Mike Gleeson
Fair City
First appearance 1996
Last appearance August 28, 2008
Occupation Restaurateur/waitor

Micheal "Mike" Gleeson is a fictional character in the Irish soap opera Fair City.

About MikeEdit

Mike arrived in Carrigstown in 1996. He started a relationship with Helen Doyle. They fell in love and planned on getting married. However, she left him at the altar for Paul Brennan. A few relationships later, Mike fell in love with Helen's sister, Yvonne and they soon got married.

Yvonne was ruthless and passed this streak onto her husband. He bought the Bistro restaurant. Mike and Yvonne had a turbulent marriage. They separated for a while which resulted in Yvonne attempting suicide. Mike and Yvonne got back together after that hoping to make another go of their marriage.

Yvonne soon got bored of Mike and stated an affair with Richard Ashton. She soon became pregnant by him and was caught out by Mike. Yvonne ended up fleeing to Australia.

Mike then started an affair with his waitress Geraldine Fahey who was married to his rival Ken. The affair was soon sprung and Mike decided to make his relationship with Geraldine real. He allowed her to move in with her son Owen and made her manager of The Bistro.

In 2008, when Ken was leaving Carrigstown, he sold his restaurant, Fusion 2 to Mike. A few months later, Geraldine discovered that the restaurant wasn't doing well. She asked Mike to sell it so they could buy a house together. When she discovered that Mike was actually planning on buying another restaurant, she had a huge row with him and trashed the Bistro. Mike, who was furious, threw her out and ended their relationship. house together.

Mike then had to get the Bistro renovated. He hired Damien Halpin and Dominic Kavanagh to do the job. During this time, Mike attempted to get back together with Geraldine. Near the completion of the renovation, Damien and Dominic discovered that the electric was faulty. Damien offered to give Mike a number of a friend who would do the job cheap while Dominic offered to do it himself. Mike, wanting to save his money, said he would do it himself.

The next night, He relaunched the Bistro. There, Geraldine told him that she wouldn't take him back until he sold Fusion 2. The next day, August 28 he told her that he got an offer. However, later on, she realised that he had lied. She slapped him and they had a row. As she left The Bistro, the lights flickered.

The next day, Gerladine discovered Mike's dead body in The Bistro. She called an ambulance and it was presumed he died of electrocution when he tried to fix the electrics.

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