Mickey O' Malley
Mickey O' Malley

Background Retired Police Officer
Trademark Features An elderly man who shows everyone that you're never too old to be a crimefighter. Has gray hair in The Case of The Big Frame-Up that has changed to white in The Case of The Stashed Cash.
Extra Specialty Father of LongArm and grandfather of Brian O'Malley.
Significant Episode Appearances The Case of The Big Frame-up The Case of The Stashed Cash

Mickey O'Malley is a cartoon character who is part of the supporting characters of C.O.P.S. (Central Organization of Police Specialists), a Hasbro animated series which ran from 1988-1989.

Character profile Edit

Mickey O'Malley is Longarm's father and an Irish immigrant. A retired police officer who, at one time in The Case of The Stash Cash, in 1985, was responsible for capturing Suds Sparko, a notorious thief who is able to elude every capture until his run-in with Mickey, who chased him all the way until they both crash into a junkyard. Mickey then placed Suds under arrest and became famous for this act of bravery and police work. His full name is Michael Patrick O'Malley. He married and had a son whom he named "Patrick" after his middle name. Patrick is nicknamed P.J. by his family and friends, and eventually grew up to be the famous LongArm of the C.O.P.S. unit.

Character highlights Edit

Mickey is seen in two episodes of C.O.P.S.: The Case of The Big Frame-up and The Case of The Stashed Cash.

The Case of the Big Frame-up Edit

In this episode, Mickey successfully thwarts a gold coin heist pulled by Berserko and Nightshade. Because of this brave deed, he decides to sign up to become a member of C.O.P.S. Unfortunately, Bulletproof had to turn him down because of his age being beyond the limit required to become a member of C.O.P.S.

Disappointed, Mickey left the precinct and encountered a woman who hired him to work for her by being a security guard at a warehouse where a wardrobe of fur coats was stored at. It turned out that the woman is actually Nightshade, who set Mickey up to be falsely accused of pulling a fur heist. She had the help of a criminal henchman named J.J. who signaled to Berserko and Buttons McBoomBoom to take down Mickey, framing him for the fur heist by stuffing the furs into Mickey's car. Despite protest from Mickey, LongArm had no choice but to arrest his own father and put him in prison. There, Mickey learned the truth about what had happened when his cellmate mentioned to him about a guy named J.J. Parker, who used to work for Nightshade pulling fur jobs for her at one time.

Then, Mickey told Brian, his grandson, to tell Longarm to run a make on J.J., who was the one of the Crooks responsible for setting Mickey up for the fur heist. With proof of his grandfather's innocence, Brian runs to tell the C.O.P.S. about Nightshade setting up his grampa for the fur heist. While he's doing that, he notices the car Berserko and Nightshade used for the coin heist and begins spying on them, finding out that they are planning to rob the Mountback Blimp of charity money earned from a benefit lunch. Mickey reports to Bulletproof of their plans and Bulletproof orders LongArm to head to the Blimp to put a stop to the heist in progress. LongArm headed to the blimp and ambushed Nightshade and Berserko as she was criticizing him for destroying the safe and the money inside it. Nightshade tries to land the blimp while Berserko tries to elude LongArm. Both are not having any luck as the blimp goes on the verge of crashing into the buildings right in front of them. Nightshade immediately bails out and escapes. Berserko tries to follow but, was caught by LongArm who made him confess to framing Mickey for the fur robbery. LongArm then brought Berserko inside the blimp, took to the controls of the blimp and skillfully maneuver the blimp around the buildings to avoid crashing into them and safely lands the blimp in the water along the edge of the coast. Bullseye arrived to pick up LongArm who tells Bulletproof that he now has a full confession from Berserko, who is being brought in at this time, that he set his father up and tells him to get his dad out of jail.

Later, Bulletproof proudly made Mickey into an honorary member of C.O.P.S. and the official advisor to the team. Mickey has some advice for the team, including not relying on "those new-fangled machines" since Mickey somewhat disproves all of the new high-tech gadgets the COPS use to catch crooks and has a longing for the "good old days" when the ECPD didn't use any computers or "new fangled" gadgets, as he was able to catch criminals the "old fashioned way" without all of the modern conveniences being used today.

The Case of the Stashed Cash Edit

In this episode, Whitney Morgan interviews Mickey, who tells her and the television viewers about a case that has been baffling the city for 35 years. Suds stole $5 million in cash in 1985, hiding it somewhere in Empire City. Where the money went is not known, but he did leave behind one vital clue to where Suds stashed the loot on a bar of soap which he carved a map on. Without the exact location to where it is leading to, however, the map is useless. "Suds took that secret to his grave." Mickey said in the interview.

Rock Krusher, who was once Suds' cell mate, on the other hand, knows exactly where Suds hid the loot. He tells Big Boss that Suds hid the loot at the West Side Laundry. All they need now is the soap with the map on it and they will find the missing loot. With that, Big Boss orders Krusher to get the soap from Mickey and take Buttons McBoomBoom along to go get it. So, Krusher and McBoomBoom head off to the TV station and try to get the soap.

However, LongArm, Brian, Whitney, and Mickey try to prevent the Crooks from taking the soap. But the map is dissolve away as they were playing catch with it since Rock Krusher threw the soap and it landed on a fountain that burst water upwards getting the soap all wet. With the map gone, Mickey starts to blame the crooks for destroying the map only to get kidnapped by McBoomBoom and Krusher, who takes him and Brian, whom the crooks also kidnapped, to the West Side Laundry where they forced Mickey to remember the map. However, Mickey plays a trick on the crooks, paving a way for Brian to escape and get help.

Meanwhile, Whitney brought the soap to the precinct and Bulletproof noticed a key embedded inside the soap that has the words "West Side Laundry" engraved on it. LongArm and Barricade, locating the place on the city map, raced out to rescue Brian and Mickey and stop the crooks. The two C.O.P.S. rescues Brian and took down McBoomBoom, while Mickey finally deciphered the map and figured out exactly where the loot is stashed at — underneath a lone washing machine Krusher unwittingly tipped over and got stuck in while trying to pounce on Mickey, revealing the box where the loot is stored at.

Both Krusher and McBoomBoom were arrested and the locked loot is recovered. LongArm has the key and gives it to his dad, who opens it and finds the missing money everyone is looking for.

Mickey: "Nice police work son!"
LongArm: "I had a great teacher!"

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