The following characters all play minor supporting roles in the Ranma ½ manga and anime and are listed alphabetically. For manga-only minor characters, please see Minor characters of the Ranma ½ manga; for anime-only minor characters, please see Minor characters of the Ranma ½ anime. For characters who only appear in the video games, please see the relevant section of this article.

Note: Japanese names are in the Western order (given name, then family name).

Manga and anime charactersEdit

Azusa ShiratoriEdit

Dojo DestroyerEdit

The Dōjō Yaburi, or Dojo Destroyer, is a huge man who specializes in challenging various martial arts dojos. His real name is never mentioned. When victorious, he takes their signs. His fighting style actually uses the signs he has taken as weapons in the duels. A combined effort of Ranma and Akane manages to defeat him.

In the manga, the Dojo Destroyer wore a white gi, had yellow skin and almost never spoke, fighting silently and restlessly. In the anime, however, he was a dark-skined man wearing a green gi, and was much more talkative, boasting about his past fights and taunting his opponents. He has a cameo appearance in the first movie as one of the larger characters seen pursuing Happosai, Ranma, and Akane. Voiced by: Takumi Kamiyama , Robert O. Smith (1), Ward Perry (2) (English).

Gambling KingEdit

The Gambling (Bakuchioh) King, who bears a striking resemblance to the 'King' Poker card, is a gambler who specializes in conning children, the only opponents he can actually defeat, out of their savings or other valuables they might have. Ten years ago, he met Ukyo Kuonji and Ranma Saotome and managed, by cheating, to win both Ukyo’s okonomiyaki cart and the Tendo Dojo, which Ranma had wagered. Enraged by their losses, the young duo turned on the gambler, wrapped him up like sushi, and threw him into a nearby river.

Years later, the Gambling King tracked Ukyo and Ranma down and took possession of the Tendo Dojo and the Tendo home, which he turned into a casino. The King lived in the Tendo home until Nabiki won back the house and Ranma managed to reclaim the dojo by cheating, since he has a bad poker face. The Gambling King makes later cameo appearances in the beginning of the first movie, and in the OVA "Tendo Family Christmas Scramble". In the latter, he is wrapped up in a tatami and kicked out the party after winning a hand with a royal straight flush. He was a playable character in Ranma ½: Hard Battle for the SNES. Voiced by: Takeshi Aono (Japanese), David Kaye (English).

Harumaki Edit

Harumaki is an old man who sends an astral projection of himself inside Ranma's dreams; apparently, this was only because of his strong desire of dating female Ranma, who looks very much like his wife when she was young, and not an intentional thing. He gets his wish and is able to date Ranma just once. Since it appeared that Harumaki would die soon and a date would be the only way to help him rest in peace, the young Saotome unwillingly agreed to fulfill the old man's fantasy. In the end, Harumaki fully recovered from his illness.

Harumaki first appears in the anime in episode 144 Run Away With Me, Ranma!, and was seen along with every other anime character in the Ranma ½ OAV The Tendo Family Christmas Scramble. (Elder) Voiced by: Joji Yanami (Japanese), Richard Newman (English), (Younger) Voiced by: Shoji Matsuoka (Japanese), Kirby Morrow (English).

Harumaki's Grandson Edit

Harumaki's Grandson is a young man who's real name is never mentioned. He seeks out the female Ranma in order for her to take his grandfather on a date, hoping that it will improve his poor condition. Voiced by: Toshikatsu Izaki (Japanese), Bill Switzer (English).

Hiroshi and DaisukeEdit

Hiroshi can have multiple meanings, including "great soldier" and "abundant." Daisuke can be translated to mean "brotherly affection" or "assistance." Their surnames are never mentioned in the series.

Hiroshi and Daisuke are students in Ranma's class at Furinkan High School. The duo became Ranma's friends and supporters, although they remain jealous of Ranma's luck with the ladies. They eventually learn about Ranma's curse and enjoy looking at him when he is in his girl form, noting "Why can't there be more girls like him?" The entire school found out (except for Kuno and the teachers) during Mousse's first appearance in the manga but in the anime it was a secret until very late in the series. It should be noted that their names were never mentioned in the Manga and that after the story arc when Hinako tries to teach Akane to swim, they vanished and were never mentioned again.

(Hiroshi) Voiced by: Koji Tsujitani (Japanese), Terry Klassen (English), (Daisuke) Voiced by: Takehito Koyasu (Japanese), David Kaye (English).

