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   2 List of ethnic groups
   3 List of main panethnicities by population
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List of ethnic groups in table Rank↓ Ethnic Group↓ Population↓ Date↓ % of world population↓ Annual Growth Rate↓ Region(s) with largest populations↓ Regions with significant populations↓ Languages spoken↓ Most Common Religions and Philosophies↓ 1 Han Chinese 1,310,158,851 December 31, 2011 18.62% 0-1% Mainland China, SARs, Taiwan, Singapore Southeast Asia,especially Malaysia, United States, Canada, Peru, others Chinese languages, English[2] Confucianism, Chinese Communism, Chinese folk religion, Buddhism, Taoism, Christianity 2 American people 316,500,000[3][4] 2012 4.5% .91% (2011) United States, Mexico, Canada Phillipines, United Kingdom, Brazil, Liberia English, Spanish Christianity, Irreligion 3 Bengali people 230,000,000 2008 3.27% ~1% Bangladesh, India, Pakistan Burma, Pakistan, United Kingdom, United States, Persian Gulf countries Bengali, English,Hindi/Urdu Islam, Hinduism 4/5 German people 150,000,000[5] 2010 2.13% 0-1% Germany, United States Austria, Brazil, Canada, other German, English, Portuguese, Spanish Lutheranism, Roman Catholicism, Humanism 4/5 Russian people 150,000,000[6] (2010) 2.13% 0% Russia, Eastern Europe Central Asia, United States Russian, Ukrainian Russian Orthodoxy, 6 Italian people 145,000,000[7] 2011 2.06%% 0-1% Italy, Brazil, Argentina, United States, Canada, Australia, Uruguay,Venezuela France, Germany, Switzerland, United Kingdom Italian, English, Spanish, Portuguese, French Roman Catholicism, Protestantism, Humanism 7 Punjabi people 143,000,000 2.03% 1-2% Pakistan,India United Kingdom, United States, Canada Punjabi, Hindi/Urdu, English Sunni Islam, Sikhism, Hinduism 8 Mexican people 142,000,000 2.02% 1-2% Mexico United States Spanish, English Roman Catholicism 9 Yamato people 120,000,000 1.71% <0% Japan Brazil, United States Japanese Shintoism, Buddhism, Humanism 10 French people 110,000,000 1.56% 0-1% France, United States, Canada United Kingdom, Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, other parts of Europe French, English Roman Catholicism, Protestantism, Humanism 11/12 Spanish people[8] 100,000,000 1.42% 0-1% Spain, Latin America Equatorial Guinea, the Philippines, the U.S., continental Europe Spanish languages, Portuguese, English, French, German Roman Catholicism 11/12 Tamil people 100,000,000[9] 2005 1.11% 1-2% Tamil Nadu (India), Pondicherry (India), other parts of India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Singapore Arab states of the Persian Gulf, Myanmar, United States, Canada, Australia, Mauritius, Réunion (France), South Africa, United Kingdom, and other parts of Europe Tamil, English, Hindi, Sinhala, Arwi, Malay, French, Afrikaans Hinduism (Shaivism), Islam, Christianity, [[Atheism in India|Atheism] 13 Telugu people 92,000,000[10] 29 June 2011 1.31% 1-2% Andhra Pradesh (India), other parts of India United Kingdom, United States and Canada Telugu, English, Hindi, Urdu Hinduism, Sunni Islam, Roman Catholicism, Protestantism 14 English people 90,000,000 1.28% 0-1% United Kingdom, United States Canada, Australia and New Zealand, South Africa, Ireland English Anglicanism, Protestantism, Humanism, Catholicism 15 Javanese people 85,000,000 2009 (Indonesian census) 1.21% 1-2% Indonesia Malaysia, Netherlands, Suriname Javanese, Bahasa Indonesia Sunni Islam, Hinduism 16 Persian people 81,000,000[11][12] 2011 1.15% 1-2% Iran Afghanistan, Tajikistan Farsi Shia Islam, Sunni Islam, Zoroastrianism 17/18 Irish people 80,000,000[13] 1.14% 0-1% United States United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, Canada, other regions English Roman Catholicism, Protestantism 17/18 Korean people 80,000,000 (est.)[14] 1.14% 0-1% South Korea, North Korea People's Republic of China, United States, Japan Korean, English Confucianism, North Korean communism, Christianity 19 Pardo Brazilians 79,782,000 (est.)[15] 2010 1.13% 1-2% Brazil Paraguay Brazilian Portuguese Roman Catholicism, Protestantism, Kardecist Spiritism 20 Vietnamese people 77,000,000[16] (2008 est.) 1.09% 1-2% Vietnam Cambodia, United States, France Vietnamese, English, French Mahayana Buddhism, Communism, Christianity, Confucianism 21/22 Marathi people 70,000,000-80,000,000 (estimate) 1.07% 1-2% India United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Mauritius Marathi, Hindi, English Hinduism, Vaishnavism, Shaivism 22/22 Turkish people 70,000,000 1.07% 1-2% Turkey Germany, Iraq, Algeria, Syria Turkish Sunni Islam, Shia Alevi Islam, Kemalism 23 Gujarati people 65,000,000-75,000,000 0.99% 1-2% India United Kingdom, United States, Canada, South Africa Gujarati, Hindi Hinduism, Sunni Islam 24 Polish people 60,000,000[17] 0.85% ~0.1% Poland, United States Germany, Brazil Polish, English, German Roman Catholicism, Protestantism, Humanism 25 Malayali people 50,000,000 15 April 2012 0.71% 1-2% Kerala, other parts of India Arab states of the Persian Gulf, United States, United Kingdom, Canada Malayalam, English, Hindi Hinduism, Sunni Islam, Catholicism, Protestantism List of ethnic groups

