'Micro Volts'
Developer(s) RockHippo
Publisher(s) SK iMedia
Engine Unknown
Platform(s) Windows
Release date(s) Closed Beta
Genre(s) Online Third-person shooter
Mode(s) Online Multiplayer
Media Client Download
System requirements Windows 2000, Pentium IV 2GHz (AMD, Celeron), 512MB RAM, 128MB of RAM or more for DirectX 3D (Geforce3 Ti , ATI Radeon 9500), DirectX 9.0 / 3D Sound Effect, 300MB of free hard disk space
Input methods Keyboard, Mouse, Controller

Micro Volts (Known as "H.A.V.E" online in Korea and Thai and "愛的爆爆" in Taiwan) is a massively multiplayer online "cartoony" third person shooting game developed by SK iMedia and published by RockHippo.[1][2] The game requires no subscription fee but charges for specific in-game items which are sold for real currency.

The player can decide to play as one of the four toy based characters: Naomi,Knox,Pandora, and C.H.I.P. and can use a wide variety of weapons ranging from melee to ranged weapons(which he can switch through with number keys).The game also has a wide variety of customization from the skin color to clothes to you can customize it

Game DescriptionEdit

For ages, a secret battle has been waged, going unnoticed right in our own backyard. Naomi,Knox,Pandora, and C.H.I.P. were the prototypes.Battle lines were drawn, and they were soon joined by an endless number of modified version of them-self.Now, toy figures around the world are engaged in an all out war for valuable battery resources and supremacy of Micro World. All we can do now is stay out of their way and wait for a champion to be declared


  • Knox

Knox, a super poseable hip hop action figure, uses his street smarts and heavy build to defend himself in the to battlegrounds.Some say his bark is worse than his bite, as he tries to intimidate opponents to mask his fearful character. As a constant jokester, comic relief is a part of his gameplay.Knox has a tough exterior but a heart of gold.

  • C.H.I.P

C.H.I.P. or "complex Humanoid Interchangeable Parts" is a mechanized Stikfas Figure originally created using spare parts salvaged from a junk yard.His voice system was damaged in a previous battle for battery resources, and he is constantly mocked because of it. He is known to be extremely impatient and will be first to charge into battle without any regard for his safety

  • Naomi

Naomi, a model figure, and the first female doll in the micro world, is a friendly and charming high school girl. She applies her sweet charms and gleaming smile to mislead her enemies.Despite her innocent facade, she is not going to back down from a good battle.

  • Pandora

Named after a Greek myth, Pandora uses evil tricks to dominate the playground. Not fond of males, due to a neglectful owner, this ball-jointed doll uses her seductive appeal to lure in targets before destroying them.But men aren't the only she battles. Pandora also despises Naomi, a young anime doll.Thing get ugly when these two cross each others path!


  • Folding Shovel(melee)

This everyday gardening tool increases movement speed so you can whack more enemies.

  • Purple Heart(rifle)

A well balanced weapon for soldiers who defend their batteries with honor.

  • Zolo(shotgun)

Get nice and close to your enemies with this killer shotgun. Show no mercy.

  • Jam(sniper rifle)

You can always rely on this sniper to get your team out of a long distance jam.

  • MicroGun(Gatling gun)

A heavy duty bullet monster with average cool time. Only the greatest MicroVolts can handle this beast.

  • Sting Ray(Bazooka)

A silver rocket launcher that packs a serious sting. Your enemies will cower in fear.

  • Hot Dog(Grenade Launcher)

Grill you enemies with the power of grenades. Just add ketchup!


  • Death Match
  • Team Death Match
  • Mode: Close Combat
  • Mode: Item Match
  • Mode: Capture the Battery(like capture the flag)


[1] [2]

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