Mary Bailey is a character on the American post-apocalyptic drama Jericho. She is played by Clare Carey.

Mary owns Bailey's Tavern, the local bar in Jericho. After the attacks it soon becomes host to the out-of-towners trapped in the town because of its satellite dish, a source of the scant information concerning the world outside. Mary is also having an affair with Eric Green. This was first revealed to Eric's wife April in the episode Crossroads, just before April was about to reveal she was pregnant. Throughout the episodes, their affair has been alluded to. In Four Horsemen Mary and Eric were seen sleeping together. In Federal Response Mary is talking to Mimi, who says that Eric won't leave April for her, to which Mary responds that Eric is different. It is revealed in Black Jack that Mary's mother had an affair with another man and then left Mary and her father. Mary tells Gail that she is terrified that she has put April and Eric's unborn child in the same position that she was in. Later in that episode, while cleaning the bar, Mary finds a note that Gail had with her, which read:

Be nice to her.
She's going to be family some day.

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