Legendary PhoenixEdit

One day Kuno bought a phoenix egg from an antiques salesman so he could learn the phoenix sword technique. Despite the shopkeeper's admonition not to place the egg on his head, Ranma unknowingly did so, causing the egg to hatch. The phoenix was revealed to be a hideous, pudgy bird with a phoenix-like tail. The first thing it saw was Ranma, imprinting on him as its enemy, which it would attack relentlessly. It could also generate a blinding flash of light as a defensive mechanism to keep attackers at bay. The only way to stop the phoenix was to using some growth pellets sold to him by the shopkeeper which would make the phoenix leave the nest (the top of Kuno's head) faster than the 100 years it would otherwise take.

The phoenix ate the growth pellets, but grew so large that it nearly destroyed half the neighborhood. In the end, it finally left the top of Kuno's head only to leave another phoenix egg behind.

In the third movie, the phoenix was shown to imprint on a new enemy at the beginning of each day, imprinting on Akane when she went to deliver food to Ranma early in the morning, who was forced to camp overnight in an abandoned lot with Kuno and the phoenix in a tent. Although Ranma's initial attempts to feed the phoenix some growth pellets were defeated by Kuno, he was able to shove a bunch into its mouth in his girl form, making the phoenix grow and overshadowing Kuno's head. This made it easier to feed the phoenix because Kuno could not see, but the phoenix grew increasingly violent as it continued to grow, becoming so large that it could fly around at great speed and easily carry Kuno, while causing swathes of destruction with the downforce of the wind it generated while flying. Along with Akane and Ryoga's help, Ranma was able to keep feeding phoenix and Shampoo and Ukyo tried to attack it, but it generated a blinding flash of light that kept physical attacks at bay. At the end of the day, all the growth pellets had been used up, but in a blinding flash of light the phoenix left Kuno's head and flew away, leaving behind another egg. Voiced by: Rei Sakuma (Japanese), Tomohiro Nishimura (English).

Madame Saint PaulEdit

The Chardin Family's head maid and bridal instructor, she oversees Ranma's training as Picolet's future bride, in particular in the art of battle dining. Part of her training involves putting a steel corset on Ranma, which is too small for his male form. Her name in the sub is Madame Sanporu, the romaji for "Saint Paul". Voiced by: Yuko Mita (Japanese), Ellen Kennedy (English).

Maomolin the BakenekoEdit

Maomolin is a giant bakeneko whom Shampoo accidentally brought to Nerima inside a giant bell she gave to Ranma as a match for the small bell she would keep. Maomolin was sealed inside the large bell and was released when Shampoo handed it over as a gift. He eventually challenged Ranma to a fight for Shampoo, but was defeated by the Cat Fist, which activated itself when Ranma was overcome by his fear of felines.

Later, on New Year’s Eve, Maomolin lured Shampoo inside Nerima’s cat temple. Once she arrived, he put a curse on her: if Shampoo tried to leave the temple grounds, she would turn into a cat until she reentered them. Also, the curse would lock her in cat form after the New Year's bells had rung 108 times unless her true love kissed her. Mousse, Ranma, and Akane managed to save Shampoo, even though Mousse was not thrilled by the way Maomolin’s curse had to be broken: the true love the Ghost Cat referred to was Ranma, not himself.

Maomolin appeared a few more times in the anime. In "Ryoga's Proposal", he possessed Ryoga to try and help win over Akane as a way of thanking Ryoga for saving him from a pack of wild dogs (he also claimed that Ryoga is even shyer than he is, and he calls him pathetic). In "The Battle For Miss Beachside", he went to the beach with the rest of the cast and became obsessed with Tsubasa Kurenai after seeing him in a swimsuit contest. He also had a brief cameo in "Tatewaki Kuno, Substitute Principal", wreaking havoc on Furinkan High with Happosai while Principal Kuno was away. Maomolin also has a cameo appearance in the first movie as one of the larger characters seen pursuing Happosai, Ranma, and Akane.

Maomolin is weak and cannot fight at all, but he has a set of magical abilities that allow him to cast spells or curses on people, hide in his flying bell, or even possess them. He can be exorcised by physical assault.

His voice was originally done by the late Kazumi Tanaka in his first appearance in the Japanese version. However, after Tanaka left the series, he was replaced by You Yoshimura in Season 5. After Yoshimura's death, Masahiro Anzai provided Maomolin's voice for Season 7. Maomolin is voiced by Samuel Vincent in the dub.

