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The following is a list of minor characters that first appeared in the BBC soap opera EastEnders in 1998, by order of first appearance.

Gina WilliamsEdit

List of minor EastEnders characters (1998)
EastEnders character
Duration 1998, 1999, 2007-
First appearance 10 November 1998
Home Devon

Gina Williams is the sister of Cindy Beale, who first appeared for Cindy's funeral in 1998. She refused to let Cindy's ex-husband Ian have custody of Cindy's newborn daughter, Cindy Jr., whose father was Nick Holland. Gina and Ian later reminisced about Cindy and kissed. She then revealed that she couldn't have children, and Ian decided to let her care for Cindy Jr. Ian later visited Gina to see the eclipse in 1999, and she nearly kissed him again, but was interrupted by Melanie Healy, who later proposed to Ian.

Gina was seen again in September 2007. Ian went to visit her as he suspected that she had been harassing him—pretending to be his deceased wife Cindy and sending malicious emails and packages. He entered her house without permission and was shocked to see that Gina had made a shrine to Cindy on her living room wall. When Gina appeared, she was initially hostile to Ian—she greeted him with a shotgun—but she then assured him that both she and her dead sister had now put the past behind them. Ian was disturbed when Gina confessed that she regularly conversed with her dead sister and that Cindy had even informed her to expect Ian's visit. When Ian accused Gina of stalking him, she denied being responsible. Ian was not convinced, and told Gina that she needed to seek professional help.

Ian was later kidnapped by the real stalker, Cindy's son Steven Beale. Ian's wife Jane became frantic, and when Gina arrived in Walford to give Ian a photo of Cindy jr, Jane accused Gina of terrorising Ian and they nearly came to blows.


Liam ButcherEdit

List of minor EastEnders characters (1998)
EastEnders character
Duration 1998–1999, 2000, 2002–2004, 2008-
First appearance 25 December 1998

Liam Butcher was originally played by twins Jack and Tom Godolphin in 1998-1999, then by twins Gavin and Mitchell Vaughan in 2002, and finally by Nathaniel Gleed from 2002 to 2004.

It was announced on 29th October that Liam will be returning to EastEnders alongside his mother Bianca in March 2008.

Liam was born on Christmas Day 1998 to Ricky and Bianca Butcher. They split up before he was a year old and Bianca moved away to Manchester and took Liam with her. Liam occasionally visited Walford during 2000 to stay with his father. However, Bianca later agreed for Liam to live with Ricky when Ricky met up with her in 2002. Liam and Ricky moved back to Walford soon after but left again in 2004.


See also the Beale/Fowler family, the Branning/Jackson family.

Liam has more relatives than any other character in the show.

Saskia DuncanEdit

List of minor EastEnders characters (1998)
EastEnders character
Duration 1998–1999
First appearance 31 December 1998
Last appearance 15 February 1999

Saskia Duncan arrived in Walford as the obsessive ex-girlfriend of new e20 club owner Steve Owen in December 1998. It was clear that Steve was not happy to see her but Saskia continued to stalk him even though he constantly told her he didn't want her any more. When Steve started a relationship with Melanie Healy, Saskia tried to break them up by trying to seduce him. She succeeded when she and Steve ended up sleeping together one drunken night, but Steve made it clear it was a mistake. Even so, Saskia wouldn't listen.

She went too far one night on 14 February 1999, the launch night of e20, when she broke into Steve's club office. It was then revealed that she was pregnant with Steve's baby but had had it aborted when he didn't want it, so she blamed him for killing the baby. Steve told her to get out but she attacked him and tried to strangle him with his tie. Matthew Rose, who worked in the club as a DJ, came in and tried to get her off him but she pushed him away. Steve reached for the nearest object, an ashtray, and gave her a brutal blow to the head, killing her instantly. Steve and Matthew then buried her body in Epping Forest.

Saskia's disappearance was investigated by police, and her sister Claudia Fielding arrived and was suspicious that Steve had something to do with her disappearance. Matthew panicked that Claudia would find out about Saskia's death but Steve tried to keep him under control. The body was later discovered and both Steve and Matthew were arrested. In a cruel twist of fate, Matthew ended up being found guilty of her manslaughter when Steve pointed the finger of blame on him.

Matthew was eventually released after his conviction was quashed in December 1999 and got revenge on Steve by tying him to a chair and threatening to burn him alive, but later revealed it was all fake just to turn Steve into an emotional wreck, and left Albert Square.



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