"Mad Mammy" is a Moon Man song that targets black women and explores how the Mammy stereotype has changed over the years. It is a remix of "Small Time Hustler" by the Dismasters. It was produced by Malcolm Night.

Moon Man recorded the song for The Killing Moon album but later changed his mind and put it on Unsolicited Opinions on Israel.

Sun Man has one line in the song.

Lyrics Edit

From New York to LA to Alabammy Sassy nigger bitches still play the role of mammy But nowadays, Mammy's got a chip on her shoulder She'll blow up in your face and then act like she told ya what She's fat as hell but still eating Mad at the world so her kids take a beating

[Sunman] Not all black women act that way

That's what I'd expect a nigger to say But lemme guess, your mama was a fat bitch She'd whoop your ass just because she had an ass itch Crack cocaine does things to the brain And a nigger bitch ain't starting with much, know what I'm saying? You had no dad and you'll raise no kids You'll knock up a bitch and split, just like your daddy did Now you wish that you had a real family But it's too late, you been raised by a mammy

Mammy got mad in the twentieth century Used to be a nurturer, but now it's only bitchery Playin' the role, raisin' Massa's White chillun At least she had a purpose, but now she's just a villain Cash from the tricks, checks from the welfare Despite all of that, not a dime to spare She wanna say she's strong and independent But the government's her massa and she'll always be dependent, uh A scant few escape the debt cycle By selling themselves to a jew like Lorne Michael E.g. there's the fat loud bitch on The View Queen Latifah is another, and Oprah's one too, yeah But let's not pretend they're role models The cunts play clown for kikes and get coddled It's all the same if she wins herself a Grammy She's still nothing, just a fat mad mammy

Mammy knows we're better, and Mammy is bitter Mammy thinks the whole entire world is out to get her She isn't half wrong when it comes to that 'Cause she's stupid and smelly and female and fat and black Mammy thinks we owe her a livin' She takes and takes, no gratitude is given She's a fuckin' gorilla, and she can't stay silent Make eye contact, she gonna get violent Aunt Jemima just isn't the same Went back to the wild like a fuckin' mustang But still begs for food from Uncle Sammy She's not a woman, she's just a fat mad mammy