Mikado SanzeninEdit

Niku MenEdit

The Niku men are four bald midgets with heads shaped like niku (Japanese stuffed buns). The group consists of Niku-Man, Pizza-Man, An-Man and Curry-Man, and their heads are shaped like bean, pork, pizza and curry buns. They came from China seeking the Dragon's Whisker that Ranma wore to secure his pigtail. If the Dragon Whisker was mixed in a soup before 1,000 years passed, any bald man who drank it would regain their hair and those who already possessed hair would have it continuously grow until they became bald. This led the Niku Men to attack Ranma, who used the whisker to keep his hair from continuously growing, as he had previously consumed the soup. Also involved were Ranma's father and Happosai, both of whom are also bald. The Niku Men eventually succeeded in obtaining the sacred hair growth tool, but by the time they did, 1,000 years had already passed, rendering its power useless. They later have a cameo appearance in the beginning of the first movie riding on top of Maomolin.

In the Japanese version they are voiced by Isamu Tanonaka (Niku-Man), Shigeru Chiba (Curry-Man), Bin Shimada (An-Man), and Arihiro Hase (Pizza-Man). In the English dub they are voiced by Alec Willows (Niku-Man), Samuel Vincent (Curry-Man), Donald Brown (An-Man), and Nick Misura (Pizza-Man).

Old Washer Woman Edit

An old woman who is frequently splashing water at the front of her house. Ranma, Ryoga, and the other cursed characters are her accidental victims. She did not appear in the OAVs, but she was in the second OAV opening theme. Her seiyu was Reiko Suzuki, and Janyse Jaud supplied her English voice.

Oni Edit

The Oni was a cartoonish, goofy looking pipsqueak that wasn't very bright. He was imprisoned in a box 5,000 years ago by a monkey priest, but the box rotted, allowing him to escape. He went around possessing Kuno, Ryoga and others to do supposedly "evil" deeds. The only way to exorcise him was to hit the possessed. Once he possessed Kasumi, nobody wanted to hit her. He was released by a sutra the Oni Temple priest had.

In the anime, during the time he spent inside Kasumi, he absorbed the grief and anger of those around her and revealed its true form which was that of a hideous, powerful, demon whose desire was to destroy all of Japan. He set his eyes on Ranma as his first victim, but at that moment Happosai returned from his recent raid. The oni sensed his immense amount of evil energy, and possessed him hoping to absorb his power. But Happosai's will was strong enough to resist, Ranma took this opportunity to seal them both in a new box, with some help from Ryoga, and they threw it in the ocean, hoping never to see it again. But the next day, a news broadcast from America reported two demons terrorizing the shores of California, which were in fact Happosai and the Oni. In the manga he is very weak and stupid, more of a nuissance than an actual threat.

Oni are beasts from traditional Japanese folklore; powerful, magically-talented ogres with one to three horns on their head clothed in tiger skins.

The Oni's voice was done by Kozo Shioya in the Japanese version and in the English dub his voice was done by Paul Dobson.


The Yamata no Orochi is the guardian of Ryugenzawa. It is a giant, eight-headed dragon serpent that sleeps at the bottom of the Spring of Life. The eighth and largest head actually forms its body, with the seven smaller heads at the opposite end. This head and the seven smaller heads are shown in the manga to be capable of independent thought, although in the OVA they are also shown to be capable of acting in concert with each other. The magic moss that grows on the largest head when mixed with the lake water becomes the Water of Life, which makes the animals that drink it grow to monstrous proportions. This moss was also found to be capable of healing Shinnosuke's fatal wounds.

Although it is normally dormant, a sign that the Orochi is awakened is when the numerous springs throughout Ryugenzawa begin to dry up, because the Orochi blocks the source of the water with its largest head. As a result, the animals revert to their normal sizes because the Water of Life has been withdrawn from them. The Orochi is a wine-lover and a pervert that loves to eat beautiful women, and will kill any male in its way. Despite its size, all the heads are very fast, including the largest head. The smaller heads can also breathe fire (portrayed more as energy blasts in the OVA) if sufficiently provoked. It is Ranma's most powerful non-human adversary, and was only defeated by Akane blowing the Horn Whistle, which made its heads drowsy and eliminated its will to fight. The Orochi then returned to the lake where it dived in and returned to sleep. The moss growing on it began to mix with the lake water again, restoring the Water of Life. The Orochi's voice effects were done by Toshihiko Nakajima.

