Below is a list of the minor anime and manga characters from the series InuYasha. Like many other works by the creator Rumiko Takahashi, InuYasha has a very large cast of characters. The list is in alphabetical order.


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  • Amari Nobunaga

A young warrior wandering the land, was sent to rescue Princess Tsuyu, the beautiful daughter of Takeda Shingen when Shingen discovers that her husband has been acting strangely. Goodhearted but clumsy, he helps InuYasha and Kagome defeat a frog demon who possessed Tsuyu's husband in order to steal and eat the souls of young women. Despite being in love with Tsuyu since childhood, he nobly helps rescue her husband, his rival in love. In the English dub, when Kagome asks for his autograph, she is shocked to discover the young man is named Amari Nobunaga and, not Oda Nobunaga, the more famous historical figure (of whom Amari has a low opinion).

English Voice Actor: Brad Swaile Japanese Seiyuu: Akira Ishida


  • Buyo

Kagome Higurashi's overweight cat in modern-day Japan. Buyo is the reason Kagome first finds the well, since she was looking for the cat for her brother Sota. Buyo mostly provides comic relief to the series (for example, when Kagome and Sota reject their grandfather's supposedly rare and valuable relics and give them to Buyo as cat toys). InuYasha likes to play with her. Buyo appears in episodes 1, 4, 38, 48, 62, 69, 82, 89, 90, 127 and 160.

English Voice Actor: Richard Ian Cox


  • Chokyuukai

A pig-demon hailing from China who travels by means of a tornado. He is the descendant of Cho Hakkai, and is accompanied by a monkey-demon named Son Goku and a kappa named Sa Gojyo, descendants of Son Goku and Sha Gojyo respectively (possibly a salute to or parody of Journey to the West). Chokyuukai travels Japan, abducting beautiful young women and forcing them to marry him by means of a mind-controlling tiara. As a Chinese demon, he is resistant to Japanese demon-slaying techniques and is eventually defeated by tying a Chinese sutra to one of Kagome's arrows and shooting him in the rump. Chokyuukai's tiaras are keyed to him alone, and the wearer always falls in love with Chokyuukai, regardless of who actually puts it on her (or him, as one of the tiaras ended up temporarily on Miroku and InuYasha).

  • Carrion Crow Demon

This demon lives on human prey and can manipulate a corpse by inhabiting the body. The Carrion Crow steals the whole sacred jewel and swallows it, becoming a monstrous foe with great power. However, it is killed by Kagome's arrow. Unfortunately, that arrow also shatters the jewel into hundreds of shards.


  • Daija

A water sprite who sealed up the water goddess Suijin, he then stole Trident of Amakoi from her. He demands sacrifices from the villagers or he will bring a great flood to destroy the village. When a white arrow landed on a house, the son of the household was to be the next sacrifice. Inuyasha and company help the village after Taroumaru hires them to save his friend Suikichi who has been sent in his place as the next sacrifice.

Japanese Seiyū: Ryunosuke Obayashi English Voice Actor: Colin Murdock


  • Enju

Enju, much like the priestess Kikyo, was also resurrected by Urasue after she had died from an unknown cause. In life, Enju was a simple potter, but after her resurrection, she was forced to make thousands of clay soldiers for Kawaramaru, another person who died and was resurrected by Urasue. She runs away from him since she is tired of making the clay men and meets Kikyo. Enju wishes for death but eventually decides to enjoy her second chance at life while Kikyo provides her with souls. She goes back to do what she loves and finally realizes the good in her second chance at a life. Enju only appears in the anime.

Japanese Seiyū: Fumiko Orikasa English Voice Actor: Rebecca Shoicet


  • Gennosuke

A young boy who lives in the hermit Yoreitaisei's village. When Yoreitaisei's powers are stolen, Gennosuke remains one of the only people not affected when reality becomes warped throughout the village.


  • Hiyashimaru

This ingenious little monkey is Nobunaga's devoted pet and traveling companion. He helps Nobunaga by stealing food. Nobunaga meets Kagome when Hiyashimaru steals her clothes (instead of food) while she is bathing in a pond.


