"Mexican Freestyle" is a Moon Man song that was released in 2015. It's central theme is a hatred of Mexicans. It is also called "Mexican Freestyle pt.3" because it is part of a series of freestyle tracks, the other two parts being "Racist Freestyle [pt.1]" and "Arab Freestyle [pt.2]". These tracks were later added to the mixtape Notorious KKK.

Lyrics Edit

I once saw a human that looked like dirt Speaking of that shit it's all over their shirts They're an ugly southern lawnmowing filthy-ass specimen You should know by now it's the goddamn mexicans Better plug your nose as you're crossing through the border Because you just entered an extreme case of Hoarders If you're just on vacation or visiting your niece It's a prime opportunity for all the fake police If you're into beheadings then welcome right in The cartel's been waiting to expose some men But you'd better smell like shit and be ready to work Because basic bitch beaners don't have an ass to twerk But mexican culture in itself's not bad At least their skin's light enough to actually have a dad They can even wear shirts as if they were pants And their technique is exquisite in watering their plants Unfortunately their food is far below par And luxury hotels are built on sandbars Their space program's a coupon rate to Mars And one fucking queso don't go very far So when your luck runs out and you finally give up You broke down in Baja and now you're fucking stuck Don't call me to save you from that bean burrito race It's your fault you went to such a shithole of a place

You thought I was done? Fuck no I'm not done Mexico contains all the scum under the sun Sure, the bitches and beaches can be some fun But no one likes staring down the barrel of a gun Fuck your Don Coyote and your fake-ass pride I would chuckle and laugh if your whole country died Stealing American jobs and making us pay for you Go gangbang Obama because you can't afford shoes Okay now I'm really really done with this song Your bullshit ideology is completely wrong Oh, have I already used that line? Well fuck you, and fuck off, being spanish is a crime

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