Mickey Gannon
Fletcher O'Leary as Mickey Gannon
Portrayed by Fletcher O'Leary
Duration 2007–2009
First appearance 19 June 2007
Episode 5237
Last appearance 14 July 2009
Episode 5732
Nickname(s) Mickey
Gender Male
Occupation Grade 5 Student
Residence 26 Ramsay Street

Michael "Mickey" Gannon is a fictional character in the Australian soap opera Neighbours, played by child actor Fletcher O'Leary. He first appeared in June 2007. Although both of his parents have departed the series, Mickey remains on the show. Mickey departed Ramsay Street on July 14 2009 after two years on the show.

Character's background Edit

Mickey first appeared when his mother, Kirsten (Nikola Dubois), came to Erinsborough to find Mickey's father, Kirsten's ex-boyfriend Ned Parker (Daniel O'Connor). Kirsten claimed she needed time alone to grieve for her grandparents, and needed Ned to look after Mickey. Ned, not even aware he was a father, agreed, but it became obvious that he didn't know the first thing about looking after Mickey, and his dog Jake.

After an incident in which Mickey briefly lost his dog, Ned and his son bonded. However, not long after, Kirsten called, explaining she needed more time alone, possibly leaving Ned with the child indefinitely. In a later episode Kirsten re-appeared and told Ned it was time for her to live her life, seemingly leaving Mickey with Ned permanently.

On the 20th of March 2009 Australia aired Mickey's 11th birthday party. This would mean Mickey's birthday is March 20th a slight variation of the script previously where Mickey's birthday was in September.

Electrocution Edit

Ned decided to tell Mickey he was his father over a special dinner, however Mickey fell into the Number 30 pool trying to rescue a dead bird (that had died due to faulty wiring in the pool's light), and was soon rescued by Frazer Yeats (Ben Lawson).

At hospital, where Ned was visiting, a nurse approached saying that 'visiting hours are over, family only' as Ned revealed that he was his father.

Mini Bus Accident Edit

Mickey also accidentally reversed his uncle Steve's truck into a mini-bus full of Ramsay Street residents. After a few scares, everyone survived. However, Mickey overheard his uncle and father talking to the police and was terrified he was going to get into loads of trouble so that his dad wouldn't love him any more. So, he ran away with his dog, and was found by Declan Napier, who claimed to live on the streets. It turned out that Declan was in fact the son of Rebecca Napier, who had recently been revealed as Oliver's biological mother. Mickey was discovered when Jake the dog was hurt and Declan took both Mickey and Jake to his house, and asked his mother to call a vet. Mickey was hidden without Rebecca's knowledge, but the vet that turned up was Steve Parker, Mickey's uncle, and his cousin Bridget. They recognised Jake, and Mickey was returned to Ned. Ned assured him that while he had done something wrong, he still loved him, despite his autism.

Custody Edit

It seemed that Mickey was going to live with Ned permanently. He developed a strong bond with Ned's girlfriend, Janae Timmins (Eliza Taylor-Cotter) and got to know his Aunt Miranda, Uncle Steve, cousins Bridget and Riley and Lou Carpenter, calling him Pop. He also joined the local junior football team, the Pups, and started a new school, making lots of new friends. But then out of the blue, his mother turned up again, wanting Mickey for some reason so that they could leave. However, Ned put up a fight, and so began a very confused time for Mickey.

Mickey was 8 years old when he arrived, but celebrated his 9th birthday on 5 September 2007. His mum organised a barbecue for him in the park, and invited Ned and Janae. Kirsten used Mickey's birthday to try and turn him against Ned, knowing that Ned didn't know it was his birthday. Luckily, Mickey was saved any upset by Janae realising in time and turning up with Lou, Harold and lots of presents. Later though, Ned told Mickey that he hadn't known it was his birthday, but Mickey forgave him, saying that all he had ever wanted was for his dad to be there on his birthday.

Eventually though, after worrying about hurting his mum, dad and Janae, he told a child psychologist that he wanted to stay living with Ned and Janae. His mother was destraught at the news, and in desperation ran off with Mickey, putting his life at risk.

Kirsten was tracked down and confronted by Ned and Janae. Mickey gesticulated quite clearly he wanted to live with his father. The next day Kirsten apologised and promised to live with him once she got her head and life in order.

Kirsten's Return Edit

Kirsten returned to live in Ramsay Street permanatly and got a job in Charlie's. After Kirsten clashed with Janae, and she revealed that she had kissed Darren Stark, Janae left Ramsay Street, leaving Mickey and Ned heartbroken.

Family holiday Edit

After Ned recovered from an accident involving an SES training program he and Kirsten took Mickey on a trip during which Ned decided to take some time at the end of the holiday to take Mickey to meet his grandparents without Kirsten. However when Ned returned, he unexpectedly brought his father Jim Parker (Roger Oakley) back to Erinsborough with him.

Kirsten's injury and departure Edit

After there was a bushfire, Kirsten was seriously injured and had to be transferred to Perth for further treatment, which meant that Ned and Mickey left Ramsay Street with her.

Return Edit

Mickey is going to be returning to the street on 29 August 2008, after running away from Adelaide, where he was apparently living on account of his being "unsettled" in Perth. The Parkers had received a phonecall that he had gone missing and word soon spread. The only person other than Mickey that knew his whereabouts was Callum Jones who had evidently somehow helped him travel to Ramsay Street. The two of them united one night outside 30 Ramsay Street and Callum had helped Mickey to stay hidden from the others.

Mickey was discovered later in 30 Ramsay Street by Daniel Fitzgerald and Toadfish Rebecchi, whom Callum and Nicola West share the house with. However Mickey went missing again and a search started. Nicola West later discovered that Callum had also gone, leaving a note saying that he had to "go", which meant putting up flyers about Mickey going missing. He found Mickey and gave him money for food, which Mickey had not had for a long time. Toadfish and Daniel eventually found the two and returned them to 26 Ramsay Street, where Mickey explained why he went missing.

Lou Carpenter has since traveled to Perth with Mickey to see if it really is not suitable for Mickey. He also talked to Mickey's parents to agree where and how he will now live. Mickey now lives with his cousins, the Parker family.

Departure Edit

Mickey departed Neighbours on July 14, 2009. He went to New York to join his parents (Ned and Kirsten) after which they are all heading back to Perth to live as a family.

Family Tree Edit


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