Melanie Barnett is a fictional character from the CW comedy-drama The Game. Her character is played by Tia Mowry.[1] Melanie learns to adjust and deal with the ups and downs of being the girlfriend of the Sabers rising star receiver Derwin Davis.

Character BioEdit

Melanie Barnett, who is from Connecticut, is a first-year medical school student who has given up an offer of admission to Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore. The school is widely regarded as one of the two best medical schools in the country. She gives up the opportunity only to follow her boyfriend Derwin Davis, a professional football player, to San Diego, against the advice of her parents, Grace and James, and her cousin Joan Clayton.


Melanie is the cousin of Joan Clayton, the lead character from the UPN/CW sitcom Girlfriends.[2] She is the daughter of a high powered surgeon. Her brother is Cameron, who is portrayed by Tahj Mowry (Tia Mowry's younger brother).


Melanie becomes friends with Kelly Pitts, the wife of veteran wide receiver Jason Pitts, and Tasha Mack, mother and manager of the Sabers star quarterback Malik Wright. Though their relations are rocky, Melanie, Kelly, and Tasha still maintain a close bond. Melanie also becomes friends with her former rival, Dionne, who was once Derwin's image consultant and Melanie's eventual roommate.


Melanie began her long time relationship with Derwin in college. During season 1, Derwin cheated on Melanie with Drew Sidora. In the season 1 finale Melanie finds out and leaves Derwin. After she breaks up with Derwin, she confides in her old friend Trey Wiggs. She eventually has a one night stand with Trey. In Season 2 Derwin is seeing Janay and Melanie began dating Jerome Rice. At the end of season 2 Derwin reveals his love for Melanie and forces her to choose. Melanie turns Derwin down but then realizes that she is still in love. She returns to Derwin's apartment only to find out that Janay is pregnant with Derwin child. After they break up once more Derwin and Janay try to work things out while Melanie has a fling with her boss Dr. Buriss. Melanie continues to see Derwin on and off and at the end of season 3 they have a wedding but it is postponed due to Janay having the baby. After they leave the hospital they finally get married in a private ceremony.


  1. Tia Mowry as Melanie Barnett
  2. However, the connection to Joan Clayton and Girlfriends was apparently severed by the third season of The Game. In the episode "A Delectable Basket of Treats", Melanie asks TV Guide columnist Rochelle Thomas why Girlfriends had been cancelled.

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