The MA5C Assault Rifle is a 7.62x52mm FMJ (full metal jacket) weapon with a 32 round magazine. It has some similarities to the original Assault Rifle seen in Halo Combat Evolved, the main differences are the magazine size ,the power at short to medium range, and the strength of the weapon. It also has a smaller reciticle, giving the rifle almost as much accuracy as a BR55HB SR. The MA5C Assault Rifle is a weapon in the video game Halo 3. Halo 3 beta video evidence suggests that the weapon has a much smaller spread than the MA5B, while dealing more damage.

This rifle was the first weapon ever seen in Halo 3. It is the rifle that Master Chief held in the first trailer, which can be downloaded from or on Xbox Live Marketplace. The rifle is also held by the Master Chief in the starry night and the E3 2007 trailer.

It was at first assumed to be a placeholder, however it has been confirmed that this weapon will be included in Halo 3 along with the BR55HB SR battle rifle.

Recent videos showing the MA5C in action have revealed it to sharing a sound-effect similar to the SMG. It is with the weapons included in Halo 3.

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