Millennium 3 is a television news music package composed by Shelly Palmer. It was composed in 1993 and features up to 150 cuts of opens, closes, stingers, bumpers and promo beds in a hard-hitting action news format. It has been used by at least 40 television stations nationwide, and was originally commissioned by KSTW in Tacoma-Seattle and KTVT in Dallas-Fort Worth.

Millennium 3 comes in three versions: Millennium 3, Millennium 3 with PNP Signature and Millennium 3.2. Millennium 3 with PNP Signature is basically the original Millennium 3 package but featuring the "I Love Chicago, Chicago, My Home" signature heard in the Palmer News Package to open and close each cut of music.

Millennium 3.2, on the other hand, features the original signature of Millennium 3, but in a remixed techno version which is completely different from the traditional format of most news packages.

Stations that used or have used Millennium 3Edit

DMA# DMA Name Station Affiliation Years Used Other Notes
5. Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas KTVT CBS, formerly Independent 1995-2000 First station (along with KSTW) to commission package
6. San Francisco, California KNTV NBC, formerly Independent, ABC, The WB 1998-2000
8. Atlanta, Georgia WGCL-TV, formerly WHAE, WANX, WGNX CBS, formerly Independent 1995-1999
14. Seattle-Tacoma, Washington KSTW, formerly KTNT The CW, formerly CBS, Independent, UPN 1995-1997 First station (along with KTVT) to commission package
19. Orlando, Florida WKMG-TV, formerly WDBO and WCPX CBS 1995-1996 Used Millennium 3 with PNP Signature
22. Portland, Oregon KPDX MyNetworkTV, formerly Independent, Fox, UPN Date unknown-2000 Used Millennium 3 with PNP Signature
29. Nashville, Tennessee WTVF CBS Dates unknown Used Millennium 3 with PNP Signature
31. Kansas City, Missouri KCTV CBS, formerly ABC Unknown date-present
KSMO-TV MyNetworkTV, formerly Independent, UPN, The WB 2005-present
36. Greenville, South Carolina WSPA-TV CBS 1995-1998
43. Norfolk, Virginia WTKR CBS 1995-1998
WGNT The CW, formerly DuPont, Independent, UPN 1995-1997 Used to air a 10pm newscast produced by WTKR
49. Austin, Texas KEYE-TV CBS 1995-1998 First station (along with KSTW and KTVT) to commission package
56. Little Rock, Arkansas KARK NBC 1997-2002
71. Des Moines, Iowa WHO-TV NBC 1995-1998
74. Springfield, Missouri KYTV (TV) NBC 1997-present
76. Omaha, Nebraska WOWT-TV NBC, formerly CBS Date unknown Used Millennium 3 with PNP Signature
News on One (cable) No affiliation Dates unknown Used Millennium 3 with PNP Signature
82. Huntsville, Alabama WAAY-TV, formerly WAFG ABC, formerly NBC 1997-2000
84. Shreveport, Louisiana KTBS-TV ABC 1993-2006 Used Millennium 3 with PNP Signature
88. Cedar Rapids, Iowa KCRG ABC 1998-2004 Used Millennium 3 with PNP Signature
105. Tallahassee, Florida WTXL-TV formerly WECA ABC 1998-2004 Used Millennium 3 with PNP Signature
120. Fargo, North Dakota KXJB-TV CBS 1997-2002
121. Santa Barbara, California KCOY-TV CBS, formerly NBC 1997-1999
125. Bakersfield, California KBAK-TV, formerly KAFY CBS, formerly ABC 1997-2001
133. Columbus-Tupelo, Mississippi WCBI CBS Date unknown-2004
134. Wilmington, North Carolina WWAY ABC 1995-1999
153. Bangor, Maine WABI-TV CBS, formerly NBC 2001 Used Millennium 3 with PNP Signature
154. Rochester, Minnesota KTTC, formerly KROC NBC Date unknown-2002

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