzone: Shadow Fall.

Vladko Tyran Edit

Vladko Tyran is the leader of the faction "The Black Hand", who are a group of Helghast radicals and former Helghast soldiers seeking to reignite the war between Vektans and the Helghast. He is the secondary antagonist of Killzone: Shadow Fall and only appears in Killzone: Shadow Fall.


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