"Merking Minorities" is a Moon Man single produced by Moonman and released to youtube on June 18, 2015. As the title suggests, the song is about killing minorities. Sun Man makes a brief appearance in the song, in opposition to Moon Man.

This song was released on the Miscellaneous compilation album.

Lyrics Edit

It's your favorite nigger killer, fuck the minorities, check it spearchuckers

Exploring the woods Just like Tarzan Find a dirty fuck nigger Talking like a dolphin

I tell it to shut up And call it a minority He just whips his glock out So I take my RPG

Blow that fucking nigger Out of the fucking water Run over to the nigger's house And fuck his ugly daughter

She looked like a fucking dog But I fucked her for so long She called me 9 months later Told me she was preggo

Drove to that niggers house Picked up his daughter Shot that fucking whore Right in the fucking talker

Spear chucking niggers Can't even phase me Let me get a fucking white man The one who fucking raised me

Yo what is up my knee grow This aint the one you was lookin fo I'm just a minority Just like you said so

If you ain't got nothing nice to say Don't say it at all This is a message I learned in preschool Don't you know it at all?

What the fuck are you doing in my song You dumb fucking nigger Get the fuck out of here Or I'll fucking spear ya

What the fuck are you saying about school? You minorities are the last thing that comes to mind when someone says school or education You fucking niggers are too retarded to understand that we know you're all fucking ignorant blacks

Hey, remember that time when I promised That you'd all be hanging from trees? Well it's getting pretty close So get the fuck on your knees

Hope it doesn't get dark out Because I might not see you I'm just so happy I'm white And not a minority like you

*Drops mic on a nigger's head*

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