In the fictional Star Fleet Universe as represented in the range of games from Amarillo Design Bureau Inc. as well as the first two Star Fleet Command games (and the Orion Pirates stand-alone addon for Starfleet Command II) from Taldren, the Lyrans are a felinoid race possessing a stellar empire which borders the Hydran Kingdom, the Klingon Empire as well as their fierce rivals, the Kzinti Hegemony.

The Lyran Star Empire is a monarchy of twenty-one (Twenty following the establishment of the Lyran Democratic Republic) counties bordering the Kzinti Hegemony, the Hydran Kingdoms and the Klingon Empire.

Lyrans as a species are aggressive and prone to internecine strife, indeed the external frontiers of the Lyran Star Empire have remained static for considerable periods of Lyran history due to this. Lyrans generally possess an abiding racial hatred of the Kzinti, one which is more than amply reciprocated by said race, while also disdaining the methane-breathing Hydrans. Interestingy, DNA evidence exists showing a common ancestry between the Lyrans and the Kzinti, yet neither race take what to their ears is a highly offensive suggestion lightly.

The Lyrans have been allies of the Klingons on numerous occasions, such as during the Four Powers' War and the far more destructive General War, in which they very nearly succeeded in reducing their hated Kzinti foes to subjugation, and the two races have jointly conquered and occupied the territory of the Hydrans on more than one occasion.

Lyran WeaponsEdit

In battle, the Lyrans use Disruptors, probably due to frequent co-operation with the Klingons, and ESG weapons. ESG stands for Expanding Sphere Generator. This weapon is quite powerful and consmes a lot of energy, but has many uses. Firstly, it can destroy incoming missiles and fighter craft. It can also be used offensively to ram enemy capital ships. This weapon is unique to the Lyrans (although Orion pirates may fit stolen versions) and is also widely feared by missile ships or carriers. As the name suggests, a sphere of energy is created around the ship. This sphere will be of a certain strength, depending how much energy is diverted to it. When it hits a missile, shuttle, fighter, or, indeed, other ship, as much energy as possible damages the target until either the target is destroyed or the field runs out of energy to 'attack' with and collapses. The field will, however, eventually disipate of its own accord anyway. (It endures roughly the same amount of time it takes for a phaser or Fusion cannon to cool down after firing. Energy chanelled in does not affect how long the field endures, merely its strength.)

An interesting curiosity that can be observed is the fact that ships inside the range of the field when it is activated do not take damage. This is because the field is, in essence, hollow. In this way, a ship can become trapped in the field until it falls.

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