Panda Scribble Edit

It is a badly drawn painting of a female panda that was released by Ranma and Genma during one of their arguments. She refused to go back in to the painting unless Ranma went on a date with her for one night. Though she had fun, Ranma suffered humiliation after humiliation. When the date was almost over she asked Ranma to give her a goodbye kiss (Of course he did not realize that she only wanted a kiss on the forehead). After saying goodbye, she went back into the painting, and the artist who drew her added a Ranma scribble to keep her company. In the anime, she is able to briefly assume a human form that in contrast to her panda form is quite beautiful. She was voiced by Mika Kanai (Japanese version) and Jocelyn Loewen (English Dub).

Pantyhose Taro's Mother Edit

Pantyhose Taro's mother was in labor near Jusenkyo when Happosai found her. After helping to deliver her baby, she allowed Happosai to name the baby after he baptized it according to her village law. After baptizing the infant in the spring of Drowned Bull-Crane-Yeti-Eel, he thought for three days and two nights for a perfect name, and finally he gave him the perfect name: "Pantyhose Taro". What ever happened to her after this is unknown. In the anime, she greatly resembles Akane, but with light blue hair color.

Picolet Chardin IIIEdit

Picolet is the current owner and master of the Chardin Family restaurant and martial arts dojo. He is an expert in what is called La Belle France School of Martial Arts. In this unique form of combat, the participants compete to see who can finish his meal first and in the most elegant manner, with the loser having to pay for all the expensive food served during the duel.

Picolet entered the scene during a visit to Furinkan High School were he declared that one of the three Tendo daughters would be his future wife and subsequently defeating Ranma — who interrupted his toast — in Martial Arts Dining. It was later explained that Soun Tendo was in debt to the Chardin Family and that he promised to give them one of his daughters in marriage as payment.

Ranma, still angry at being defeated earlier, volunteered to pose as Picolet’s future bride in order to learn Martial Arts Dining and beat him in a rematch. It turns out that the rules dictate that the mouth of the participants must not visibly move during a duel, otherwise, the contestant will be penalized for lack of elegance. As the members of the aristocratic Chardin Family have the ability to stretch their mouths and tongue in a superhuman way, this constitutes a seemingly insurmountable handicap.

Eventually, after enduring gruesome training under Madame St. Paul, Ranma managed to defeat Picolet and free the Tendo sisters from the engagement agreement. Unfortunately, Picolet returned to the dojo shortly thereafter to claim the money Ranma owed him for the food they ate during their first duel. It was never shown in either the anime or manga whether he actually managed to pay at that time, or promised to do so at some point in the future.

Picolet appeared a second time in the anime, where he was suspected of suffering of vampirism. During this incident, Ranma finally revealed his curse to the other boy, shocking him back into his proper state of mind. He was voiced by Keiichi Nanba (Japanese) and Kirby Morrow (English).

Satsuki Miyako-ōjiEdit

In the manga, she is the heir to the House of Miyako-ōji and fiancée of Sentarō Daimonji. Satsuki is a user of the martial arts style of tea ceremony and was declared Miss Tea Ceremony in 1993. She was engaged to Sentarō by her grandmother, but due to her extreme shyness was unable to meet him in person, so instead she sent her pet monkey Sanae to pretend to be her. After much conflict between Ranma, Sentarō and Sanae, she revealed herself and Sentarō became smitten with her, so they agreed to marry.

In the anime, she is still the heir to the House of Miyako-ōji which is a rival school to Sentarō Daimonji's school. When the two groups start feuding again, it is decided that Sentarō should challenge Satsuki to a martial arts tea match, but instead they fall in love at seeing each other and agree to marry.

Satsuki, in the anime, is shown to normally speak so softly that most can't hear her, Kasumi being one of the few that can. However, she can speak more audibly if necessary. Her voice actress are Momoko Ishii (Japanese) and Jocelyn Loewen (English).

Miyako-ōji (都大路) means "main thoroughfare of the metropolis", and Satsuki (茶月) means "tea moon".

