"Metal Chambers" is a Moon Man single produced by MrShenanigan92 and released to youtube on October 8, 2015. It focuses on killing niggers. The song appears as track 12 on Great White.

Lyrics Edit

Niggers should suck some dickers 'Cause they be uncivil niggers Spearchuckers skulls and bones Sticks and stones and weed and bombs All those stupid nigger things But what about those slit-eyed chinks Asian skulls and bones Yin and yang and ching and chong Running when we hit him Make lethal poison through their system Kill the minorities And only spare us Straight White males That's why we wireless We deliver ups Like ups trucks Put the nigs in a camp Just pump that gas up No one on the corner kill coons like us Run them over and hit them with a bus Wring their necks and make them squawk like ducks Grab my MAC-11 and say "Goodbye, Gus" Grab a niglet and just [pow][pow][pow][pow] And bang your mommy All I wanna do to them is [pow][pow][pow][pow] Waterboard with honey All I wanna do is [pow][pow][pow][pow] Man, I bet that chicken is crummy Grab a baby nigger and [pow][pow][pow][pow] And sell them for money Destroying Third-World democracy Yeah, I got more singles than the MI8 The Jungle Boys make me sick Thumbs up this up or you're a faggot

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