The Lord of Blades is a fictional character in the Eberron campaign setting for the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game.

The Warforged visionary known as The Lord of Blades has begun establishing a Warforged nation somewhere in the Mournland, it is rumoured. No one is sure where he came from, or where the Warforged-Mecca is. Some tales tell that he was a powerful warrior leading his construct companions into battle for Cyre, before the day of Mourning. Others maintain that he was the last Warforged to come out of the Creation Forges before they were destroyed, as per the orders of the Thronehold Accord. Yet another fearsome spin is that perhaps he was the one who caused the day of mourning, in order to have a clean slate to start his own nation; and maybe he plans to repeat the experience with all of Eberron.

The Lord of Blades has become a messiah for a noticeable number of his fellow Warforged, but the remainder consider him an abomination and a threat to their race.

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