Real name Police Sergeant P.J. O'Malley
Background Patrol Officer
C.O.P.S Position Second in Command of C.O.P.S.
Trademark Features An extensive powercuff he uses to reel in crooks without having to waste much of his energy chasing them down. Also can be used as a grappling hook as well.
Extra Specialty 10th generation police officer, and a strong follower of the "Letter of the Law" yet very kind, understanding, and compassionate. Helps delinquents see the error of their ways and give up their criminal ways. A dedicated family man who enjoys spending time with his family: made up of his wife Linda O'Malley, his son Brian O'Malley, and his father Mickey O'Malley.
Significant Episode Appearances The Case of The Crime Circus, The Case of The Big Frame-up, The Case of The Stash Cash, The Case of The Missing Masterpiece, The Case of the Crooked Contest, The Case of the Big Boss' Master Plan, The Case of The Baby Bad Guy, The Case of The Thieving Robots, The Case of The Boy Nobody Wanted, The Case of the Stuck-Up Blimp, The Case of the Runaway Buzzbomb, The Case of The Boy Who Cried Sea Monster, The Case of The Cool Caveman, The Case of C.O.P.S. File #1, The Case of the Lowest Crime
Voiced by John Stocker

LongArm is a cartoon character in the C.O.P.S. (Central Organization of Police Specialists) series from Hasbro which ran from 1988-1989. His name is a pun on the phrase, "The Long Arm of the Law" which refers to an unrelenting pursuit, capture, and apprehension of a criminal regardless of where the criminal is hiding in whether in a city or far away country.

Character ProfileEdit

LongArm ("Tentacle" in Brazilian version), second-in-command of C.O.P.S., is just like any other police officer in Empire City except he has special powercuffs he uses to cuff the bad guys from far away without having to chase them down. The powercuffs are very much like a grappling hook. It shoots out a single cuff with a long cable attached to it. When aimed at any criminal, it reels him in like a fish caught on a fishing hook. Longarm is a staunch law abiding cop who is strict in following "The Letter of the Law" right down to the last detail. Yet, he's very understanding and compassionate and tries to do his best to help convince even juvenile delinquents to see the error of their ways and abandon their criminal ways so they can go straight and become law abiding citizens. He comes from a long line of Irish police officers who have served the streets for many generations. According to the I.D. card on the back of the Longarm action figure package, Longarm is a sixth generation police officer. However, in The Case of The Big Frame-Up, BulletProof mentions Brian, Longarm's son, to come from a family with 10 generations of cops blood in their veins. Perhaps in the cartoon, Longarm is a 10th generation police officer while his father, Mickey O'Malley is a 9th Generation police officer (who is now retired) and apparently, Brian will be the 11th generation police officer when he grows up in the future.

Longarm is a family man, who enjoys spending time with his family when he's off duty. He has a wife named Linda O'Malley and a 10 year old son named Brian O'Malley who wants very much to grow up to be exactly like his father. He also has an elderly father named Mickey O'Malley, who also served as a police officer for the Empire City Police Department back when he was a young man. Mickey somewhat disproves all of the new high-tech gadgets the COPS use to catch crooks and longs for the "good old days" when the ECPD didn't use any high-tech computers or "new fangled" gadgets, as he was able to catch criminals the "old fashioned way" without all of the modern conveniences being used today.

Major HighlightsEdit

The Case of The Big Frame-UpEdit

In this episode, Longarm had no choice but to place his own father under arrest for a crime Mickey did, in fact, not commit. Mickey is falsely accused of pulling a fur heist and it is soon discovered that Nightshade has set him up as a revenge retaliation for thwarting a gold coin heist she and Berserko had been pulling at a shopping mall. After receiving a tip from his son about Nightshade and Berserko's plans to rob The Mountback (a large high-tech blimp), Longarm raced to the blimp to learn the truth about the frame-up and go after the crooks, who tried to escape the runaway blimp unleashed from its cables after Berserko stupidly pushed the "Danger" button while he was supposed to pushed the "Door" button to lock the doors so that no one wanders on board.

Nightshade escapes but, Berserko was caught by Longarm, who made him confess to framing Mickey for the fur heist Berserko and the other crooks have pulled themselves. Longarm reels him in and took to the controls, skillfully maneuvering it around the buildings and landing the blimp safely in the water. Picked up by Bullseye in his Air Raid Helicopter, Longarm tells Bulletproof to get his dad out of jail since he now has a full confession that Berserko himself (being turned in as of that moment), has set his father up.

The Case of The Crime CircusEdit

LongArm loves children and is an excellent father who not only cares a lot about his son Brian, he cares about all other children as well. One of them he cares about is a mischievous, yet underprivileged girl named Samantha (Sam), who, appearing in The Case of The Crime Circus, is a tomboyish girl who got involve in a caper involving a mechanical circus operated by Dr. BadVibes, who used the circus as a cover-up to his plot to rob a gold depository of all its gold bars using his semi-truck size clownmobile. As she was going about begging people for money, she spotted a wallet that has fallen from a lady's purse and tries to steal it. But the lady caught her and yelled for police. LongArm and Hardtop responded and convinced Sam to give the wallet back to the lady. She did - and ran away with LongArm and Hardtop following behind her in hot pursuit. LongArm chased Sam all over the big top until he came face to face with Roberto, one of Dr. BadVibes' mechanical clown henchmen, who sprayed him with sleeping gas to knock him out. The next thing he knew, LongArm, along with Sam and Hardtop, finds himself in a cage, where Dr.BadVibes, with a literal brainstorm, explains his plans to heist the gold from the depository and sends Roberto to guard them as he goes out to do the heist for the Big Boss.

After BadVibes leaves the arena, Sam, feeling sorry for all the trouble she caused the 2 C.O.P.S., tells them about the robots and how they are programed to recognize money. With that, LongArm takes out a one dollar bill and uses it to trick Roberto into freeing himself, Hardtop, and Sam from the cage and use his badge to deflect Roberto's laser beam right back at the robot, destroying him.

Then, noticing a ventilation shaft that's only small enough for Sam to fit in, Longarm and Hardtop made their way up the trapeze ladder and helped Sam fit into the shaft. Inside, she made her way to the outside of the big top - only to be captured by BadVibes who made a deal with her to behave so she can have her share of the gold bars after BadVibes steals them from the depository. Then BadVibes orders 2 of his strongest clown robots to dispose of the C.O.P.S. once and for all. But LongArm and Hardtop eluded the robots, made their way outside the big top where they found Sam's hat she dropped when she was captured by BadVibes and his clownmobile. Instantly they got into their police vehicle, where they radio Bulletproof and Mainframe for back-up and went after BadVibes, Buzzbomb, and the clownmobile with Sam being held inside as the evil scientist proceeds to rob the Depository of its gold bars. LongArm and Hardtop confronted the clownmobile. But the clownmobile ripped open the car and proceeded to use its jaws to devour LongArm and Hardtop - only to be destroyed by Sam, who gave the clownmobile the ax, saving Hardtop and LongArm from being mauled by it. But, as Sam got off the wrecked clownmobile to greet LongArm, Hardtop, along with Mainframe, who correctly identified her as a girl, and Bulletproof after they arrived at the scene, Badvibes and Buzzbomb made like a human cannonball and escape, leaving Sam, LongArm, Hardtop, Bulletproof, and Mainframe behind. In the end, Sam, realizing that it is better for her to walk the straight and narrow than to live a miserable life of a crook such as Dr. BadVibes, decides to give up her criminal ways and become a law-abiding citizen from now on -- much to LongArm's happiness and joy.

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