Live In The Underground is a live Moon Man album. It is a recording of a small, secret show that Moon Man put on. From the anonymous source who recorded the show:

"Moon Man recently performed a concert without advertising the show beforehand. He invited ~100 individuals (which included me) to a small venue I'm not allowed to disclose the location of. Video footage was forbidden, but I was allowed to record the audio.

The concert was brief, lasting only about an hour. The crowd was really into it, a big mosh pit involving a couple dozen people broke out halfway through the show.

Sun Man and Audrina performed on stage with Moon Man in certain songs. Moon Kid performed his hit Notorious KK-Kid during an intermission break.

Niggerstein's appearance surprised everyone. Seeing him perform alongside Moon Man live was probably the highlight of my night.

I'm unsure if the rap battle between Moon Man & Sun man was legit or pre-planned. I'm leaning toward pre-planned because the song was released long ago, but there was nothing fake about that beatdown.

From what I understand, the concert was unrelated to his 2016 Tour.

The free milkshake was delicious."

Tracklisting Edit

Track # Track Name Performer(s)
1 Introduction Star Man, Moon Man
2 My Time Is Now Moon Man
3 Hebrew Shills
4 Eugenics Moon Man, Audrina Patridge, Sun Man
5 Moon Gon' Give It To Ya Moon Man
6 Kikes Moon Man
7 Brief Stand-Up Comedy Segment
8 B.O.D. (Bombs Over Detroit) Moon Man, Sun Man
9 A Nigger Stole My Money
10 Bow Down Moon Man
11 Moon Man Spots A Nigger/Niggerstein Moon Man, Niggerstein
12 (Intermission) Notorious KK-Kid Moon Kid, Moon Man
13 Can't Stump the Trump Moon Man, Sun Man
14 All Moon Moon Man, Cloud Man, Audrina Patridge
15 You Are A Nigger Moon Man, some kike
16 Notorious KKK
17 Encore/Moon Man vs Sun Man
18 Nefarious KKK Moon Man, Audrina Patridge, Sun Man

Download Edit

Live In The Underground