Mimi Macpherson (pronounced /ˈmimi məkˈfɝːsən/; born Miriam Frances Gow, May 19, 1967) is an Australian celebrity. Mimi Macpherson is a younger sister of model Elle Macpherson.[1]

Working life

Macpherson began working a crew member for her father’s whale-watching boat in her early twenties. She developed her own business known as Mimi Macpherson Whale Watch Expeditions, and by 1997 she had purchased a boat of her own.[2],[3],[4]

Macpherson has raised more than $100,000 for Pacific Whale Foundation Research. She has won six tourism awards and the National Businesswoman of the Year by the Women’s Network of Australia. She was also voted one of Australia’s top thirty businesswomen by Cosmopolitan.[5]

In 1999 Macpherson appeared on the cover of the first Australian edition of FHM magazine.[6]

Macpherson is a spokesperson for Coastcare and has been the spokesperson Planet Ark, Clean Up Australia, and Sydney Water.[4],[5],[7],[8]

In 2008, Mimi Macpherson became the “face” of the cosmetics firm Evolve Make Up.[4],[9] In December 2008, Macpherson declared bankruptcy.[10]


In 2000, working as a spokeswoman for Humane Society International, Macpherson was active in advocating an end to whaling. She lobbied members of an International Whaling Commission conference in Adelaide.[11],[12]


Macpherson was a presenter on the Discovery Channel, and in 2007 she appeared on of the reality singing competition It Takes Two, paired with David Hobson; they were eliminated in the semi-final and came third.[13],[14]

In February 2009 Mimi Macpherson joined the Sunshine Coast radio station’s Zinc96 program Morning Zoo.[15]

Personal life

In the late 1990s, a homemade sex tape purported to be to of MacPherson and her then boyfriend was leaked onto the Internet, though she denied that she was the woman in the video.[16],[10],[17],[18],[19]

On March 19, 2007, she was convicted of a driving under the influence of alcohol charge in a Queensland court, her third conviction following similar incidents in 1995 and 2001.[20]


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