This article is about original songs used in the Land Before Time series.

The Land Before TimeEdit

The only song in the film is written by James Horner, Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil.

If We Hold On TogetherEdit

Played during the end credits, this song is about teamwork and friendship, and how Littlefoot and his friends' ambitions could be achieved through it. The main theme of the film, it did not sell as well as another song written for a Don Bluth film, Somewhere Out There from An American Tail, but became a popular instrumental that was used in all of the sequels until The Land Before Time IX: Journey to Big Water, where it what Michael Tavera's fully original score would replace it in The Great Longneck Migration. The non-instrumental version is played in the key of C major and is performed by Diana Ross.

The Land Before Time II: The Great Valley AdventureEdit

All of the songs are written by The Roches, their first and only collaboration on the series. Two of their songs feature the group's unique harmonies.

Peaceful ValleyEdit

This song takes place at the very start of the second film and during the end credits. Littlefoot and his friends frolic about and play in their new surroundings. It is played in the key of B flat major and is performed by the cast except for Rob Paulsen (who plays Spike).


This song tells of Ozzy's craving for dinosaur eggs, while the hungry Strut tries to become vegetarian. It is played in the key of E minor and performed by Ozzy and Strut's voice actors, Jeff Bennett and Rob Paulsen.

You're One of Us NowEdit

This song is about Chomper's acceptance into Littlefoot's gang and their excitement of what they will teach him, which builds until Chomper instinctively bites Cera's tail. It is played in the key of C major and is performed by the cast except for Rob Paulsen. Spike's lips can be seen moving even before it is revealed he could speak, caused by an error in the animation team.

The Land Before Time III: The Time of the Great GivingEdit

All of the songs are written by Michele Brourman and Amanda McBroom, their first in a long-running collaboration to the series.

When You're BigEdit

The slightly older trio of bullies Littlefoot and his friends come across, Hyp, Mutt and Nod, claim in this song that bigger is better. It is played in the key of F minor and performed by their respective voice actors.

Standing ToughEdit

Topsy, in this song, shows his arrogant side as he verbally fights the Great Valley residents in order to have his water-rationing regime take place.

Kids Like UsEdit

Littlefoot states that Hyp, Mutt, and Nod have much in common with other children, acknowledges adolescent anxiety, and calls for a reminder that the offensive trio have someone to trust. It is played in the key of G major and performed by Littlefoot's voice actor, Scott McAfee. In an unusual move, Littlefoot's friends do not sing until the very end of the song.

The Land Before Time IV: Journey Through the MistsEdit

All of the songs are written by Leslie Bricusse and are his first and only collaboration to the series.

Grandma's LullabyEdit

In the case of Grandpa Longneck's fatal illness, Grandma Longneck tries to convey to Littlefoot the idea that death is a part of the life cycle and largely has to be accepted. It is played in the key of C major and in an ironic turn, is performed by her respective voice actor, the late Linda Gary. It is also the only time in which Grandma Longneck sings.

Who Needs You?Edit

Ichy and Dil bicker about how they dislike each other and how their characteristic flaws come to light. It is composed of rhyming couplets, wherein is repeated the idea that each creature needs the other only as much as they need something they would rather not have. In succession, they compare each other to a hole in the head; a bedbug; a stomachache; a kick in the anus; a cold (virus) in July; a punch in the eye; a disease; the Sun's need to freeze; etc. Most of these insults, to be used, require knowledge that would be for the characters an anachronism.

It Takes All SortsEdit

Ali acknowledges that all species have a place in the world, with which the world is better. The song is mainly about racial diversity and acceptance. It is played in the key of G major and performed by the cast except for Rob Paulsen.

The Land Before Time V: The Mysterious IslandEdit

All of the songs are written by Michele Brourman and Amanda McBroom and are their second and most popular collaboration to the series. This is also the only film in the series where Littlefoot's singing voice is done by another young actor, Thomas Dekker, in place of Brandon LaCroix.

Big WaterEdit

Littlefoot and the gang sing about their fears of what lurks in the sea, and how dangerous it is. A popular song with many fans, featured in The Land Before Time IX: Journey to Big Water and in certain episodes of the TV series, where its melody was re-used with different lyrics.

Always ThereEdit

The gang, after arriving back on the island, sing about their parents and how much they are missed. Fans were particularly touched by Littlefoot's lyrics, "You know I'll never leave you, you can find me everywhere/In the morning light, the evening star, I'm always there" referring to his dead mother. Petrie and Spike are the only cast members who do not speak during this song.

Friends for DinnerEdit

While Chomper gathers some food from the island, Littlefoot's friends sing to express their fear of being eaten, because Chomper is a "Sharptooth" (Tyrannosaurus). This song's title contains a double meaning, wherein Chomper invites his friends to dinner, while Littlefoot's friends jokingly speculate that his friends are for dinner. Out of all the songs written for the series, this one is the most violent. It features references to Chomper "biting off" Ducky's beak, spitting out Cera for being "too tough", and whether he'd be satisfied after devouring Spike. It also references different types of dishes, some of which would involve cooking (something the dinosaurs should no nothing about).

