The Lunatic Tour was a brief but well covered Moon Man tour through August-September 2015 in support of his album The Lunatic. Various events happened during each concert and high minority body counts followed before, during, and after the concerts. Moon Man was banned for life from several venues after his lethal stunts and minority slaying.

Tour Dates Edit

Date Location Venue Notes
08/08/15 Miami, Florida Main Stage (United Rap Festival) Moon Man killed all the other acts, but in compensation he performed a concert for the surviving white people in the audience. One of the songs was published as a single on August 30th, 2015 by Rooted Records: The encore, Notorious KKK.
08/09/15 WhiteTopia City, WhiteTopia The Moon Castle Notorious KKK Release Party, First live performance of Still K.K.K. and several Lunatic songs.
08/15/15 Washington, District of Columbia 9:30 Club Several Klansmen were in attendance, including Ben Garrison.
08/16/15 New York City, New York Madison Square Garden Played to a sold out audience, this grabbed the interest of Donald Trump, who asked Moon Man to perform for him, which he did the following day.
08/17/15 New York City, New York Trump Tower Private performance for presidential candidate Donald Trump
08/18/15 Toronto, Ontario Maple Leaf Gardens To the audience's dismay, Moon Man changed a lot of the lyrics in his songs to be about Canadians. You can hear one song where he didn't change the lyrics, Killing Niggers, on the album Beating a Dead Nigger.
08/19/15 Detroit, Michigan The Fillmore Highest African American body count ever recorded at a Moon Man concert. Moon Man was temporarily banned from performing in the city of Detroit due to this.
08/20/15 Chicago, Illinois Aragon Ballroom 2nd highest African American body count ever recorded at a Moon Man concert. Later, he went to the McDonalds in Melrose Park to sign autographs near his lunar likeness.
08/21/15 Paris, France The Bataclan Moon Man's concert was halted by the owners of the venue, whom Moon Man called in an interview 'a bunch of slimy rat jews.'
08/22/15 Kiewit-Hasselt, Belgium Main Stage (Pukkelpop Festival) During the concert, Moon Man brought a miniature gas chamber on stage and threw several Muslim members of the audience into it. Cloud Man and Star Man appeared on stage to make a live debut of Changes, and also to help find said Muslims (and other minorities) in the audience.
08/23/15 Rotterdam, South Holland, The Netherlands De Doelen Sun Man performed as an opening act, who was quickly booed off during one song. Moon Man rewarded the audience members who threw bottles at him by giving them some guns and a pre-release version of The Lunatic.
08/24/15 Munich, Bavaria, Germany Bayerische Staatsoper Reinhard Moonstag (the German Moon Man) introduced Moon Man on stage personally. Many neo-Nazis were in the audience. Ben Garrison appeared with Moon Man to perform 'The Final Solution' from The Lunatic.
08/25/15 WhiteTopia City, WhiteTopia The Moon Castle Release party for The Lunatic.
08/26/15 Prague, Czech Republic Rudolfinum This concert was mostly rap battles between Moon Man and members of the audience. Most of it was friendly until some gypsies tried to rap battle with him, to which he responded with fire (figuratively and literally.)
08/27/15 Budapest, Hungary Vigadó Concert Hall Many members of the Jobbik party were in attendance, and Moon Man made an impromptu speech about how Muslims are as much of a threat as they were 600 years ago to a thunderous applause.
08/28/15 Marino, Italy Palaghiaccio Moon Man performed most of his songs in a fake Italian accent at this concert.
08/30/15 Reading, England Richfield Avenue (The Reading Festival) Live At the Reading Festival was recorded here. See the article for more information.
09/05/15 London, England Royal Albert Hall Most of the concert was Moon Man berating the Londonians for letting Muslims ruin the city and the country. The audience gave him dozens of Muslims to kill so he could calm down and play some songs, which he did.
09/06/15 Leicester, England De Montfort Hall Surprisingly, this concert went without much incident save for Moon Man killing some of the local Pakistanis.
09/07/15 Manchester, England Free Trade Hall Like the Leicester concert, this went without much incident save for Moon Man killing some of the local Muslims. Star Man and Cloud Man appeared to perform a debut track off The Star, the Cloud, and the Moon.
09/08/15 Glasgow, Scotland Kelvin Hall Moon Man played the bagpipes mockingly, and called the Scots in the audience 'a bunch of EU-loving commies' and 'North Englishmen.' This cut the concert short as a riot broke out in the hall.
09/09/15 Newcastle upon Tyne, England City Hall Charles Moonington appeared and rap battled with Moon Man. Before they could actually fight, Islamic terrorists from ISIS stormed the building and attempted to kill the white members of the audience. Moon Man and Charles quickly retaliated against them, both getting keys to the city.
09/10/15 York, England The Duchess Charles Moonington and Moon Man performed together in a more positive way in this time, Charles made up his own verses for a special version of Changes.
09/11/15 Rotherham, England New York Stadium Live At Rotherham was recorded here. Originally to be the grand finale to Moon Man's European leg of the Lunatic Tour, he quickly had to cut the concert short when he realized the venue was full of Arabs and Pakistanis, whom he spent nearly five minutes killing. When he was finished, he realized he killed the entire audience, which ended the show abruptly.