Lunaticks (ルナチクス Runachikusu?) is a fictional kaiju from the tokusatsu TV series, Ultraman Ace.

Stats Edit

Height: 58 meters

Weight: 63,000 tons

Ultraman Ace Edit

One of the first chouju created by Yapool, Lunaticks was responsible for draining the moon of magma and leaving it a barren wasteland. One night on what seemed to be an ordinary night, flashes of light came from the moon and Minami seemed to know something was wrong. And was seen staring at the moon. She drew the attention of TAC to the matter, being more anxious as time went on. Soon abnormal volcanic activity began occurring on Earth and Lunaticks appeared and began causing havoc. The TAC arrived and began to assault the monster but nothing seemed to work and soon the monster launched its eyes at them, shooting down one of the craft. The remaining one continued to fire upon it until finally it burrowed underground, heading deep below and beginning to drink magma from within the Earth, the geothermal activity growing worse. Minami became more unusual in her behavior and finally revealed that Lunaticks was responsible for the moons present state. The two transformed into Ultraman Ace and dug deep into the Earth to confront the magma eater. Interrupting his feeding. The monster proved powerful and tried to drive Ace into the lava but Ace managed to fight it off and soon gained the upper hand and began beating down the space monster but it managed to burrow down while they were fighting and drink magma, letting it blast Ace with flames and burn her arm. After which, Lunaticks caused a cave-in with her eyes and escaped to the surface causing a volcano to erupt by doing so but Ace was right behind it. The two resumed their battle on the surface but Lunaticks appeared to have gotten more powerful after his meal of lava and began overpowering Ace, whose color timer started blinking under the assault. After a long fierce battle, Lunaticks used her fire and white steam to burn Ace and obscure himself from sight but Ace used a beam from his eyes to disperse the steam. Ace quickly took Lunaticks by surprise and beat him down, after which Ace managed to toss Lunaticks into a spout of flames coming up from the Earth, catching the ancient beast on fire, after a few moments of anguish filled screams, Lunaticks finally fell silent as she burned to death. After Lunaticks was slain, Minami revealed that she was from the moon to Hokuto and had to return, giving him her Ultra Ring, making her the sole host to Ace and returned home to the moon, having avenged her home‘s destruction by Lunaticks.

Ultraman Mebius Edit

This Monster reappeared in the series Ultraman Mebius.

During Ultraman Mebius' battle with the new Ace Killer, dubbed "Mebius Killer" by Yapool, GUYS was about to fly in to aid him when a large object burst from the ocean below and headed toward space. GYS, thinking it wa snaother Arigera, chased it, and were eventually lead to the moon. The flying oject was nowhere in sight, but suddenly, their airship malfunctioned, and went crashing into the moon's surface! They discussed what to do next, as their ship was now stranded, but Marina began hearing a voice in her head. it was that of none other than Hokuto Seiji, Ultraman Ace's human host! it told her to find and destroy the flying object, which was a giant crystal that had stuck itself in the moon's surface. GUYS managed to get their smaller aircrafts flying, and set out for the crystal. But just as it was in their sights, it sparked with eletrcicity, and revived the moon Chouju Lunaticks! The Chouju began jumping around and firing it's mist and fireballs at the GUYS crew, who attacked with their own laser cannons. Hokuto watched the battle from Earth, seemingly unwilling to aid them. However, he did tell Marina the weak spot of the crystal, which was the reason why the GUYS aircraft malfunctioned. Unless they could destroy it, they were stuck there. Lunaticks continued to attack GUYS until Hokuto finally decided to assist them, by transforming into Ultraman Ace! Ace appeared on the moon alongside GUYS, and lept into battle. Lunaticks wasn't much of fighter, but it's fireballs and eye bombs surely were. GUYS managed to fire a strong enough blast to destroy the crystal, just as Ace used his Metallium Ray to destroy Lunaticks completely.

Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle Edit

This Monster reappeared in the series Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle.

After ZAP Spacy's Pendragon managed to escape the ocean they continued to trace an SOS signal that lead them straight to another ship of ZAP Spacy, the Dragon Coaster, most likely brought down by Bullton. The Dragon Coaster needed some new parts in order to escape the planet and managed to find some in an abandoned military base. That morning the Pendragon set off to the base, but right before they landed Rei sensed that something was wrong and no one believed him until Nova grabbed the ship with his extending whips. To make matters worse the monsters Saramandora and Lunaticks arrived with all three acting somewhat as the base's body guards. Rei was sent to the ground to distract the trio with Gomora as the Pendragon retrieved the parts they needed. Nova attacked Gomora with one of his extending whips only to miss and leave him vulnerable to the Super Oscilatory Wave, vaporizing him instantly. Unlike Nova, Lunaticks and Saramandora were capable of holding their own with Gomora and even had the upper hand. Before the battle could progress much further the same black ships from before appeared from the sky and killed both Saramandora and Lunaticks in a single barrage.

Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legend The Movie Edit

This Monster re-appeared in the movie Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legend The Movie She was among Beliel's monsters. She was killed in the final battle when Beliel fired an energy blast through her and Jashrin to attack Mebius.


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