  • Jinenji's Mother and Father

When Jinenji's mother was young, she met a horse yōkai after she had fallen and twisted her ankle. She fell in love with him and had his hanyō son named Jinenji. Now very old, Jinenji's mother is left to raise Jinenji alone for reasons unknown. His father left a field of medicinal plants to Jinenji and his mother.


  • Kai and Shinta

Kai and Shinta are part of the northern Wolf Demon Tribe and witness their slaughter by a vicious badger demon under the command of Byakuya. Shinta, Kai's younger brother, is kidnapped by Byakuya who tells Kai to murder Koga and bring back his shards in exchange for Shinta's life.

  • Karan

Karan is one of four panther demon siblings trying to resurrect their dead leader. She is the youngest sister and has the ability to manipulate flame attacks. She was killed by her own master, who was seeking souls to resurrect himself with, but was brought back to life by Sesshomaru with Tenseiga. Karan means summer. She and her siblings only appear in the anime.

Japanese Seiyū: Yoko Teppozuka English Voice Actor: Maggie Blue O'Hara

  • Koharu

A young girl who lost her family to war and works every hard for Aburachouja-sama, who had found her. She meets Miroku, who had been called to the village for an exorcism, and falls in love with him after he asks if she would bear his child. He leaves the village shortly after with a promise to come back for her. Three years later, when she is fourteen, she meets him again after running away when Aburachouja-sama's son tried to force himself on her the night before. She begs Miroku to take her with him, but it is not possible. Koharu even offered to bear his child now that she was old enough, while Sango and Kagome look on in astonishment. (note: this seems to only appear in the Japanese dub and has been cut out from others, but oddly enough appeared in the English YTV version) Miroku convinces the village leader to take care of her. When her soul is stolen by Kanna, Koharu is used to hold Kagome while Kanna tries to steal Kagome's soul as well. When Miroku comes to rescue Kagome, Sango, and Koharu, Koharu tries to kill herself out of shame for doing terrible things to his friends. She holds up a sickle to her neck and when Miroku rushes to stop her, she attacks him. Miroku knocks her out and once she awakens she finds Miroku and the others gone.

Japanese Seiyū: Rie Iwatsubo English Voice Actor: Brittney Irvin

  • Kokichi

A small boy who was kidnapped by a crow demon after it had stolen the Jewel of Four Souls. Kagome shoots the demon with an arrow causing the Jewel to shatter into tiny pieces.

Japanese Seiyū: Nami Okamoto English Voice Actor: Cathy Weseluck

  • Takeda Kuranosuke

The young lord of a castle. When he was young, his father hired Sango and the rest of the demon-slayers to get rid of a demon in the village. He fell in love with Sango and waited six years before finding her again. He wanted her to first kill a bear demon haunting the castle, and then become his wife. Sango tells him she cannot except his proposel because of her vendetta against Naraku. He bears a slight resemblance to Hojo: he won't accept rejection (even when it's obvious) and vows to wait until Sango returns. His nickname is "Lord Runny-Nose" because he had a bad cold the first time he and Sango met. He is the main character in Episode 78 in the anime: "Only You Sango". He is also an object of tension in between Sango and Miroku's relationship.


  • Mayu Ikeda

A young girl who died in a fire when the apartment where she lived burned down. Her brother Satoru had a fever and Mayu was furious with her mother for missing parent participation day at school in order to tend to Satoru. She stormed out of the apartment, but returns secretly while her mother goes to the store. When her mother returns to find the apartment on fire, she races inside to save Satoru, not knowing Mayu was hiding in the closet. Unaware that her mother did not know she was in the apartment, Mayu's ghost believes that her mother intentionally left her to die in their apartment. As a result, she detests Satoru, who has been in a coma for six months due to the fire, thinking her mother only cared about saving him and not her from the fire that killed her. Tatarimokke (the Soul Piper) follows Mayu around until it finally fully opens its eyes. Because Mayu's soul was not at peace, Tatarimokke attempts to drag her to Hell. Kagome was able to stop Mayu from falling into Hell and tells Mayu the truth about her mother, and Mayu's soul is finally at peace. Satoru then awakens, and tells his mother that Mayu is hiding in the closet. His mother then goes to the burnt apartment, and speaks to Mayu's ghost, who tells her mother that she is sorry, and then vanishes. She later visits Kagome, saying that she thought that she should say good bye before she left. Seen in: Episode 12, (The Soul Piper and the Mischievous Little Soul) Japanese Seiyū: Ayaka Saito English Voice Actor: Chantal Strand

