Professor Mayzel (メイゼル Meizeru?) is a fictional character in the manga series Spriggan created by Hiroshi Takashige and Ryōji Minagawa. An ARCAM Corporation scientist and inventor, he was responsible for being the first man for refining Orichalcum into various gadgets and items for use by ARCAM's Spriggans. He is always seen conducting his duties alongside his assistant, Margaret.

Mayzel is mentioned in the OVA as Miesel.[3] [1] Like Jean's surname Jacquemondo, it's unknown this name change was intentional or not.


There is no indication as to when Mayzel was recruited as an ARCAM scientist. However, it is apparent that he had worked in the company for a number of years, since he has known most of ARCAM's personnel alongside Margaret, who had worked with him also for a number of years. [4]


Mayzel first appeared in Turkey, having been sent to the Mount Ararat research facility by ARCAM in order to decipher thy mystery regarding Noah's Ark and whether it can be opened. He was able to enter the Ark after Colonel MacDougal was able to convince him to go with him or he would execute any ARCAM personnel still alive. Mayzel was goaded by MacDougal to use the Ark and wipe out all life on Earth, but resisted his offer. He was later rescued by Yu and Jean when they penetrated the Ark's interior and left Yu to battle the psychotic Machiner's Platoon commander before committing suicide by using the Ark's self-destruct system.

Mayzel is not seen later in the Spriggan series until the last few chapters, where he was deployed to the South Pole alongside Margaret and several others including Rie Yamabishi, Eva McMahon and Yoshino Somei in investigating the South Pole Shrine. Unfortunately for Henry Garnum and Larry Markson, he and the others decided to revolt against them and tried to assist Yu, Jean and the Trident defector Iwao Akatsuki in seizing Trident operations in the South Pole.


It is unknown what happened to him in the end of the story. Though it is likely that he survived the South Pole operation as well with Rie, Margaret, Dr. Percup Ramdi and Eva McMahon alongside Yamamoto. [5]


Mayzel, despite being an old man, is an asset for ARCAM as he was the one who had refined Omihalcon into a useful metal for Yu's Armored Muscle Suit. Despite his nice looks, he would hesistate to use some force if he has to, such as smacking Yu on the head with his slipper when Mayzel called on Yu's attention.

He is also very dedicated to his job, especially if the lives of other people are involved when conducting research or any ARCAM-type job, which is something that is not shown on most of the ARCAM personnel.[6]

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