Lucas Fitzgerald
Scott Major as Lucas Fitzgerald
Portrayed by Scott Major
Duration 2008–
First appearance Episode 5502
July 22, 2008
Gender Male
Occupation Mechanic/Photographer
Residence 22 Ramsay Street

Lucas Fitzgerald is a fictional character on the Australian soap opera Neighbours, portrayed by Scott Major. Lucas made his first onscreen appearance in episode 5502, which aired on July 22, 2008.

Character backgroundEdit

Lucas is the mechanic for the Ducati racing team, and is always travelling. Lucas is also an artist under the name George Hanson. He is the brother of Dan Fitzgerald (portrayed by Brett Tucker), with whom he had a troubled past. When they were teenagers, they were obsessed with dirt bike racing and were constantly competing with each other. Dan had run Lucas off the track, nearly killing Lucas. Lucas is under the assumption that Dan did it intentionally, though Dan is uncertain if he did or not. Lucas's personality is described as cheeky, cocky, always the life of the party and loves being a hero to his mates.[1]

Libby KennedyEdit

Lucas first entered the show when he was drinking with his mates at the local bar Charlie's. He was dared by his mates to try and pick up Libby Kennedy (Kym Valentine), however he was turned down, and as a result they stripped off most of his clothes and tied him to a light post outside. Libby saw him later, and teased him about his situation, however they ended up agreeing to a date. Their first date went well, with Libby staying out all night with him on a rooftop that had a view of Melbourne at night. They tried to arrange another date, however after Lucas saw Libby talking to his brother Dan, he stood her up, leaving Libby hurt. As a result, Libby tracked him down, and found his motorbike, which led to her letting the air out of his tyres. Lucas caught her in the act, and apologised for standing her up, again leading to them arranging another date. Their next date was at an art gallery, however when Libby showed up, it seemed that Lucas had stood her up again. She found him cooking at a barbecue, where he revealed that he was an artist at the gallery.

Over time they grew closer together, until Dan found out that his brother was dating Libby, whom he had an attraction to himself. Dan barged in on the two of them together one night, where Libby ordered Dan out of her house. Lucas and Libby eventually went for another date to a lake, where he revealed the secret about his motorbike accident (where Lucas was run off the road by Dan) and Libby also opened up about her motorbike accident. Later, Dan tried to call Libby to warn her about Lucas, though she rejected the call, which made Lucas begin to doubt the relationship, claiming it was just a bit of fun. He gives her the keys to his Ute and Lucas rides off on his bike. Later, Lucas showed up at Charlie's where Dan happened to be where the brothers started to get into a fight, just as Libby walked in. Libby wondered why there was a rivalry and a negativity between Lucas and Dan, but her question was answered by Toadie (Ryan Moloney) who revealed to Libby Lucas and Dan are, in fact, brothers.

This rivalry over Libby led to her trying to exclude both men from her life; Her excuse being her child, Ben, had to come first in her life. She ordered Lucas to leave, however, he remained behind.

Elle RobinsonEdit

Lucas later met Elle Robinson (Pippa Black), where they spent the night together apparently talking. Libby saw them together, and later tracked Lucas down, where they made amends and Libby agreed to give him another chance. Dan decided to pay Lucas a visit to his apartment, where they got into another fight, resulting in Lucas almost falling from the balcony of his apartment as well as dislocating Dan's shoulder. Libby once again backs off from both brothers after she learns of the fight.

Lucas backed off afterwards as Libby picked Dan out of the two to have a relationship, resulting in their engagement. Lucas began to show an interest in Elle Robinson. However, while Elle and Lucas flirted, Elle saw Lucas looking at photographs of Libby in his workshop, which led her to believe Lucas was still in love with Libby, however, Elle ran off before she could see Lucas ripping up the photos of Libby. Elle tried to get over Lucas, by throwing herself at Andrew Simpson, who she met at Dan and Libby's engagement party. This relationship between Elle and Andrew didn't last because Elle realised she still had strong feelings for Lucas, eventually resulting in Elle and Lucas dating. Whilst cutting the cake with Elle at Libby and Dan's wedding, Lucas had visions of Elle in bridal attire cutting the cake with him. Afterwards, both Elle and Lucas dated different partners, however, in light of Libby's hysterectomy and Lucas' fragile state of mind, Elle admitted to Lucas that she still loved him, which promted Lucas giving in to his feelings of love for Elle, resulting in them getting back together.


Recently it has been revealed that Lucas used to have a gamling addiction that cost him his relationship with the so called "love of his life" Natasha Curtis. Now that he has started again will the same thing happen with Elle?


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