  • Momiji and Botan

Momiji and Botan are priestesses-in-training. Tsubaki tricked them into stalling InuYasha and gang while she prepared to fight them. They can both create giant paper dolls and only appear in the anime. They are both victims to Miroku's groping, leading them to believe he's possessed by a demon, with Miroku retorting it's just his hand that's possessed.

Japanese Seiyū: Shiho Kikuchi, Chinami Nishimura English Voice Actor: Alexandra Carter, Nicole Bouma, respectively

  • Mujina

At first glance, Mujina appears to be a beautiful, self-sufficient young woman with a tragic past. She tells Shippo that her father was slain by a powerful demon and she hopes to use her sword Datsuki to gain enough power to avenge him. Mujina's sword can absorb demonic energy to increase its own power. In a fight with Shippo she witnesses the extraordinary power of the Tessaiga and becomes determined to have its power as her own. Because Shippo is angry with InuYasha and cannot resist helping a beautiful girl, he agrees to help her steal some of Tessaiga's power for herself. Mujina turns against Shippo after having stolen the power of the Wind Scar. She holds the fox demon hostage as she prepares to dispatch InuYasha once and for all. Unfortunately for Mujina she does not know how to properly utilize the abilities she has stolen from Tessaiga, and with one punch to the face InuYasha reveals that Mujina is not a sexy young girl, but a fat, old male tanuki. Shippo is obviously upset.


  • Nazuna

Nazuna's parents where killed by the spider-head demons and because of this she has a strong hatred for all demons. Nazuna was being raised by a priest when InuYasha saves her after being chased off a cliff by the spider-head demons. At first she is thankful until she sees InuYasha is half demon. Eventually Nazuna finds out that the priest who raised her is the leader of the spider-heads and he was responsible for her parents' death. InuYasha kills the spider-head leader and after seeing him help her, Nazuna realizes not all demons are bad.

Japanese Seiyū: Fumiko Orikasa English Voice Actor: Tabitha St. Germain


  • Sara

Sara was the daughter of a lord. She became a nun, and the day she was about to die, demons offered her life in exchange for a body to harbor them, in order for her to tell Sesshomaru her feelings. She had fallen in love with Sesshomaru, when he had saved her father's castle from an attacking army. Though she was rejected, she still loves him. When the demon inside her, took over her body, and was defeated, she turned into ashes. Japanese Seiyu: Fumiko Orikasa Voice actor: Tabitha St. Germain

  • Satoru

Satoru is Mayu's younger brother who has been in a coma for 6 months after a fire destroyed the apartment he was living in. When Satoru becomes very sick one day, his mother stays home to care for him. Mayu becomes jealous of Satoru and storms out the house but returns after her mother goes to the store. She hangs her scarf over a steaming kettle despite Satoru's warning. To make her mom worry, she hides in the closet while the scarf sets the apartment aflame. When their mother returns to find her apartment on fire, she does not know Mayu is hiding in the closet and only saves Satoru causing Mayu's ghost to believe that her mother intentionally left her to die in their apartment. Kagome helps put Mayu's soul to rest and shortly after Satoru comes out of his coma saying "Mayu's in the closet...".