The Land Before Time VI: The Secret of Saurus RockEdit

All of the songs are written by Michele Brourman and Amanda McBroom, constituting their third collaboration to the series.

The Legend of the Lone DinosaurEdit

After Littlefoot is saved by Doc, he boasts about how Doc could be the "Lone Dinosaur", a folk hero. A song in the both The Land Before Time film and TV series. It is only sung in two instances, once in the sixth film, and once in the TV series episode, The Lone Dinosaur Returns. It is a popular song with fans, and is noted for having a very wild-west style of music.

Bad LuckEdit

The children think bad luck is happening to them because they broke Saurus Rock. They sing to explain what bad luck is, replying to Ducky's question of its definition.

On Your OwnEdit

Littlefoot sings to state being alone can be good and enjoyable, but is also lonely because of the absence of friends or caretakers. He sings this song when he is traveling to Saurus Rock to try and undo the curse under which the Valley is apparently placed.

The Land Before Time VII: The Stone of Cold FireEdit

All of the songs are written by Michele Brourman and Amanda McBroom, being their fourth collaboration to the series.

Beyond The Mysterious BeyondEdit

The Rainbow Faces discuss the unknown. This song was re-written with different lyrics as Above the Mysterious Above on one episode of the TV series. It is reprised at the end.

Good InsideEdit

Ducky thinks that Petrie's uncle Pterano might have goodness in him, despite appearances. Her friends expand upon this, referring to intermixture of good and evil in every life-form.

Very Important CreatureEdit

Pterano brags that he was born to lead, and that he will be respected once he becomes in charge of the Great Valley.

The Land Before Time VIII: The Big FreezeEdit

All of the songs are written by Michele Brourman and Amanda McBroom, and are their fifth collaboration to the series.

The Mad SongEdit

Ducky is mad at Spike; Cera teaches her how to be mad in song. Since being mad is a Threehorn's specialty, Cera teaches Ducky how to look mad, how to feel mad, how to act mad, and how to sound mad.


Spike leaves the great valley with the travelling Spiketails, whereupon Ducky questions her mother; "What is a family anyway?"

The LessonEdit

Mr. Thicknose tells that when he was young he would listen to the stories farwalkers (travelers) told and that he then retold the stories on purpose to aggrandize himself.

The Land Before Time IX: Journey to Big WaterEdit

All of the songs are written by Michele Brourman and Amanda McBroom, forming their sixth collaboration to the series. This is the first film in the series to contain more than three songs (a standard procedure for Universal Animation Studios direct-to-video sequels)

Chanson D'EnnuiEdit

  • The song's name is French, and it means "Song of Boredom".

Each protagonist, separated from its friends, remarks that it is bored by the conditions at hand.

Imaginary FriendsEdit

Littlefoot and his friends state that one can never be alone when accompanied by imaginary friend. Petrie later utilizes the idea; a manouvere unusual to the films, wherein the ideas of songs are seldom explicitly restated in the "prose" sections of the story.

Big Water (reprise)Edit

The protagonists sing this song to pass the time on their journey to return the aquatic creature Mo to his family. Here, the descriptions of Big Water (ocean) as "deep and dark and dangerous" and similar are not voiced except when Mo is underwater and therefore out of earshot, presumably to avoid offending him.

No One Has to Be AloneEdit

Remarks on the idea that loneliness is needless, especially in the presence of friends.

The Land Before Time X: The Great Longneck MigrationEdit

All of the songs are written by Michele Brourman and Amanda McBroom, their seventh collaboration to the series.


Before Littlefoot and his grandparents leave the Great Valley, Littlefoot and his friends discuss in song his trip. It has been reprised on several occasions in the TV series.

Me and My DadEdit

Littlefoot sings what a great time he is having with his dad.

Bestest FriendsEdit

Littlefoot's friends sing this one, where they tell him that no matter what they will still be best friends.To get this song go to where excately?

The Land Before Time XI: Invasion of the TinysaurusesEdit

All of the songs are written by Michele Brourman and Amanda McBroom, their eighth collaboration to the series.

Creepy CrawliesEdit

Everyone in the Great Valley is looking for tiny longnecks (Apatasaurus) referring them as Creepy Crawlies.

Girls and DadsEdit

Cera and Lizzie sing about the fact that their dads can be a pain sometimes, despite the fact that they know that they're only trying to protect their daughters.

If OnlyEdit

Littlefoot and Grandpa Longneck sing about how lying can be bad.

Stupid StompersEdit

The Land Before Time XII: The Great Day of the FlyersEdit

All of the songs are written by Michele Brourman and Amanda McBroom, their ninth collaboration to the series.

One of a KindEdit

The protagonists sing about being one of a kind.

Things ChangeEdit

Cera's friends try to tell her that changes can be good when she feels like she's been replaced by her new baby sister, Tricia.

Flip, Flap and FlyEdit

Petrie and his siblings sing about flying.

The Land Before Time XIII: The Wisdom of FriendsEdit

Say SoEdit

Petrie and the gang are singing about the wisdoms but Petrie calls them the Say-So's

Yellow Belly BounceEdit

The Yellow Belly's are showing the gang how dance and not worry

How Do You Know?Edit

The gang sing about who to listen too.

The Land Before Time (TV series)Edit

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