Maximum Computers is a fictional computer company in the youtube series "off course" founded in the 1994 by Stanley Bedle and his friend Alfred Tuse. They were former engineers of Apple Inc. and left due to creative differences. Maximum Computers went on hiatus after Tuse left to build houses in Mexico. Seven years later Bedle managed to release the second product since the Flux which was released in 1996, this was called Tuse I, named in honor of the late cofounder. All of the Maximum Computers run on the Maximum Operating system, originally named Flux OS. Both of the Maximum computers are not popular or even known among main stream consumers most likely due to no advertisements being made or the refusal to create a company website, but many computer techies use the MOS although not always on the Tuse I or the Flux, usually used on Apple computers. In a recent press conference CEO/founder Stanley Bedle has stated that Maximum Computers is going to create a "revolutionary" unnamed computer line that will be released along side the release of the long anticipated Tuse II and new OS most likely to contain the name Flux as the original had.

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