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The following is a list of news personalities working or no longer working for KUTV Channel 2, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Current personalitiesEdit

  • Mark Koelbel (anchor - weeknights at 5, 6, & 10 pm)
  • Shauna Lake (anchor - weeknights at 5 pm, 9 pm on KJZZ, & 10 pm)
  • Bill Gephardt (consumer reporter - weeknights at 10 pm) (retired 11/2010 - succeeded by son Matt Gephardt)
  • Cristina Flores (Reporter )
  • Fields Moseley (anchor - My Utah News at 7 on channel 12)
  • Ron Bird (anchor - mornings 5-7:15 am, noon)
  • Mary Nickles (anchor - mornings 5-7:15 am, noon)
  • Casey Scott (feature reporter - mornings)
  • Brian Mullahy (anchor - weekends at 5 & 10 pm; reporter)
  • Rod Decker (reporter)
  • Dan Rascon (reporter)
  • Adam Eakle (reporter)
  • Chris Jones (reporter)
  • Sterling Poulson (meteorologist - weekday evenings)
  • Debbie Worthen (meteorologist - weekday mornings & noon)
  • Lindsay Storrs (meteorologist - weekends morning and evening)
  • Dave Fox (sports - weekday afternoons & evenings; Talkin' Sports Sunday co-host)
  • David James (sports - weekend afternoons & evenings; Talkin' Sports host)
  • Adam Mikulich (sports - reporter/anchor)

Past personalitiesEdit

  • Mike Headrick (anchor/reporter now with KDVR)
  • Dan Sheldon (sports; joined an Atlanta station.)
  • Roland Steadham (meteorologist; laid off and now chief meteorologist at KTVX/ABC 4)
  • Janelle Reichert (reporter). Currently working for Central Florida News 13 as Janelle Jordan.
  • Brian Martin (anchor/reporter)
  • Jennifer Stagg (reporter; now with KSL-TV)
  • Issa Arnita (anchor/reporter)
  • Kati Baker (anchor)
  • Nicole Hunter (reporter; now with KSTU)
  • Michelle King (anchor; now retired after 29 years at KUTV)
  • Kerry Birmingham (reporter/anchor; now with WJBK in Detroit)
  • John Goulet (meteorologist; now with KSTU)
  • Patrick Greenlaw (anchor)
  • Shelby Croft (anchor; now with WISN-TV)
  • Doug Miller ('Outdoors' host; now deceased)
  • Allie Mac Kay (reporter, KTLA)
  • Christianne Klein (anchor & reporter; now with ABC News in NYC)
  • Kelly Chapman (reporter; moved to Sacramento KMAX-TV with her meteorologist husband, Jeff James KOVR)
  • Lea Ann Lobb (anchor; now a homemaker)
  • Phil Riesen (anchor; now Utah State Representative)
  • John Stehr (anchor 1982-1989; left for CNBC and CBS News; now primary anchor with WTHR, Indianapolis)
  • Terry Wood (anchor)
  • Bob Evans (anchor; now with KSTU)
  • Ruth Todd (News Brief anchor; fill-in anchor; reporter; now semi-retired)
  • Mark Eubank (meteorologist, later with KSL-TV; now retired)
  • Kevin Eubank (meteorologist; now with KSL-TV)
  • Susan Wood (formerly Susan Furniss; anchor, now with Salt TV Network)
  • Doug Jardine (anchor; now with 'Profiles in Caring')
  • Janeen Golightly (traffic reporter; now appearing in freelance projects in the Salt Lake area)
  • Marcos Ortiz (reporter; now with KTVX)
  • Larry Warren (reporter)
  • Steve Crimm (original SkyTwo pilot/reporter: now in Columbia, SC)
  • Fred Wix ('The Gabby Gourmet'; now deceased)
  • Bill Marcroft (sports; now retired)
  • Carl Arky (sports; now Weber State play-by-play at KLO, Odgen, UT)
  • Bill Howard (sports, now deceased)
  • Chris Dunn (meteorologist; now with KPHO)
  • Rebecca Kolls (formerly Rebecca Reheis; meteorologist; now manages a gardening store in Hudson, WI)
  • Bill Boss (meteorologist; now with Weather Central, Inc.)
  • Tim Ross (meteorologist; now with WSMV)
  • Craig Jenkins (meteorologist; now fills in on KSTU)
  • Jerry Brown (meteorologist)
  • Steve Root (meteorologist; now CEO of WeatherBank, Inc.)
  • Rod Arquette (reporter; now an executive at KSL)
  • Kathy Brock - (anchor/reporter 1984-1990, now with WLS-TV)
  • Alexis Fernandez (anchor)
  • Randall Carlisle (anchor)
  • Sloane Brown (anchor; now society/party columnist for The Baltimore Sun)
  • Matt Duhamel (meteorologist; a.k.a. Matt McCoy.  Now a documentary filmmaker at
  • Keith Radford (anchor, now with WKBW-TV)
  • Jennifer Davis (reporter, later at KCBS-TV)

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