Martian Buddy is a fictional corporation prominently featured in the video game Doom 3. To open two of the many storage lockers in Doom 3, the player must enter a special code available at the live URL The code is 0508.

Their slogan is "The greatest company ever conceived".

They claim their business is direct marketing advertisement, but employees of UAC are getting frustrated by the e-mail spam which has been described as "getting out of control". They have an interstellar marketing venture.

Marketed products include pharmacy related products, prophylactics, sleeping pills, online games, etc. Conveniently, the two cabinets they shipped to Mars contain an assortment of high-powered weapons and ammunition, just in time to help with the demon invasion.

An email found later in the game with a spoofed source address from the Martian Buddy corporation was used as a cover by a concerned individual on Earth to warn the Mars base staff about Dr. Betruger's research.

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