Metallus is a minor villain in the original Space Ghost and Dino Boy Hanna-Barbera television cartoon series, a nemesis of Space Ghost. He was presented as a robotic being, having command over vast numbers of robots, almost always in the form of nonhumanoid mechanisms.

Of the opponents of Space Ghost, Metallus was the most technologically oriented. He was the only villain to solve the invisibility mechanism that Space Ghost and his cohorts Jan, Jayce, and Blip used.

Metallus only appeared in a few episodes, not counting the Council of Doom episodes that provided some crossover with characters from other Hanna-Barbera cartoons. Metallus appeared in five episodes: three times as a solo villain and twice as a member of the Council of Doom (which also included Zorak, Moltar, Spiderwoman, Brak, and Creature King.) In one episode Blip took off Metallus's helmet and there was nothing under it proving that he may be more robotic than he seems.

Metallus appeared in a couple of episodes of Space Ghost Coast To Coast. In that show he continued to be a member of the Council of Doom. He did not speak in a normal voice, but in a metallic, robot-like voice. He did not get much screen time because you couldn't understand what he was saying. Unlike the other members, he still appears to be evil. His biggest appearance on the show was in the episode “Jacksonville,” where a villain named Tansuit was told to get Metallica, but he accidentally got Metallus. At the end of that episode the narrtor said what happened to the heroes and villains, and what he said for Metallus was a bunch of made up words because Metallus cannot speak normally.

Metallus also appeared in a Space Ghost Coast to Coast: Volume 3 special feature called “The First World Premiere Tune In,” where he sang with the other members of the Council of Doom.

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