Sentaro DaimonjiEdit

The heir to the House of Daimonji and fiancé of Satsuki Mikaoji, Sentaro is a user of the martial arts style of tea ceremony. As sole heir to the school, he is expected to marry, but wishes to choose his bride rather than have one selected for him. Ranma gets wrapped up in the situation when Sentaro kidnaps her, thinking to make her his bride since she appears strong. In the manga he hopes Ranma can defeat the monkey he thinks is his fiancee, while in the anime it is his grandmother he wish Ranma to defeat. After he learns Ranma is in fact a man, his interest switches to Akane. In the course of battle, Sentaro tries to kill both Ranma and Sanae until he finds that his real fiancee is Satsuki. Sentaro often rides a horse named Tsukikage when he is out in the town. He was voiced by Bin Shimada in the original version and by Brad Swaile in the Dub.

Sentaro's grandmotherEdit

The matriarch of the House of Daimonji, she is a very stern woman when it comes to manner and proper etiquette. She is mocking of Ranma, but in the end says that she likes her due to her spirit in the duel. She almost never leaves her formal sitting position, but despite this can move very quickly, even jumping and clinging to ceilings.

In the anime she makes another appearance when it appeared Ranma was to be a sacrifice for some sort of ritual, but it turned out she was just leaving the tea-serving position for the first time in years and needs someone to massage her legs after doing it. She is voiced in the Japanese version by Hisako Kyōda and in the English dub she is voiced by Pauline Newstone in the T.V series and by Patti Allen in the second OVA.

Shinnosuke's GrandfatherEdit

Shinnosuke's grandfather used to be a zookeeper near Ryugenzawa before all his animals escaped into the forest. When they drank the water of life, they became monstrously huge and he along with Shinnosuke kept the animals away from the village and the people away from the forest. But as he grew older, he lost a lot of strength and remains in his bed nearly every day. After Akane arrives and stays with them for a bit, he drops several hints in Akane and Shinnosuke's presence about their mutual feelings for each other, which they all respond to by jointly throwing him in the air. He knows a lot about the Yamata no Orochi and its relationship with the Water of Life, although it appears that he does not actually see it until it awakens shortly after Akane arrives. When the Water of Life springs begin to dry up, he attempts to take on the Orochi by himself while disguised as a woman, but fails. After Ranma and Ryoga appear, he supervises the combined effort against the Orochi.

In the OAV, the animals that escaped into Ryugenzawa used to be his pets. When Shinnosuke loses his memory his grandfather will use his "Megaton Punch" to remind him. His voice was suplied by Takeshi Aono in the original Japanese and by French Tickner in the English dub.


Shirokuro is Ryoga’s pet dog. She and her puppies are the only members of the family who actually live in the Hibiki home full time. A clever canine, Shirokuro is able to live all by herself for long periods of time while keeping the house clean and her puppies safe. She also holds the distinction of being the only member of the Hibiki family with any sense of direction at all. Additionally, she can recognize Ryoga as both a human and a pig.

She first appeared in the manga during a TV show as an attempt to contact her masters to show them her new puppies, hoping Ryoga or his parents would actually return home. Ryoga did see her on TV, and tried to use the situation as an opportunity to woo Akane. Later, she was seen during the time Ryoga tried to double date Akane and Akari, who were both at his house at the same time. In the anime, Shirokuro appears in only one episode as a fugitive ninja dog chased by Sasuke Sarugakure. While the original Japanese dialogue does not identify Shirokuro's gender, the dub clearly uses male indentifiers. Her voice effects were done by Shigeru Chiba (who also voices Sasuke) in both the English and Japanese dubs of the series.

Shirokuro got her name because of her peculiar color, as one side of her body is white (shiro) and the other is black (kuro). In the English translation, she is named Checkers, again a reference to her unique two-tone body.

Mrs. TendoEdit

The unnamed mother of Akane, Nabiki, and Kasumi, and wife of Soun Tendo, She died an unexplained death when Akane was very young. Mrs. Tendo remains a hard subject for the Tendo family, especially for Soun, who still mourns, remains loyal to, and regularly prays for her, though when given compassion by Hinako he was able to joke about it to relieve the tension. Out of the girls, Kasumi seems to have handled it best and was able talk to her grave in a relaxed manner and "tell her" that everyone was doing fine; Akane likewise seems to have handled it quite well, but is fiercely opposed to anyone taking her place, while Nabiki seems to have bottled it up as an unwanted sentimental "weakness" which once managed to overwhelm her, and may consider Nodoka as a surrogate.

