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The following is a list of minor characters that first appeared in the BBC soap opera EastEnders in 1988, by order of first appearance.

Elizabeth BealeEdit

List of minor EastEnders characters (1988)
File:Elizabeth beale.jpg
EastEnders character
Duration 1988
First appearance 9 February 1988

Elizabeth Beale was born in New Zealand to Kenny and Barbara Beale, and came to Walford with Kenny when they visited her sick grandmother Lou.

Elizabeth began an unlikely and brief liaison with her cousin Ian. She stayed with her uncle Pete and his wife Kathy when her father returned to New Zealand. She soon angered Ian by flirting with other men, and Pete subsequently threw her out of his house when she tried to bring a boyfriend home to stay. She has never been seen since, and it is assumed she returned to New Zealand.


Harry JamesonEdit

List of minor EastEnders characters (1988)
EastEnders character
Duration 1988
First appearance 10 March 1988
Last appearance 26 May 1988

Harry Jameson was an old business associate of Chris Smith, who provided Chris with money for his new haulage firm.[1]

Little Ali OsmanEdit

List of minor EastEnders characters (1988)
File:Little Ali Osman.jpg
EastEnders character
Duration 1988–1989
First appearance 24 March 1988
Home Cyprus

Little Ali Osman was the second son born to café owners Sue and Ali Osman. He was born in March 1988 and was delivered in his parent's flat, 47B Albert Square, by the unlikely midwives, Lofty Holloway and Pauline Fowler.

Following his parents split, his mother took him away from Walford in April 1989. The next month his father snatched him back from his mother, which culminated in Sue having a mental breakdown and being sectioned. Little Ali then lived with his father, who struggled as a single parent and eventually left Walford with Little Ali in October 1989 when he lost his home and business. He now lives in Northern Cyprus with his father.


Brian WicksEdit

List of minor EastEnders characters (1988)
EastEnders character
Duration 1988, 1989
First appearance 28 April 1988
Last appearance 11 May 1989
Occupation Painter and decorator

Brian Wicks was the second husband of Pat Harris. He only appeared twice on-screen, but the character's history was heavily intertwined with several other key characters within the series, and he was mentioned regularly for the first three to four years. The character was involved in one of EastEnders most complicated storylines, the paternity of Simon Wicks.

Brian began an affair with Pat in the 1960s, while she was still married to her first husband, Pete Beale. During this time Pat fell pregnant with her second son Simon, and claimed that Pete was the father. When Pat and Pete eventually divorced, Pat latched on to Brian. They married in 1966 and Brian adopted Simon, and Pat's older child David. Both boys took on Brian's surname. Brian used to beat Pat and her children, so she eventually left him in 1986, to return to Walford. Pat caused havoc by reavealing to Simon that Pete was not his father. Several other men were put in the frame, including Brian, Den Watts, Frank Butcher and Pete's brother Kenny. Furious rows erupted between all concerned, but Pat ominously refused to divulge the father's true identity.

Brian first appeared in April 1988. He had been informed that Pat had settled down with Frank Butcher, and was running the The Queen Vic pub. Brian was interested in Pat's monetary affairs and their brief reunion was not pleasant. After calling Pat a slag and almost getting into a fight with Frank, Brian left. It wasn't until Lou Beale died in July 1988 that Pat finally revealed that Simon's father was Brian. Simon and Brian never appeared on-screen together, although later plots implied that they did correspond with each other, despite Simon claiming regularly that he hated him.

Aside from this plot, Brian continued to remain a menacing off-screen presence, continuously pestering Pat for money. Brian wasn't seen again until May 1989. Pat had decided that she wanted to marry Frank, and in order to do this she needed to divorce Brian. She met Brian and asked for the divorce, but he made it clear that he would only divorce her if she gave him either £1000 or one of Frank's cars as pay-off. Pat had no choice but to get Brian the car. She deceived Frank by claiming that her aunt Mabel's car had been written off and asked if he could provide one for her. Frank agreed to get her the car free of charge. He managed to get hold of a mini, and Pat telephoned Brian to tell him of her success. Although he was slightly annoyed that the car he was getting was only a mini, he nevertheless agreed to give Pat a divorce.



Bob Ashley Edit

List of minor EastEnders characters (1988)
EastEnders character
Duration 1988-1989
First appearance 24 November 1988
Last appearance 2 March 1989
Occupation Detective Inspector

Detective Inspector Bob Ashley[2] was based at Walford Police Station, who was determined to shut down The Firm. He arrested Den Watts for arson on The Dagmar, and was transporting him to court when he was kidnapped by The Firm.[3]

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References Edit

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