  • Satsuki

Satsuki is Shippo's first love. She lives alone waiting for her older brother to return home, but she does not yet know he died in war. Satsuki has a flower-shaped stone she believes is a jewel shard. When her brother does return, she delightedly leaves her surrogate family, the family of the village chieftain, to live with him. With help from Shippo, they discover Satsuki's brother is actually a lizard demon in disguise, hoping to steal her stone flower because it believed that it was actually a Shikon Jewel fragment. When the lizard demon is defeated, Satsuki returns to her surrogate family while remaining hopeful her brother will return.

  • Sayo

Sayo is a young girl from a village that Kikyo is in shortly after she has been revived. Sayo wants her to stay in her village forever, however, one night she sees Kikyo and decides to follow her. Kikyo kills Seikai, a monk, as Sayo looks on with fear and horror from her hiding place in the brush. When Kikyo comes close to her, Sayo is afraid and Kikyo decides to leave her and her village forever.

  • Seikai

A monk who runs into Kikyo shortly after she has been revived, he is certain there is something wrong with her. Later, he and his apprentice watch Kikyo receiving souls from her shinidamachū. That is when Seikai realizes she is a just dead human and he tries to send her back to the world of the dead and save her soul, but Kikyo ends up killing him.

  • Serina and Suzuna

Serina and Suzana are a pair of sisters from a village of ninjas. After their village is destroyed by demons, they seek out Sango so they can become her apprentices. Reluctant to take them on, Sango offers to teach them simple demon slaying techniques instead. Frustrated with Sango, the girls reveal their true intention for coming to the village of the demon slayers: to steal their weaponry and avenge their fallen ninja clan and their father's dying wishes. Unfortunately, Sango is forced to save them when they are overcome by the unexorcised weapons they have stolen. The demon slayer brings the two girls to their senses and tells them their father would have wished them to live happier lives. Serina and Suzuna only appear in the anime.

  • Shima

The beautiful daughter of a man who Miroku helped cure from a sickness with over-priced herbal medicine. Miroku promised to marry her when she was older, and when he returns to her village two years later, she still remembers this promise well. Her parents want him to marry her immediately so she does not have to marry a catfish demon who Shima's father mistakenly allowed Shima to be betrothed to when he prayed to when retrieving the water needed to boil her medicine. Shima ends up driving a wedge between Miroku and Sango when she tries to lie to the demon that her virginity has been lost to Miroku. In the end, after the demon is defeated, she realizes that Miroku loves Sango and reveals the truth so that they two will reconcile.

  • Shinosuke

Shinosuke is Wakana's husband. He returned to his village from battle and left again to search for Wakana. He meets Inuyasha's group on the way to the village of demon women.

  • Shiori
Further information: Shiori (InuYasha)
  • Shiori's Mother

She is the human mother of Shiori, a hanyo. She fell in love with a bat demon named Tsukuyōmaru who died after Shiori's birth. Because of her love for a demon she has been persecuted in her village. They are also blamed when the bat demon's attack and kill the village people.

Japanese Seiyū: Yuriko Yamaguchi

  • Shunran

Shunran is one of four panther demon siblings trying to resurrect the panther demon leader. She has the ability to make illusions using magic. She was killed by her own master, who was seeking souls to resurrect himself with, but was brought back to life by Sesshomaru with Tenseiga. Shunran means spring. She and her siblings only appear in the anime.

Japanese Seiyū: Yuki Masuda English Voice Actor: Jocelyne Loewen

  • Shuran

Shuran (which means autumn) is the youngest of four panther demon siblings trying to resurrect the panther demon leader. Shuran has great strength and the ability to manipulate lightning. He was killed by his own master, who was seeking souls to resurrect himself with, but was brought back to life by Sesshomaru with Tenseiga. He and his siblings only appear in the anime.

Japanese Seiyū: Masaya Takatsuka English Voice Actor: Scott Logie

  • Souten

Souten in the younger sister of Hiten and Maten. She mistakenly believes that Shippo killed her brothers and decides to seek revenge on him. Souten only appears in the anime series.

