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'Marta Jandová' (* 13th April 1974 in Prague) is a Czech musician. She became famous as a singer of the group Die Happy and some gigs with other bands.

Life Edit

Jandová is the daughter of the Czech musician s Petr Janda, [1] of the solo guitarist and singer of the group Olympic, which is considered one of the first and best known groups of Czech rock scene. Marta Jandová from 2003 to 2008 with the German pop singer Sasha dating [2]


singer Marta Jandová at Rock in the back country In September 1993 came to Jandová Ulm. Although they still did not speak German, it was a few days after their arrival from the guitar s to be confirmed Thorsten Mewes to sing in a new band. A few months later, in March 1994, had the happy, since they in the same lead singer, and Lead singer is the first appearance.

In addition to the band The Happy she is also active as a solo artist. They met on 12 February 2005 when the Stefan Raab organized Federal Vision Song Contest together with the Finnish Metal- cellist by Apocalyptica for Baden-Württemberg to and occupied with the title How much in fifth place. In the Federal Vision Song Contest 2007, she participated and won again, this time together with Oomph!, The Lower Saxony titled Do you dream?

She is also in the songs cold and conscience luster from the album Cold glamor of the band Last instance to hear.

After she retired in 2008 in her hometown of Prague, she stood there in the musical Mona Lisa on stage. They also took part in the new single "Hold fast to me" by gunslinger, on 19 Published November 2010. Is [3]

On 20 May 2011 was the German Football Association known that Jandová sings the official song of World Cup DFB women titled Sister Hit the Goal [4]

Other Edit

Since 1 November 2009 hosted the show Jandová neoMusic at the television station Sky Action. [5] 2010, she was in the ninth season German casting show pop star on ProSieben juror. She also participated in the TV total Stock Car Crash Challenge 2010 in part.

Awards Edit

2011 **: in the category of "Duet" (hold fast to me) (with gunslinger)

Discography Edit

The Happy with === === Main article Die Happy Albums:

  • 2000 Super Sonic Speed
  • 2002 Beautiful Morning
  • 2003 The weight of the circumstances
  • 2005 Bitter to Better
  • 2006 No nuts no glory
  • 2008 Six
  • 2010 Red Box


  • 2004 Four unplugged & more
  • 2009 Most Wanted List

With other bands === ===

  • 2001 - Last instance "conscience" and "Cold Shine" from the album "Cold Shine"
  • 2005 - Apocalyptica feat. Marta - How much (Single) (DE # 23)
  • 2005 - In Extremo, guest singer in the song horizon on the album My Heart Furious
  • 2005 - BAP, female voice in the song "Lena" from the album "Three times ten years,"
  • 2006 - Dog Eat Dog, contributes the song "Undivided"
  • 2007 - Oomph feat. Marta Jandová - You are dreaming (Single) (U.S.: # 9)?
  • 2010 - gunslinger feat. Marta Jandová - Hold on to me (Single) (U.S.: # 8) (U.S.: # 21), (CH: # 40)

As a solo artist === ===

  • 2011 - Sister Hit The Goal (Single)

References Edit

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  • [Http:// interview with Marta from the Winter 2007]

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