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Matthew Dugan is a News Anchor and Television Producer and Director in Pittsburgh, PA. Matt Dugan is the News Anchor for a small television station in McDonald, PA, MAN-TV. He is also a co-producer for a series entitled "The Moon Show" on MCA-TV.


Matthew Dugan was born and raised in McDonald, Pennsylvania. Dugan started his acting career when he was in the third grade. He played the role of Oliver in Oliver Twist. In 2008 he became a film extra for the film Tommy and Me as a part of the Pittsburgh Neighborhood Narratives series. In 2009 he worked as an extra for a web series entitled Moving Numbers. Then finally in 2010 Dugan pitched a show idea to a local access channel. The shows' name was "The Moon Show". The show was given a first seasnon (still in production). Then in the summer of 2010 Dugan started up a news broadcast in his hometown entitled "MANTV1". Dugan currently works there as the Head News Anchor.



Fort Cherry School District Science Olympiad...Junior Meteorologist Award

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