Japanese Seiyū: Yuko Mizutani English Voice Actor: Rebecca Shoicet

  • Suijin

Suijin is the peaceful water goddess at a local temple. She was attacked by Daija, a simple water sprite who had served the water goddess, and was shrunk down and sealed inside a tiny rock cave. Unlike Suijin, Daija demanded sacrifices from the village and if they refused he sent massive waves to destroy the village. While InuYasha and Kagome do battle with him, Miroku and Sango discover where she is and free her, although before they do Miroku ponders how he can do anything with her in such a small state. She soon regains her power (and returns to her normal size) after the Trident of Amakoi is returned to her.

Japanese Seiyū: Masako Katsuki English Voice Actor: Sylvia Zaradic


  • Taigokumaru

The leader of the bat demon tribe, father of Tsukuyōmaru, and grandfather of Shiori. Ruthless and bloodthirsty, he and the other bat demons constantly attacked a nearby human village. His son Tsukuyōmaru was his opposite and never attacked the village. Because Tsukuyōmaru refused to bear the bat clan barrier any longer if the attacks on the village did not stop, he was killed by his father Taigokumaru, and later demanded custody of his half demon shield Shiori. He was killed by InuYasha, and his blood was absorbed into his clan's barrier-creating orb which allowed InuYasha's Tessaiga to gain the ability to penetrate lesser barriers.

Japanese Seiyū: unknown English Voice Actor: Scott McNeil

  • Taromaru and Suikichi

Two boys are from a village that has been taken over by an evil (and fake) water god. The water god demanded that whenever a white arrow landed on the roof of a house, the son of the household was to be the next sacrifice. When the arrow lands on Taromaru's house, his father (being the village leader) has another boy secretly take Taromaru's place as the sacrifice. This boy was Suikichi, Taroumaru's best friend. Taroumaru, however, hires InuYasha and gang to help save him.

  • Toshu

Toshu is a swordsmith that forged the sword Dakki (Datsuki), a blade that could absorb yōki, by tricking a ryujin ("Dragon-Man") into giving him one of his scales. Toshu befriends InuYasha and his group, tricking them into killing the ryujin so he could achieve his goal of empowering the sword and keeping it for himself. Toshu proceeds to "test" his blade on InuYasha's Tessaiga, nearly shattering it and absorbing much of its yōki. During the course of the battle, the Datsuki overcomes Toshu, weakening him and transforming him into something resembling a ryujin. Datsuki eventually breaks, causing Toshu to turn to dust and the yōki within the sword to be absorbed by Tessaiga.

  • Toran

Toran is the oldest in a group of four panther demon siblings trying to resurrect their dead leader. The unofficial leader of the group who uses ice attacks, she also appears to have a grudge against Sesshomaru and usually challenges him to fight. Toran means winter. She and her siblings only appear in the anime.

Japanese Seiyū: Yumi Touma English Voice Actor: Alison Matthews

  • Tsukuyōmaru

Tsukuyōmaru is a member of the bat demon tribe of which his father Taigokumaru was the leader. The other bat demons were ruthless and attacked and killed the people in a nearby human village, but Tsukuyōmaru did not. Instead, Tsukuyōmaru fell in love with a human woman from the village named Shizu and together they gave birth to Shiori, a hanyou child. Once his daughter was born, he convinced the other demons to leave the villagers alone, which they did. Tsukuyōmaru refused his position as the protector of the barrier if that could not be done. Taigokumaru, his own father, killed him for this, something both Shiori and her mother did not know until Taigokumaru eventually reveals it.

Japanese Seiyū: Takuma Suzuki English Voice Actor: unknown

  • Tsuyu

Princess Tsuyu is a childhood friend of Nobunaga, who secretly has a crush on her. She is married to a lord who becomes possessed by Tsukomo, a giant frog demon who has been kidnapping women from a village near the castle and eating their souls. Nobunaga wants to rescue her from that fate.


  • Wakana

Wakana, like the other women in her village, ingested a salamander's egg which forces her to kill any men that come into the area. Her husband, Shinosuke, almost suffers this same fate.

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