Martin Septim, in his Emperor's robes and wearing the Amulet of Kings.

Martin Septim (3E ?? - earliest 3E 433) was the illegitimate son of Emperor Uriel Septim VII, leader of The Empire of Tamriel, a fictional state in the Elder Scrolls universe. He is the final Emperor of the Septim bloodline. He appears as a character in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. The character is voiced by Sean Bean.


Little is known of Martin's life before the events of 27 Last Seed, 3E 433, when his father the Emperor was killed. No precise date of birth within the Tamrielic calendar is known. What is known is that Martin was raised by a farmer; that he lived for a substantial time in the city of Kvatch; that he practiced Daedric magic for a time, and later became a priest of Akatosh. With the death of his father and half-brothers by Mythic Dawn assassins, Martin became the only remaining Septim. Unaware that he was in fact the final heir to the Septim throne, Martin is sought out by the player character in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Formerly a practitioner of daedric magic, he was now a priest of Akatosh in the chapel of Kvatch. Upon being found and informed of his true heritage, he agreed to follow the agent sent to retrieve him, presumably because the daedric sack of Kvatch left him with no reason to stay where he was. Soon after Martin's discovery, the Amulet of Kings was stolen by members of the Mythic Dawn; a Daedra cult based within Cyrodiil, who were also responsible for the invasion in the first place. To safeguard Martin, Jauffre, grandmaster of the Blades, took Martin to the fortress of the Blades, called Cloud Ruler Temple, where he also offered to make the protagonist a Blade.

A failed attempt by the player to recover the Amulet of Kings from Mankar Camoran did yield the Mysterium Xarxes, the holy book of the Mythic Dawn cult and a tome of massive dark power. This was taken to Martin. Martin, recalling his past as a practitioner of Daedric magic, translated the Xarxes. However, it was slow, painstaking work, taking much, much research. Eventually, he determined that the book could be used to open a portal to Camoran's Paradise, and that four other items were needed to do this. These included any Daedric artifact, the blood of one of the Nine Divines (obtained from armor Tiber Septim had fought and bled in before his Apotheosis), a Great Welkynd Stone, and a Great Sigil Stone. The player is able to obtain the first three objects alone, but the last could be obtained only by allowing the Mythic Dawn to open a Great Gate (which requires a Great Sigil Stone to open) near Bruma, which could potentially cause the destruction of Bruma. Martin donned the armor of Tiber Septim, and led a defense of Bruma, deliberately allowing the opening of the gate and buying the player time to secure the stone.

The four objects in hand, Martin bound himself temporarily to the Xarxes, and opened a portal to Paradise. The Hero of Kvatch (the player character) entered, killed Camoran and returned with the Amulet of Kings, presenting it to Martin. During this raid, Martin sends Baurus, a Blade, to the Imperial Palace to formally present his claim to the throne to Chancellor Ocato, who, with the Elder Council, considered and accepted the claim.

Arriving at the Imperial Palace with the player and Jauffre, Martin is about to be formally recognized as Emperor by Ocato, when a massive Daedric invasion erupts within the Imperial City. Martin, Ocato, the protagonist and the Blades made their way to the Temple of the One District to re-light the Dragonfires. However, they were too late - Mehrunes Dagon himself had entered Tamriel. Lighting the Dragonfires was no longer an option - they merely maintained the barriers between Mundus and Oblivion. They could not rebuild them, and Dagon's coming to Tamriel meant they had been completely obliterated. A despairing Martin turned to the Hero, and a brief conversation ensued, during which the Hero, desperate, asked "What about the Amulet of Kings?" Martin was inspired by the question, and ordered the champion to lead him to the Temple anyway. Upon their arrival, the champion and Martin bade each other farewell. Martin then shattered the Amulet of Kings, binding his blood with that of kings and gods held within the central gem of the amulet, in order to become the avatar of the god Akatosh; a giant dragon wreathed in flame. Dagon smashed the Temple Dome as Martin was transforming. The Dragon destroyed Mehrunes Dagon's physical body, banishing him back to the Wastes of Oblivion, but not without sustaining a mortal wound itself. After the fight ends, the Dragon arched its neck, roared into the sky, and petrified, becoming a statue.

Soon after this event, High Chancellor Ocato stated that Martin would be remembered as the last and greatest Septim, and went on to say that Martin would have been a great Emperor. As Martin died childless, as did all of his brothers, the Line of Septim is completely defunct. However, the nature of Martin's sacrifice ensured that an Emperor was no longer necessary to maintain the barriers between the worlds.

With Martin dead and the Septim line defunct, the Third Age is over but a new one dawns.

Preceded by
Uriel Septim VII
Emperor of Tamriel
3E 433
Succeeded by
no heir, High Chancellor Ocato is interim ruler

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