One of the few things known about Mrs. Tendo is that she kept a detailed diary of meals she made and the recipes she used to make them, which Kasumi used to emulate her mother's cooking after her death. She was also shown to have been a kind and nurturing mother to the young Akane, and comforted her when she was sad over accidentally breaking a carnation intended as a Mother's Day present. Though her appearance was never shown or described in the Manga, there were a few anime flashbacks that were filler which showed she resembled Nodoka except with sky blue colored hair. Also, she looked similar to Kagome's Mother from InuYasha. She was voiced by Kayo Sanpei (Japanese) and Cathy Weseluck (English) in the series flashbacks.

Mr. TurtleEdit

Mr. Turtle (Midorigame in Japanese, Mr. Scaly Green or Mr. Green Turtle in the English dub) is Kodachi Kuno's giant pet crocodile. He wears an electrified pink collar around his neck that reads his name. This collar is made of 'memory metal' that cannot be removed without receiving a painful shock. Splashing it with hot water nullifies the electric field and allows it to be reshaped. It also contains a small hidden compartment. Kodachi once used the collar to stash the negatives for some photographs Hikaru Gosunkugi (in the anime, it was Sasuke Sarugakure) took that displayed her and Ranma having what appeared to be an intimate moment, forcing the latter into a fight with her pet.

Mr. Turtle is frequently used for comic relief. In the manga, when Kuno destroyed one of the large posters of Ranma that adorned the walls of her room, Kodachi paralysed, wrapped him up like sushi and fed him to Mr. Turtle. In the anime, the family's ninja servant Sasuke is usually used as his chew toy. More commonly, Ranma gets blasted into the air courtesy of Akane, subsequently landing in Mr. Turtle's pond, turning him into a girl and inadverdantly giving Kuno a chance to catch his "pigtailed girl," and on one occasion Kodachi had found a distrauted Mousse in his duck form and she adopted him as a playmate for Mr. Turtle who chewed the poor duck boy to shreds. Mr. Turtle did not appear in the OAV, but a large tiger shark acted as his replacement.

Ukyo's FatherEdit

He is a middle aged man with a scruffy beard and a giant spatula, and was the one who taught Okonomiyaki Martial Arts to Ukyo. Ten years before the start of the manga, he and Genma made a deal that in exchange for letting Ukyo become Ranma's fiancee and travel with them, he would give Genma his okonomiyaki cart. Genma agreed, but he and Ranma ran off with the cart the next day and left Ukyo behind without honoring the agreement. He was never seen again in either the manga or anime series. It is unknown what happened to him, as Ukyo never bothered to share the tale, although Ukyo apparently disagrees when her temporary teacher Higuma Torajiro assumes that her father forces her to support herself. Her father was voiced by Ryuuzou Ishino in the original version and by Colin Murdock in the dub.


A supposedly sickly boy who refuses to play outside unless he plays with a panda from his dreams. Naturally, Genma's panda form acts as a good substitute, who Yotaro calls Kumahachi. However, in the end it turns out he's not so sickly as he's able to chase Ranma and Genma all the way home to the Tendo dojo, which was around 20 kilometres away. Voiced by Naoko Matsui (Japanese) and Christopher Turner (English).

Yuka, Sayuri, Makoto, and ShikakoEdit

Yuka (with long light-brown hair), Sayuri (dark-brown hair in a ponytail), Makoto (with a dark-brown mullet), and Shikako (short light-brown with freckles) are Akane's friends. Their surnames are never revealed. They are in her class and are always seen in her company when they show up. They both are very supportive of Akane, trying to cheer her up every time Ranma is being chased by other girls. It should be noted that all four of these characters do not exist in the Manga. However, four nameless girls with similar facial looks who are Akane's friends do exist in this .

The girls are not as interested in gossiping as Hiroshi and Daisuke are, and they mostly just try to get Ranma and Akane together by dropping subtle hints in Ranma's direction. Also, their screentime pales in comparison to Hiroshi and Daisuke.

Yuka, Sayuri, Makoto, and Shikako are among the regular characters of Ranma ½ who have no extraordinary physical abilities; however, they do chase after Happosai along with the rest of the female students in Furinkan any time he tries to steal their underwear. In the anime, Yuka and Sayuri seem to know the theme song of the show.

Yuka was voiced by Masami Toshima in the Japanese version and by Angela Costain (Season 2) and Cathy Weseluck (Seasons 1-7) in English while Sayuri was voiced by Yoshiko Kamei in Japan and by Willow Johnson in English. Makoto is voiced by Kayo Sanpei in Japan and by Cathy Weseluck (Seasons 1-3) and by Elaina Wotten-Costain (Season 6) and Angela Costain (Season 7) in English. Shikako is voiced by Naoko Matsui in Japanese and by Janyse Jaud in English.

