"Minority Mutilator" is a song that Moon Man recorded for The Lunatic album. It was produced by /kkkmoon/.

Audrina Patridge raps one verse in the song, from a feminist perspective. Sun Man tries to start a verse, but Moon Man immediately cuts him off. Tyler makes a short appearance with his signature cry of "White Power!", and his White Knights associate Daniel rants in a couple different places in the song. A jewish woman raps a mostly unintelligible verse that's probably about "muh six million" or something.

Lyrics Edit

So you kikes think you can step on the Moon? Censor my racist raps away? Think again, motherfucker I'm Notorious KKK

[Audrina] Oh my god, Moonman, you have triggered me so bad Stop calling my ideology just another fad We need feminism because I don't want to work I wanna live like a queen while men sleep in the dirt

Stop the music She's right, the way I see women is so wrong You do things other than sex, like bring me my bong My rhymes so dirty they make Tumblr sick Oh yeah, I almost forgot, suck my dick

I spit truth so hot it melts steel beams Does that make you mad? Suck my mooncream Niggers are inferior in every fucking way Hear those jingle bells? Prepare for the slay

[Daniel] One of the greatest things to be done on our behalf, moreso than any other White organization, was for the black man to go in to Africa, have sex with monkeys, and create the AIDS virus, 'cause AIDS is attracted to blacks, jews, catholics, queers, and midgets.

[Sunman] Stop it Moonman Oooga b--

I don't let darkies get a word in, what's the point? They'll spew monkey noises and stink up the joint I'll only say it once nigger, so listen right here Go back to Africa if you want to chuck your spear

[Daniel] Then, when they get close to the chicken, we bat 'em on the head real hard, crushing their skulls. It's wicked, dude. They're heads splatter everywhere, then you can see they have smaller brains than normal.

[some jewish bitch] Oy vey [unintelligible]

Shut up hook-nose and back to the oven You sold out your whole family for a single golden shekel And the yid-lovers call me evil I'm the one they heckle

I see your big nose flaring, I know you're getting pissed No saving yourself now, no Schindler's List It's a whole race against the White folk, Aryans, me So save the man the trouble and just breathe the Zyklon B

You kikes are so cheap, so I'll do it like this, you see?

[Tyler] White Power!

I'll gas one and do two more for free