This is a (theoretically) all-encompassing list of fictional things created in the media. Due to the length of this archive, some things have been listed in multiple places for ease of reference.

Fictional characters, creatures, and entitiesEdit

Fictional charactersEdit

based on/named afterEdit

by disease or deathEdit

by nationality or ethnicityEdit

  • Fictional characters who are Belgian
  • Fictional characters who are Chinese
  • Fictional characters who are Egyptian
  • Fictional characters who are French

by physical qualityEdit

by placeEdit

by professionEdit

by religionEdit

by styleEdit

from mythsEdit

in crossoversEdit

in pairsEdit

who are stock charactersEdit

Fictional characters from specific works or seriesEdit

Fictional characters from books or plays:Edit

Fictional characters from cartoons, comics, or graphic novels:Edit

Fictional characters from animation, television, or movies:Edit

Fictional characters from games or video games:Edit

Real people appearing in fictional contextEdit

Fictional mechanical, electronic, or machine entitiesEdit

Fictional creaturesEdit

Fictional locationsEdit

Real places fictional works are set inEdit

in a specific countryEdit

in a specific cityEdit

See also: List of movies for a list of movies set in specific locations.

Fictional thingsEdit

Books and literatureEdit

Commercial Misc.Edit


Social Misc.Edit


Popular MediaEdit






War & CombatEdit

Fictional eventsEdit

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