Manga-exclusive charactersEdit

Anime-exclusive charactersEdit

Video game charactersEdit

Arisa NanjoEdit

Aris Nanjo was the central character in the Ranma ½ digital comic game White Orchid Serenade. She was voiced by Chisa Yokoyama.

On a trip to China to specifically visit the Training Ground of Accursed Springs, she fell into the very same pool as Shampoo, which turns her into a cat.

After investigating numerous other victims of the curses, she decided on Ranma, and orchestrated a plot, which included the rumor of a way to reverse the curse. The rumor was true — but the process would turn the victim into a monster.

She wanted to gain Ranma as a boyfriend/husband, as she felt that no one would accept her cursed form. However, in the end, she found that a scientist that was always with her had already been in love with her, and, presumably, they lived happily every after.

Crimson Cat GangEdit

A group of demon cats who kidnapped Genma in the Ranma ½ RPG game Hidden Treasure of the Crimson Cats. The Japanese name for the Crimson Cat Gang is the "Akaneko-dan" which is a combination of one of Ranma's favorite and least favorite words.

Important membersEdit


Leader of the Crimson Cat Gang, he resembles Mao-mo-Lin, the ghost cat, except he is light purple instead of white and his bell is attached to a red collar. He was once the incredibly powerful Ghost Cat King, until centuries ago he was beaten by as warrior and had his powers sealed in a magic gem called the Star Crystal. He was then sealed in a gravestone in the God and demon graveyard. Centuries later, he was freed by a drunk Jusenkyo guide who tripped over it. He forms the Akaneko-dan and seeks the three treasures that will allow him to reclaim the Star Crystal and his powers (becoming darker purple, gaining a crown, gloves and the crystal replacing his bell). By the end of the game he accomplishes this, and is almost able to beat Ranma and Co, until, using a gift from the ancient warrior, they weaken him enough to beat him for good.


Kamusaru's right-hand man, a mysterious figure who helps the Akaneko-dan members and slows Ranma and Co down at times. Just before fighting him at the end, he was revealed to be Happosai, though his personality should have made it obvious earlier.


Leader and member of the "Four Gods of the Akaneko-dan," the strongest fighters within the group (it should be noted he was actually stronger than Kasumaru before he regained his full power). His appearance is a suave-looking man in blue Japanese armor. Unlike the other three, he is fought only once in the game, and actually has a sense of honor, protecting Akane from Bujin, though he has his own reasons for being with the Akaneko-dan.


The only female in the four gods, she dresses in a skin-tight white tiger outfit and fights with her claws and female charms. Chronologically the last of the four to appear.


One of the Four Gods, his appearance is a scrawny-looking young man, riding a large red mechanical phoenix named, Suzaku II (although it looks more like an emu or a giant chicken). He brainwashes the Kuno family into serving him and occasionally flies by to bomb Ranma and Co.


The first, weakest, and most encountered member of the Four Gods. His appearance is that of a rather fat, middle-aged man wearing a full body turtle suit. He uses the shell to hide various fire-arms and body slam his opponents.


A sumo wrestler and first member of the Akaneko-dan to appear. He kidnaps Genma for unknown reasons at first (thus starting the plot of the game), before being encountered later, trying to convince Akane to join too. After Ranma beats him, he apparently gets very depressed and stops working. A running gag is he ALWAYS mispronounces the gangs name.


Yasha's wife, who is stronger than him. She is seeking revenge for her husband (really, she is just tired of him doing nothing but moping and playing a Super Nintendo all day). She does this by kidnapping a village elder's daughter to ransom for a seal needed to get the first of the three treasures, them attacking Ranma and Co after giving it to Genbu. Her fighting style seems to be similar to Kagura from Inuyasha, but using cold wind.

Minor membersEdit

Akira and his brotherEdit

Akira and his unnamed brother are brothers to Yasha and thus brothers-in-law to Rasetsume (much to her chagrin). They attempt to drive people out of a small village so they can turn it into a giant cabaret. Not really fighters at all, they run to Rasetsume after Ranma threatens them.

Fujin and RaijinEdit

A pair of brothers who guard the entrance to the area where the Akaneko-dan's HQ is located. Like the spirits they are named after, Fujin can manipulate wind and Raijin can manipulate lightning. They are beaten by Ranma and Akane fairly easily.


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