Lord Nog is a character in unspecified Star Wars fan fiction.

The Origins of Lord NogEdit

Lord Nog is said to be the most powerful Sith in existance and it is rumored that he was not born, rather he was created. According to legend he was created by the Force Energy of all the fallen Sith and Dark Jedi who have ever lived. He was birthed into existance by this culmination of hatred on the planet Mustafar in 45 ABY, a few years after the death of Darth Cadeus and the assumed extinctions of the Sith Order. After his creation he immediately created twelve lesser Sith Lords whose power was one hundred times greater than that of any Jedi Master, yet still nowhere near his own power level. He then formed them into a council to govern his new order.

After his birthEdit

After his birth on Mustafar and the creation of his new Council, he established the rest of his goverment and proclaimed himself Overlord. He started by dividing The Council into two houses, The House of Lords, and The House of Headmasters. The members of The House of Headmasters, are given the title of Headmaster and are in charge of one of the six Divisions in The Order. The members of The House of Lords are given the title of Councilor and serve as advisors to Lord Nog. The Councilors also act as ambassadors to potential allies of The Order.

The DivisionsEdit

Lord Nog established six different divisions, each with its own unique purpose. They are each led by one of the six Headmasters and have about three ranks in each of them. Together they acheive the Overlords goals and establish the dominance of The Order.

The Judicial DivisionEdit

The Judicial Division is arguably the most powerful and influencial division in The Order. The members of this division have the authority to deal death and judgement in the name of the Overlord. The three basic ranks of this division are named in the Overlord's mysterious language and each rank holds a great deal of authority over their peers in the other divisions.

Rank 1-Malsharel:This is the highest rank in the Judicial Division next to the Headmaster and these particular Sith act as high judges and are able to prosecute and sentence high ranking members of The Order, with the exception of the Headmasters, Councilors and members of the Overlord's personal gaurd.

Rank 2-Milakan:This is the second highest rank in the Judicial Division. The Milakans act as low level judges who have the authority to prosecute Sith of their rank and below.

Rank 3-Myhndalor:This is the third and lowest rank in the Judicial Division. Myhndalors act as investigators and keep a vigilant eye on the acts of all the members of The Order. They are the eyes and ears of the Overlord.

The Prophetic DivisionEdit

The Prophetic Division is charged with spreading the words of the Overlord to the rest of the galaxy. The members of this division also act as Darkside encyclopedia salemen who recruit new members into The Order and expand the power of the Darkside.

Rank 1-Cleric:They are the management of their division and they oversee all the work done by their sabordinates. They keep the rest of their division in line and make sure that only the finest candidates for recruitment are brough before their Headmaster for preparation of their audience with the Overlord and full exceptance into The Order.

Rank 2-Prophet:They are the talent scouts of The Order and they have a hightened sense of awarness when it comes to detecting The Force in other lifeforms. They are also very adept in the dark arts of persuation and subtlety. The most skilled Prophets are even capable of turning Jedi Masters to the Darkside.

Rank 3-Scribe:They are the keepers of all the important holocrons and records of the Sith. They also keep track of all The Order's logistical information and make sure that everything that goes on in The Order is on record for the Overlord's knowledge.

The Research DivisionEdit

The Research Division searches the galaxy for previously lost or undescovered Sith Holocrons. They gather all information on The Force and The Darkside that they can in order to maintain a constant level of purity in The Order. The relay all new Sith knowledge to the Scribes to be stored in The Archive, and they run The Sith Academies under The Order's control.

Rank 1-Philospher:The Philosphers are the doctrin keepers of The Order. Their job is to make certain that all the laws of The Order are in accordance with the ways of the Old Sith, and they see to it that The Order stays pure.

Rank 2-Scholar:The Scholars are the academy masters who teach and train all of The Order's new members. They are masters in the ways of the Darkside and experts in the field of Sith Knowledge. Under their strick tutledge the Associate level members of The Order grow into full-fledged emmissaries of the Darkside.

Rank 3-Scribe:The Scribes are responcible for maintaining The Archive and adding all new holocrons to its database. They ensure that The Archive is easy to navigate and understand. They also record logistical information for The Order and ensure that everything done in The Order is recorded for the Overlord's knowledge.

The Special Forces DivisionEdit

The members of The Special Forces Division are the shocktroops of The Order. They provide heavy support to the regular military and execute orders of the highest importance to the Overlord.

Rank 1-Reaper:The Reapers are the finest assassins in the galaxy and they let nothing stand between them and their target. They're like the Darkside version of Fed-ex,which is where their motto comes from: "If it absolutely has to be killed overnight, send Reapers." The Reapers are also capable of taking on leadership roles and they lead details of Marauders into battle during heavy seiges.

Rank 2-Sabotuer:The Sabotuers are crafty and cunning sappers who use the Force to weaken the resolve of The Order's enemies through deception and subterfuge.

Rank 3-Marauder:They are the shocktroops of The Order's military, and they are the strongest warriors in the galaxy. They provide heavy support for the regular Sith Warriors in combat and are also sent in to weaken heavily fortified targets.

The Military DivisionEdit

The Military Division is the heart of The Order's military might. The members of this division are the enforcers of the Overlord's will and they impose The Order's dominance with brutal efficientcy.

Rank 1-Champion:The Champions act as large scale unit leaders and generals for the legions of Sith Warriors under The Order's command. They are fearless warrior generals whose prowess on the battlefeild has never been matched...Not even by a Jedi.

Rank 2-Gladiator:The Gladiator acts as a low level commander in The Order's Military Division. They are fanatically crazed warriors who through themselves headlong into battle and almost certain death. They have no fear, and they show no mercy.

Rank 3-Warrior:The Warrior is the lowest class in the Military Division and as such they rarely have command responcibility. None the less they are fearless leaders cabable of taking control of any situation should the need arise. They are also highly obidient and will follow their commanders to whatever end...even death.

The Labor DivisionEdit

The Labor Division is the backbone of The Order's infrastructure. They are skilled craftsmen and engineers who utilize the Darkside of The Force to create the deadliest weapons and the most impregnible armor in the galaxy.

Rank 1-Acolyte:The Acolytes are the task masters of the Labor Division, and they see to it that their workers meet their matter what the cost. They are skilled at using the Darkside to find alternative methods of motivating people.

Rank 2-Adept:The Adepts are the most skilled craftsmen and merchants in The Order, and quite possibly the entire galaxy. They drive a hard bargain and they aren't afraid of using The Force to make their prices seem more...agreeable.

Rank 3-Minion:The Minions are hard working Sith who have not yet gained a full understanding of the Darkside and their particular craft. They usualy serve as assistants to the Adepts, until they have learned all the tricks of the trade and are able to do the job on their own.

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