   Han- 1.3 billion
   Americans - 316.5 million
   Bengali- 230 million
   Russian people- 150 million
   German- 150 million (81m with German citizenship)
   Italian people- 145 million (60m with Italian citizenship)
   Punjabi people- 143 million
   Yamato people- 120+ million
   French people- 110 million (65m with French citizenship)
   Spanish people- 100 million (47m with Spanish citizenship)
   English people- 90 million (52m with British citizenship)
   Javanese people- 85 million
   Persian people- 81 million
   Irish people- 80 million
   Korean people- 80 million
   Telugu people- 78 million
   Tamil people- 77 million
   Vietnamese people - 77 million
   Marathi people- 70-80 million
   Turkish people- 75 million
   Thai people- 70 million
   Gujarati people- 65-75 million
   Kannada people- 65-75 milion
   Pashtun people- 60 million
   Sindhi people- 56 million
   Poles- 50-60 million
   Malayali people- 50 million
   Ukrainian people- 40-60 million
   Scottish people- 40 million
   Portuguese people- 31.1 million
   Oriyas- 31 million
   Sundanese people - 30.9 million
   Kurdish people- 30-38million
   Oromo people- 30 million
   Bamar people(Burmese)- 30 million
   Berber people- 30 million
   Ethnic Malays- 27.8 million
   Romanians- 23-26 million
   Somalis- 20-22 million
   Amhara people- 19.8 million
   Dutch people- 16 million
   Kazakh people - 15 million
   Sinhalese people- 15 million
   Greeks- 14-17+ million
   Magyar- 14-15 million
   Swedes- 14 million
   Armenians- 11-14 million (including those in Diaspora)
   Seraikis- 13.9 million
   Jews- 13.4 million
   Norwegians- 12 million
   Czechs- 11-12 million
   Quechuas- 10-11 million
   Khmer people- 10,942,066
   Zulu people- 10.65 million
   Serbs- 10.5 million
   Kongo people- 10.2 million
   Belarusians- 10 million
   Lao people- 10 million
   Bulgarians- 9-10 million
   Welsh people- 10 million
   Bantenese- 6 million
   Croats- 8.5 million
   Mon people- 8.145 million
   Xhosa people- 7.9 million
   Albanians- 7 million
   Danes- 7 million
   Maya people- 7 million
   Madurese people- 6.8 million
   Finns- 6.5 million
   Slovaks- 6-6.5 million
   Batak- 6 million
   Bugis- 6 million
   Minangkabau people- 6 million
   Tibetan people- 5.5-6 million
   Betawi people- 5 million
   Tharu people- 4.1 million
   Hindkowans- 4 million
   Lithuanians - 4 million
   Bosniaks- 3.5 million
   Acehnese people- 3.5 million
   Banjar people- 3.5 million
   Bretons- 3.4 million
   Balinese people- 3 million
   Sasak- 3 million
   Kapampangan people- 2.89 million
   Nahua people- 2.5 million
   Slovenes- 2.5 million
   Macedonian people (Slavic)- 2-2.5 million
   Romani people- 2-12 million
   Kamboj- 1.877 million
   Latvians - 1.8 million
   Polynesians- 1.4-2.1 million
   Estonians - 1.1 million
   Zapotec people- 800,000-1.1 million
   Montenegrins- 500,000-700,000
   Fijians- 750,000
   Saurashtra people- 510,000
   Mazahua people- 350,000
   Navajo people- 300,000
   Otomi people- 300,000
   Miskito people- 150,000-200,000
   Inuit people- 150,000
   Lun Bawang/Lun Dayeh- 75 000
   Apache people- 56,000
   Nauruan people- ~6,000

List of main panethnicities by population

The following is a list of the main panethnicities by population: Rank↓ Panethnicity↓ Population↓ Date↓ % of world population↓ Annual Growth Rate↓ Region(s) with largest populations↓ Regions with significant populations↓ Languages spoken↓ Most common Religions and Philosophies↓ Constituent Groups↓ Basis for Grouping↓ 1 Latin Americans 572,039,894 8.13% 1-2% Latin America United States, Spain Spanish, Portuguese Roman Catholicism, Protestantism Culture, Religion, Language Geography 2 Hispanic Americans 375,607,614 5.34% 1-2% Latin America United States, Spain Spanish, Portuguese Roman Catholicism, Protestantism Language, Culture, Geography, Religion 2 Austronesian peoples 327,000,000 4.65% 1-2% Maritime Southeast Asia United States, Netherlands Austronesian languages including Indonesian, Malaysian, Tagalog; others Islam, Roman Catholicism Geography, Language 3 Slavs 315,000,000 4.48% 0-1% Eastern Europe Central Asia, United States, others Slavic languages: Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Bulgarian; English, French Russian Orthodox Christianity, Eastern Orthodox Christianity, others Culture, Language, Religion, Geography 4 Arabs 300,000,000 4.26% 1-2% North Africa, Mashriq, Arabian Peninsula France, United States, United Kingdom Arabic, English, French Sunni Islam, Coptic Christianity, Shia Islam, other Language, Religion, Culture See also

   List of ethnic groups
   List of language families
   Human migration


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